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Stirling CastleEdit

Stirling Castle Forework Gatehouse 2.jpg 

Stirling Castle Palace from Outer Close.jpg 

Stirling Castle Prince's Tower.jpg 

Stirling Castle 1.jpg 

Robert the Bruce at Stirling.jpg 

Stirling Castle Forework Gatehouse.jpg 

Stirling Castle outer ditch 2.jpg 

Stirling Castle cannon.jpg 

Stirling Castle outer ditch.jpg 

Stirling Castle Palace siege plaque.jpg 

Stirling Castle Palace wall statuary.jpg 

Stirling Castle Palace outside detail.jpg 

Stirling Castle Palace paintings.jpg 

Stirling Castle Great Hall tapestry.jpg 

Stirling Castle Great Hall ceiling.jpg 

Stirling Castle Great Hall window closeup.jpg 

Stirling Castle Great Hall window.jpg 

Stirling Castle Master Gunner's House.jpg 

Stirling Castle Great Hall lower door.jpg 

Stirling Castle Great Hall lower room.jpg 

Stirling Castle Great Hall lower.jpg 

Urquhart CastleEdit

Urquhart Castle distance 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle distance.jpg 

Urquhart Castle distance 4.jpg 

Urquhart Castle distance 3.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Loch Ness.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Tower House 3.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Tower House 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle wall.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Tower House.jpg 

Urquhart Castle gated window 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle gated window.jpg 

Urquhart Castle wall 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle spiral staircase 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle inside wall 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Great Hall and Kitchens 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle overlook.jpg 

Urquhart Castle inside wall.jpg 

Loch Ness from Urquhart Castle.jpg 

Urquhart Castle spiral staircase.jpg 

Urquhart Castle from Tower.jpg 

Urquhart Castle arched doorway.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Tower outside.jpg 

Urquhart Castle south.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Great Hall and Kitchens.jpg 

Urquhart Castle coast.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Watergate.jpg 


Urquhart Castle entrance.jpg 

Urquhart Castle Gatehouse sign.jpg 

Urquhart Castle ditch.jpg 

Urquhart Castle sign.jpg 

Urquhart Castle trebuchet 2.jpg 

Urquhart Castle trebuchet.jpg 

Urquhart Castle lawn.jpg 

Skara BraeEdit

Skara Brae house 3 3.jpg 

Skara Brae house 3 2.jpg 

Skara Brae house 3.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 9.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 8.jpg 

Skara Brae house 5.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 7.jpg 

Skara Brae 13.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 6.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 5.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 cell.jpg 

Skara Brae house 2 cells 2.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 4.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 closeup.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 3.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1 2.jpg 

Skara Brae house 1.jpg 

Skara Brae house 2 4.jpg 

Skara Brae house 2 3.jpg 

Skara Brae house 2 2.jpg 

Skara Brae house 2.jpg 

Skara Brae house 2 cell.jpg 

Skara Brae passage E.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 6.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 5.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 4.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 entrance.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 3.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 outside.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 2.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8.jpg 

Skara Brae house 8 shelf.jpg 

Skara Brae 12.jpg 

Skara Brae 11.jpg 

Skara Brae 10.jpg 

Skara Brae 9.jpg 

Skara Brae 8.jpg 

Skara Brae 7.jpg 

Skara Brae 6.jpg 

Skara Brae 5.jpg 

Skara Brae house 7.jpg 

Skara Brae 4.jpg 

Skara Brae passageway closeup.jpg 

Skara Brae passageway 2.jpg 

Skara Brae passageway.jpg 

Skara Brae house 9.jpg 

Skara Brae houses 9 and 10 2.jpg 

Skara Brae houses 9 and 10.jpg 

Skara Brae 3.jpg 

Skara Brae 2.jpg 

Skara Brae 1.jpg 

Ring of BrodgarEdit

Ring of Brodgar 16.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 15.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 14.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 13.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 12.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 11.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 10.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 9.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 8.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar 7.jpg 

Ring of Brodgar marker.jpg 

Standing Stones of StennessEdit

Standing Stones of Stenness 3.jpg 

Standing Stones of Stenness 2.jpg 

Standing Stones of Stenness 1.jpg 

Earl's Palace, KirkwallEdit

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall 6.jpg 

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall 5.jpg 

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall 4.jpg 

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall 3.jpg 

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall 2.jpg 

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall.jpg 

Bishop's Palace, Kirkwall 2.jpgBishop's Palace

Kirkwall CathedralEdit

St. Magnus Cathedral 12.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 11.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 10.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 9.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 8.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 7.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 6.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 5.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 4.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 3.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral 2.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral entrance.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral cross sign.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral cross.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral cemetery.jpg 

St. Magnus Cathedral Ba'.jpg 

Beauly PrioryEdit

Beauly Priory outside.jpg 

Beauly Priory.jpg 

Beauly Priory sign.jpg