Robbie "Muffin"
Self Portrait, 2008

Self-Portrait, 2008.
Born July 12, 1973(1973-07-12)
Philadelphia, PA.
Nationality American
Field digital art
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Hi mom!  :)

robbiemuffin page talk 04:51, 13 May 2008 (UTC)

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that could be ported here if Wikimedia supported more Creative Commons licenses

  • current online gallerylots of stuff dealing with repetition in sources, working behind other main artists, and more landscape focused work
  • second online gallerymore focus on glamour processing, satire, and sex
  • original online galleryfirst online gallery of my diigtal art, focus on process, on things digital, and art that expresses interest in the process and medium
  • soundsembarrassing faux songs and real, but (still embarrassing) jam sessions




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see User:Robbiemuffin/Using English Grammar Graphics

see User:Robbiemuffin/The tenses

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* for clusivity, duality, near-far distinctions, etc

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