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P37307 is actually Paul Chambers from Ocoee, Tennessee. Paul's main social profile and blogging activities is located on Google Plus Google Plus ID# 106420735876542072423.

Multiple System AtrophyEdit

Paul suffers from a rare illness called multiple system atrophy and blogs about his life experiences. Paul said of his Google+ profile: My End Of Life Blog. I tried to avoid this as much as possible, but I have an illness that is rapid and progressive and is rapidly taking away my abilities and is killing me. Google Plus had been a good part of my outside world. Now on Google Plus has become my end of life diary. Come and share life with me.[1]

In April 2012 Paul got a PEG Feeding Tube and advocates and makes YouTube videos of tips and tricks using the feeding tube.[2]

Paul's Music CareerEdit

Paul is an ASCAP member and published songwriter of the song Uncertain Roads is is listed as ASCAP Work ID: 510508275 and in the ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) as T0729695117.[3].

Movie Documentary about PaulEdit

In September 2012 Paul is taking a dream vacation cross country and an independent movie is going to made of it and released to independent theaters and film festivals in 2013 called Uncertain Roads...Almost home. The movie is a documentary of a patient of Multiple System Atrophy and dealing with the effects of it. As of July 24, 2012 the movie is currently in development and staging with shooting begining September 1, 2012. On the promotion website, to go live in Fall 2012, the tagline of the movie states:

Paul has Multiple System Atrophy. MSA is a rapidly progressive neuro-degenerative disease. Paul is already being fed with a feeding tube. The doctors estimate that by December 2012 Paul will be on a portable ventilator/respirator due to losing muscle strength in his chest. Paul is only 40. Paul is going to take a cross country trip, literally from sea to shining sea as his last hooray to visit friends and family before he loses all his mobility. This film will document Paul's journey down an uncertain road as he literally loses his life while fulfilling his life long dream of visiting America. Not only will this film document Paul's journey but it will also bring awareness to this rare form of Parkinson's Plus. Paul is an entertaining story teller and his acceptance of his illness has brought out a frankness in his conversations. His true life stories are amusing. You can read some of his true life stories by going to Google Plus and using the hash-tag search of #TrueLifeThursday.

Images of PaulEdit

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