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S'il vous plait, se référer à ma page Wikipedia francophone : fr:User:Score Beethoven
Please refer on my french Wikipedia page : fr:User:Score Beethoven

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<gallery> File:View on the Mungo river Kroo boys cooking breakfast.jpg File:A village on the Cameroons.jpg File:Alfred Saker sit.jpg File:Bethel chapel, Cameroons.jpg File:Bird's - eye view of Victoria, Ambroises, West Africa.jpg File:Cameroons mountain, as seen from the brook, Victoria.jpg File:Chapel at history town, Cameroons.jpg File:King A'kwa's house and street.jpg File:Map of Cameroons river and Victoria p.207.jpg File:Mission house and school, Amboises bay, Cameroons.jpg File:New mission House, Victoria, called Brook Mount.jpg File:Alfred Saker sit.jpg File:Alfred Saker.jpg File:Saker baptising.jpg File:Joseph Wilson the first convert in Fernando Po.jpg File:Mrs. Saker.jpg File:Conflicts with country peoples.jpg File:Burns on building.jpg File:Cameroons that Saker laboured.jpg File:Conflicts with country peoples.jpg File:Baptist Church, Limbé.jpg File:Alfred Saker monument.jpg File:Alfred Saker monument, Limbe.jpg File:PontDschang.jpg File:Poznanski Palace Interior court.JPG ‎ </ gallery>