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Me? I'm a 6ft Aussie male, interested in computer science and defence matters and planning on attending university in 2010.

I've been watching and editing Wikipedia and Commons for over a year under various IPs, but I finally bit the bullet, and created an account. Currently, I'm delving into the huge stock of PD US military pictures on Commons, looking for pictures to nominate for Featured Picture status. Sadly, the US is the only country (so far) to make all works by public servants automattically Public Domain. This explains why most of the military pictures pictures I plan to nominate are products of the US Defence Forces. That isn't all I'm interested in; for some reason wrecks and rust hold a special fascination for me, with this being one of my favourite pictures, and this a category I love to explore. And if you follow the link above, you'll find many other pictures I consider worthy of FP status.

As photography has never been a strength of mine, I stand in awe of the numreous great photographers who contribute to Commons, gifting me with beautiful views of interesting and exciting people, places, scenes and events from all around the world (and beyond!).

Not exactly an exciting story, or indeed a flashy user page, but hopefully both will grow in time.

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