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Hi, and thank you for having uploaded files here to Commons!

Gtk-go-forward-ltr.svg If you're here, it's probably for one of the following five reasons:
  • The file you have uploaded doesn't have a license.
If you are uncertain how to find a license, please take a look at Commons:Choosing a license.
  • Or you may have added a license to the file you uploaded, and now you want someone to check it to make sure it's right.
In that case, please make a request at the Commons:Help desk.
  • Or perhaps you think that Filbot and/or Nikbot contacted you by mistake.
Are you quite sure? The chances that the bot has actually made a mistake are low -- 15% or less. So please begin by assuming that the message you received may not be in error and read it carefully. But if you are really, really sure that a mistake was made, please do take the time to leave me a message at my talk page. If you have indeed found a bug (or something that could be improved), I will be most grateful that you let me know!
  • Or perhaps you want to delete a file that you've uploaded, because you realize it is copyrighted or there is some other problem.
In that case, drop me a note at my talk page, and I will take care of it. Or if you prefer, feel free to contact any other administrator here and/or take a look at this informative page: Commons:Deletion requests.
  • Or perhaps it's something else entirely.
Really? Okay, just leave me a note at my talk page.
Maybe you are wondering
why I even created this page in the first place?
Because experience has taught me that people (almost) always ask me the same questions, (usually) without reading the guidelines. Sadly, I don't have unlimited time, but the Wikipedia community has created a great Help desk as well as an FAQ page to keep people like me from being driven crazy by the same questions over and over again. So please do consider using the pages created by the Wikipedia community, if you think that others could handle your questions just as well as I can! :-) Filnik\b[Rr]ock\b!?