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What do I do? Well ... Not much. Five things come to mind:

  1. Optimising PNG images (using PNGOUT, DeflOpt and GIMP)
  2. Cleaning up SVG images {using emacs and gedit)
  3. Putting file info into summary boxes
  4. Uploading screenshots of Free and Open Source Software
  5. Requesting SVG versions of images

I'm a "intermediate" user of the GIMP. That is to say, I know how it works, I know how its tools work, lets just say I'm not imaginative enough to translate that knowledge into tangible original work ;)

I use the bourne again shell.

That junk, what is it?Edit

Different settings for PNGOUT. With this information, future improvers can use the information and build upon it (the compression, that is), or repeat it on altered files.
(x;y;z), where:

  • x is the pre-compression filter. There are five types (or, 4 types and 0, which means no filter).
  • y, if it's defined, is the block split threshold. It's just where one block ends and the next begins - thus defining how many blocks the file has. If I don't include that in my summary then either I haven't tried setting it or setting it didn't improve the results. Either way, the default is 256.
  • z, if it's in my summary, means randomised Huffman tables.


The commons is not a place to show off the size of your screen. Unless there is vital information that needs above 800*600 resolution, please refrain from uploading screenshots above that size.