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This page is a user page of Transity.
Please do not edit this page unless you have been asked to do so by the owner, or unless you believe something on this page violates Wikipedia policies.

If you want to leave me a message, please visit my talk page. If you want to see my uploaded files, check my gallery. For a summary analysis of what I've worked on, check X!'s edit counter. I also contribute to the English Wikipedia and to Wikispecies under the same user name. For a summary of my contributions across all Wikimedia projects, see my Single Unified Login page or my cross-wiki contributions. --Transity (talkcontribs)

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Night view of the World Clock (Urania-Weltzeituhr), Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany. The 10 metres (33 ft)-high clock shows the time in 148 cities worldwide and was inaugurated in 1969. The clock has become one of the symbols of Berlin and is a popular meeting point for the people in the capital.  


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