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STERMANN Michel.jpg I am French, born 1951, retired IT specialist. I live in Paris, France.
I deposited some JPEG images on Commons. I am an occasional contributor on Wikipedia in French, German, and English, for instance, articles on my maternal grandfather Karl Meitmann, my sister Catherine Stermann and my flute teacher Henri Lebon.
I published a book about my family history in the 3 different languages I know.

  • French: Michel Stermann, Maman Grète - Une éducatrice venue d'Allemagne pour des Orphelins de la Déportation en France, Edilivre, 2016 ISBN 978-2-334-23049-0.
  • German: Michel Stermann: Maman Grete - Eine Erzieherin aus Deutschland für KZ-Opfer-Waisenkinder in Frankreich und weitere Familien-Porträts. Twentysix Verlag, Norderstedt 2016, ISBN 978-3-74071-655-4,
  • English: Michel Stermann: My Maman Grete - An educator from Germany for orphans of Holocaust victims in France and other family portraits. Twentysix Publishing, Norderstedt 2018, ISBN 978-3-74074-400-7.

My main areas of interest : Classical Music, Genealogy, Transportation, Geography, History, Photography.