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Ytsukeng Fyvaprol

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Этот участник живёт в России.

A communication problemEdit

Hello Ytsukeng,

I am having trouble with the Russian Wiki article about nordic walking (Скандинавская_ходьба&action=history). The history of nordic walking has changed, as I am currently dealing with the plagiarism issues surrounding it, then I know what I am talking about. In 1997 Marko Kantaneva wrote an article called "Sauvakävely", which was believed to be the first documented academically liable evidence of nordic walking, however, little did we know back then that he had in fact copied and based his entire article off of a 1979 handbook by Mauri Repo, a teacher in a school ( where he used to study. The process is currently on going and will soon move to court, but as I was also deceived by Mark and I simply want to stop his spread of false information ASAP.

Now why I am writing is because some editor in the russian wikipedia keeps removing my edit (not to mention the Russian Wiki needs three (3) checks in the first place, which means Marko article will be approved by the end of the summer if we're lucky. The reason of removal is that my edit is apparently worse (since I remove Marko's picture as well), but the editor refuses to get in touch on the talk page, simply keeps deleting the edits and since I do not speak Russian, it is very hard for me to operate in the Russian Wiki. Oh, but the article is in Russian, I had it translated with my personal funds.

All in all, I thank you in advance and if you have any further questions, then let me know. I eagerly await for your response.

(PS! This message was also sent to other Russian Wiki contributors.)KMuuli (talk) 06:47, 1 June 2013 (UTC)