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Joined 8 August 2006
I am in this image. I did not take this image!
This user does not have all their ducks in a row, but is OK with that!

My official user page is on English Wikipedia. I mostly contribute images related to horses and all the junk you accumulate when you own them. Sometimes I upload photos of other stuff, like hay and pow wows. I also discovered the beauty of Flickr2commons and sometimes upload other people's stuff released at Flickr under the correct license, particularly of horse racing. I also have two acknowledged "legit sock" accounts, User:MontOther and User:Breadedchicken, which I use for education and training purposes (and occasionally other test edits), and for which I am solely responsible.

I am slowly adding the images I have created to Category:Images by Montanabw, stay tuned for more uploads there.

Yes, I really live in Montana.

If you want a photo of something that I might be able to provide, drop me a message at my wikipedia talk page. I now have a decent DSLR and could in theory take high qualify images (if operator error can be corrected), but am still not above using my point and shoot or my old non-smartphone, but in any case, will take my best shot!


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