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My background
Kammaskloof 1.jpg
View from my house on one of my farms.

I'm a new Wikipedian.

I'm mainly a content contributor, although I do other things.

When I discovered Wikipedia I was immediately enthusiastic. The possibilities of the project for growth, for visibility, for quality, and for its contributors the possibility of just having fun, for any intellectual person who likes to write, were enormous.

Masters and doctorate are in both social and natural sciences.

Occasionally you might catch me writing about nuclear physics, string theory, mathematics, psychology, astronomy, academia, literature, and a few other things, but for the most part I only do this as a break from writing about philosophy of physics.

My credentials and experience are real and verifiable, to those with a need to know, although at this time I prefer to edit anonymously.

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And I write about
Kammaskloof 2.jpg
A view of a mountain protea on one of my farms.

Science, mainly.

As a break from physics sometimes I write articles on Evolution Psychology, since I've a pretty good library of books on social and natural sciences. Also sometimes I click on random page and copyedit, if I don't get hooked on reading. Is anyone else surprised at the sheer amount of things you have learned on Wikipedia? In my opinion this is one of the most wonderful things about this project.

Some other random interests: agriculture, religion, history, futurology, and animation. I read a lot. While I'm fairly knowledgeable on topics such as Greek literature, antique languages (Hebrew and Greek), and history, I don't usually contribute to articles on those topics; I don't feel my knowledge rises above the high amateur into the "sufficiently expert". There are other writers here who are better, and who know more than I do, and for now I'm going to leave it there. I would politely ask others to at least consider the depth of their knowledge before tackling detailed subjects around which their own experience is limited; but then who am I to tell other people what to do?

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My contribs

I take article requests. If you spot something that is missing, or just substandard, and it is in the area of my specialty--or indeed, in social -and natural science in general--let me know and I'll do what I can to help, if it is within my area of competence. Since this is a big area, that's a big "if."

I like to be helpful. If you want me to read something you have written, or want to run an idea by me, or want to know how to do something, I'll either try to help or point you towards someone who can.

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My boxes
wr This user is a professional writer.
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My wikipedia goals
  • Fill out the science area in general, and psychology, futurology and academia in particular.
  • Starve the trolls.
  • Tithe some of my time helping eradicate vandalism, spam, and conflicts of interest; discussing deletions, new admins, policy, and other matters; and assisting in anything else that comes up, since I think it is a Wikipedian's duty to help out on the maintenance side.
  • Stay positive. Laboring in the shadows, unacknowledged, is hard after a while.
  • Always acknowledge the good work of others. I'm only a tiny part of the whole.
  • Contribute even more content.
  • Create free content only. That includes public domain and GFDL.
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I am an academic. Drop me a note on my talk page if you need help with something which requires a mop and bucket.

You may view my complete statistics, including edits, blocks, deletes, protects, and so forth here.

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Nuvola apps kfind.png Grove quirks - Articles which are more extensive in the 1980 Grove than in the 2005 online edition
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Cquote1.png O my soul, aspire not to eternal life
But rather exhaust the limits of the possible.
Pindar, Odes (Pythian III)
Cquote1.png Look round at the courses of the stars, as if thou wert going along with them; and constantly consider the changes of the elements into one another; for such thoughts purge away the filth of life on earth. Cquote2.png
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 7:47
Cquote1.png Courage is the price life extracts for granting us peace. Cquote2.png
Amelia Earhart
Cquote1.png The cultivated person's first duty is to always be prepared to rewrite the encyclopedia. Cquote2.png
Umberto Eco, Serendipities, "The Force of Falsity," concluding sentence.

All the work I do is dedicated to the Africanese people.