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Link to favorite images of mine (or just things I think are neat).


Archimedean screw at the Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City, NY. It is comprised of a tube (similar to a vacuum cleaner hose) wound helically around an axle. The whole unit is turned by hand. If turned in one direction continously it raises water until it comes out of the top and falls back into the reservoir. If turned in the opposite direction it will lower water down the incline until the tube is empty.
Map of North Hempstead
Map of North Hempstead, Section
Map of North Hempstead, subsection
LIE South Service Road, Melville, NY
Kraft Apparatus Electric Pipetter
Shelter Rock
Pelota Mixteca, my image but not transferred to the commons by me
Intersection of Old Country Road and Route 110, Melville, NY
Flag of the 5th Corps 1st Division 3rd Brigade
Photo Illustrating Disney Vinylmation Figures
Perkins Kite
Sheet music cover.

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