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Paul Gosselin Artist,Art collector and Belgian Art promotor: Paul-Philippe Gosselin is Born on 23 november 1961 in Menen (Belgium) - At age 6,Paul get his first drawing lessons from his father Joseph Gosselin (Ath 1919-1982 Menen) who teaches him the porportions of the human body - Painter,draftsman and Pastellist - Academy of Kortrijk under the tutorship of Marc van Overbeke,aquarel with Hans Soenen.Was a pupil of Roger De Craene of drawing lessons in Menen. Make historical monuments,portraits,nudes,flowers,miniatures,mythological figures,animals,girls children,biblical compositions,landscapes,still lifes in the Impressionist,Realist,SymbolistPointillist,Luminist and Orientalist style. Member of the Royal Guild of St-Luke of Kortrijk (Belgium) COLLECTIONS: Brussel:Royal collection - Civil list of the King Brussel:Collection of H.M.Queen Fabiola of Belgium MUSEUM: AMSTERDAM:Cat cabinet Museum - BRUSSEL:BELvue Museum - BRUSSEL:Royal Museum of the Army and Warhistory - BRUSSEL:Royal Institute of Natural Science - KORTRIJK:Broelmuseum - MENEN:Stadsmuseum 't Schippershof - IEPER:In Flanders Fields Museum - IEPER:Stedelijk Museum - ST-YDESBALD:Paul Delvaux Foundation - HARELBEKE:Peter Benoit Museum AWARD: ArtMajeur Award 2011 ArtMajeur Awart 2012 LITERATURE:ARTO (Belgian artists dictionary)

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