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About Naqui786Edit

I am a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

I am a student of Md Jan Higher Secondary School(محمد جان هغير سكندري سكول).I Read in Class 10 Section A. My name is Md Naquiuddin Ansari.

Contact MeEdit

Contact me on my email address or at school


1 I hearby declare that any information given by me in Wikipedia or any other public or private website is not all correct or you can say they are not at all correct ....

2 If you want to believe in my artical, editing, publication and etc then all right and if you will not believe me then also All Is Well.

3 If you the reader of this page wants to read or you have readed any of my artical or any of my editing or publication or anything or everything , Then you have to obey my clause no 1 and 2 . Otherwise you cant take any legal action against me ...

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