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Herkimer Home State Historic SiteEdit

Herkimer House 2009.jpg 

Herkimer House 2009 2.jpg 

Herkimer House 2009 3.jpg 

Herkimer House side.jpg 

Herkimer House side 2.jpg 

Herkimer House north porch view.jpg 

Herkimer House north porch view 2.jpg 

Herkimer House north porch view 3.jpg 

Herkimer House north porch view 4.jpg 

Herkimer House downstairs.jpg 

Herkimer House downstairs 2.jpg 

Herkimer House bedroom.jpg 

Herkimer House bedroom 2.jpg 

Herkimer House bedroom 3.jpg 

Herkimer House fireplace.jpg 

Herkimer House west parlor.jpg 

Herkimer House west parlor 2.jpg 

Herkimer House west parlor 3.jpg 

Herkimer House southeast parlor.jpg 

Herkimer House southeast parlor 2.jpg 

Herkimer House southeast parlor fireplace.jpg 

Herkimer House upstairs.jpg 

Herkimer House upstairs bedroom.jpg 

Herkimer House wall bed.jpg 

Herkimer House spinning wheel.jpg 

Herkimer House spinning wheel 2.jpg 

Herkimer House upstairs ceiling.jpg 

Herkimer House upstairs ceiling 2.jpg 

Herkimer House upstairs ceiling 3.jpg 

Herkimer House sitting bench.jpg 

Herkimer House spinning device.jpg 

Herkimer House loom.jpg 

Herkimer House upstairs bedroom 2.jpg 

Herkimer House original door.jpg 

Herkimer House chest of drawers.jpg 

Herkimer House 1773 trunk.jpg 

Herkimer House 1773 trunk 2.jpg 

Herkimer House north view.jpg 

Herkimer House basement circular stairway.jpg 

Herkimer House basement.jpg 

Herkimer House basement 2.jpg 

Herkimer House basement 3.jpg 

Herkimer House basement door.jpg 

Herkimer House underground storage.jpg 

Herkimer House underground storage 2.jpg 

Herkimer House underground storage interior.jpg 

Herkimer House water well.jpg 

Herkimer House north plaque.jpg 

Herkimer House north plaque 2.jpg 

Herkimer Home obelisk.jpg 

Herkimer Home obelisk 2.jpg 

Herkimer Home obelisk closeup.jpg 

Herkimer Home secondary house.jpg 

Herkimer Home bateau.jpg 

Herkimer Home houses.jpg 

Indian Castle ChurchEdit

Indian Castle Church 2009.jpg 

Indian Castle Church 2009 2.jpg 

Indian Castle Church 2009 3.jpg 

Indian Castle Church plaque and stone.jpg 

Indian Castle Church plaque.jpg 

Indian Castle Church interior panoramic.jpg 

Indian Castle Church interior.jpg 

Indian Castle Church ceiling.jpg 

Indian Castle Church ceiling and chandelier.jpg 

Indian Castle Church interior 2.jpg 

Indian Castle Church entryway.jpg 

Indian Castle Church front closeup.jpg 

Indian Castle Church doorway closeup.jpg 

Indian Castle Church front closeup 2.jpg 

Indian Castle Church from cemetery.jpg 

Indian Castle Church rear.jpg 

Indian Castle Church cemetery.jpg 

Indian Castle Church cemetery Crape myrtle.jpg 


Baseball Hall of Fame 2009.jpgNational Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Baseball Hall of Fame 2009 2.jpg 

Baseball Hall of Fame 2009 3.jpg 

Baseball Hall of Fame 2009 4.jpg 

Baseball Hall of Fame Plaque Gallery.jpg 

Doubleday Field 2009.jpg 

Doubleday Field 2009 2.jpg 

Doubleday Field 2009 3.jpgDoubleday Field

First National Bank Building in Cooperstown, New York.jpg 

Clark Estate in Cooperstown, New York.jpg 

Inn at Cooperstown, New York.jpg 


First Reformed Church, Albany.jpgFirst Church in Albany

Albany City Hall.jpgAlbany City Hall

St. Peter's Church, Albany.jpgSt. Peter's Episcopal Church, Albany

St. Mary's Church, Albany.jpgSt. Mary's Church, Albany

Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company Building.jpgSUNY System Administration Building

Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company Building 2.jpg 

St. Peter's Church in Troy, New York.jpgSt. Peter's Church, Troy

Across from St. Peter's Church in Troy, New York.jpg 

Gravestone in southeast Herkimer County, New York 2.jpg 

Gravestone in southeast Herkimer County, New York.jpg 

Cemetery in southeast Herkimer County, New York.jpg 

Southeast Herkimer County, New York at dusk 2.jpg 

Southeast Herkimer County, New York at dusk.jpg 

Victorious Life Church, Fort Plain, New York.jpg 

Herkimer County, New York barn stitched.jpgHerkimer County

Southeast Herkimer County, New York panoramic.jpg