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Road signs in the Philippines reflects minor influences from American and Australian signage, but keeps close to the Vienna Convention as an original signatory.

Colors of signs:

  • Blue (0, 51, 153)-00
  • Brown (153, 51, 51)-00
  • Fluorescent Yellow-green(204, 255, 0)- 00
  • Green (0, 153, 102)-00
  • Red (204, 51, 51)-00

Meaning of colors:

  • Blue - Mandatory action and service areas
  • Brown - Tourist-oriented signs
  • Fluorescent yellow-green - Pedestrians
  • Green - Direction guidance
  • Red - regulation, prohibition, and warning

Sign shapes:

  • Octagon - Stop sign
  • Equilateral triangle (with one vertical point downward) - Give way
  • Circle - Regulatory signs (Circular signs may be placed on rectangular plates with text for additional information)
  • Equilateral triangle (with one vertical point upward) - Warning signs (Older pedestrian related warning signs used the equilateral triangle.)
  • Rectangle (with long axis horizontal) - Directional signs, service signs, roadwork signs, special use signs, and supplementary plates for warning signs.
  • Rectangle (with long axis vertical) - Facility information signs, traffic instruction signs, guide signs, and destinations of point of interest.
  • Pentagon - pedestrian-related warning signs

Common road sign fonts:

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • FHWA Series (usually used on directional signs)
  • Clearview (most new signs, including non-guide ones. Unclear if it is officially mandated by DPWH for now, but some road sign specs do use them.)


Regulatory signsEdit

R1: Priority signsEdit

R2: Direction signsEdit

Mostly blue disc-shape signs with white arrows.

R3: Prohibitory signsEdit

Mostly uses the prohibition symbol (excluding the no entry/do not enter sign) to show forbidden movements and prohibited traffic.

R4: Speed limit signsEdit

Mostly circular with red border, white background, and black letters. Minimum speed limit signs use a blue disc-shaped sign with white lettering.

Speed limit signsEdit

R5: Parking signsEdit

This group of signs indicates parking, waiting, loading/unloading, and stopping prohibitions/restrictions.

R6: Miscellaneous signsEdit

Mostly disc-shaped signs, excluding the Fasten Seat Belt sign (R6-7)

Warning signsEdit

Mostly triangular signs, with red border, white background and black symbols (except for pedestrian-related signs, that uses a fluorescent yellow-green pentagon derived from the MUTCD school sign) and rectangle.

W1: Horizontal alignment signsEdit

W2: Intersection signsEdit

W3: Advance warning of traffic control devices signsEdit

W4: Road width signsEdit

This group of road signs includes signs warning about changes on the road width.

W5: Road obstacle signsEdit

This group of warning road signs includes signs used to indicate obstacles along the road.

W6: Pedestrian signsEdit

Mostly pentagon signs with black borders and symbols, and fluorescent yellow-green background

W7: Railroad signsEdit

W8: Auxiliary signsEdit

Used to accompany messages of other signs.

W9: Other warning road signsEdit

Guide signsEdit

Mostly rectangular signs with white borders

G1: Advance Direction SignsEdit

G2: Intersection Direction SignsEdit

G3: Reassurance Direction SignsEdit

G4: Finger boardsEdit

G5: Street name signsEdit

G6: Town name and geographic feature signsEdit

G7: Service SignsEdit

G9: Route markersEdit

Expressway signsEdit

This group of road signs includes signs dedicated for expressway use.

GE2: Expressway Information SignsEdit

GE3: Advance Exit SignsEdit

GE4: Exit Direction SignsEdit

GE6: End of Expressway SignsEdit

GE7: Toll SignsEdit

GE8: Expressway Traffic Instruction and Regulatory SignsEdit

Traffic instruction signsEdit

Used to supplement regulatory and warning road signs and to support traffic rules.

S1: Supplementary signsEdit

S2: Movement instruction signsEdit

Hazard markersEdit

Used to delineate hazards and obstructions along the road.

Route number signsEdit

Customized signsEdit

Retired signsEdit

Based on real-life old road signs as they may be seen in pictures.




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