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I am very much inspired by Surada town and learn a lot from the biography of Shashi Bhusan Rath. In every moment i want to try something unique, to be correct my self and my written articles.

Photo of Shashi Bhusan RathEdit

Shashi Bhusan Rath was a great patriot of Ganjam, Odisha. He was a social reformer, industrialist, politician and editor of first Oriya daily "ASHA". He was elected as Vice-Chairman of Berhampur Municipal Corporation and M.L.A. to Madras Presidency from Ganjam district at the time of British Raj in India.

Cover page of "Shashi Bhusana Charitam"Edit

Shashi Bhusana Charitam is a biography about Ganjam Byaghra "Shashi Bhusan Rath" and a short hand representation about Surada, it's neihbouring zamindaris and the relation among them. Totally, it is a book where all about Surada and it's related information are available from Rajas to independent India.

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