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Will Murray
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Licensing and Attribution

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Hi! My name is Will Murray, but online I am known as Willscrlt. I regularly visit and contribute to Wikimedia Commons and the English Wikipedia. I also contribute irregularly to the English Wikibooks and Meta-Wiki. You may leave me messages on my talk page here or at Wikipedia; you also can send me e-mail. Thanks!


Hello. I got started here through the English Wikipedia's WikiProject Mixed Drinks. Many of the mixed drinks and drinkware articles were in need of some good images. Commons had several unused pictures that were really good, but were poorly categorized, if they were categorized at all. I also added some original images and some freely licensed images from Flickr and elsewhere.

Since then, I have added images covering a few different topics. A lot of my work involves developing multilingual and cross-project templates and other tools. The Commons and Meta-Wiki are great places to coordinate those efforts.

To learn much more about me and my other contributions, please visit my user page at the English Wikipedia.

My uploads to Wikimedia Commons
Original media content: 81
Modified media content: 2
Dave W. Murray content submitted: 19
Flickr content submitted: 77
Wikipedia content transferred: 15
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Significant modificationsEdit

At one point, I made significant improvements to the following areas:



My original worksEdit

Other categories I createdEdit

Minor modificationsEdit


Original CreationsEdit

These are some of the original images I have created and uploaded. Under the terms of the various license agreements I have selected, you must provide an acceptable attribution notice if you reuse one of these images. Refer to the individual image for licensing specifics.

Drinkware collectionEdit

These are original images of drinkware I created and uploaded. I have chosen to release the entire collection into the Public Domain. You are not obligated to do so, but I would appreciate an attribution notice. Thanks, and enjoy!