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Joined 3 October 2012

Hi, I'm Tom Fawls (formally, Thomas E. Fawls, but why be formal here?), a firm believer in the open, fair-priced, credited, sharing of information since the early days of the Internet); a staunch Wikipedia supporter (since the it's start in 2001) and a sometimes contributor (since 2011 or so).

In my "real life", I've been a helicopter pilot (US Army), a system / project manager, a university professor, a management consultant. In recent years, I've been working hard to improve my photography; slowly working to build a portfolio of stock and art images and I have been lucky enough to have sold more than a few images over the years.

Over the last year or so, I've started posting some of my images in Wikimedia Commons as one way of giving something back to the wonderful world in which I have been privileged to live, love, laugh and play for over half a century. Read my blog entry at Wikipedia is Not Satanic for my reasons for supporting this worthwhile cause.

For the moment, that's all I wanted to say. I understand that this is a bit of a half-assed user page. I do hope to expand this page over the years, but for now, this will have to do.

I wish you good reading and well-verified facts.

Tom Fawls