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Hi, everyone!

I'm rather late with designing my home Commons.Wikimedia page, but as they some in some countries "better later than never". I like the Commons as it is a great possibility to share images, pictures and other media stuff, and you don't have to break any law with it, because the laws are are very respected here (I know what I say, I've already fought against my permanent blocking). And this is good, because you know the present situation with this copyright violation - it's everywhere, and such foundations as Wikipedia are good at respecting and protecting such laws. I've decided to become part of this community (I hope I'll manage) and to contribute with everything I can to the Wikimedia. Thank You, everyone for taking me in, and for giving me another chance, I'll do my best not to disappoint anyone. Sil 15:11, 15 January 2007 (UTC)