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Commons:Marques de drechos d'autor/Non llibres

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A file may be tagged to indicate that it has a unfree or uncertain copyright status. Such a file will be flagged for rapid review and may be deleted as a result.


Con drechos d'autor, pero non llibres

Les siguientes opciones de drechos d'autor son inaceutables en Commons. Les imáxenes n'esti estau tendrán qu'esborriase.

  • {{Copyvio}} - Violación de drechos d'autor. Esta imaxen tendrá qu'esborriase.
  • {{Fairuse}} - Calteníu con drechos d'autor que podríen ser consideraes dusu llexítimu (fair use), pero como en Commons nun s'aceuta calteníu dusu llexítimu esta imaxen tien qu'esborriase. Ver equí con detalle por qué.
  • {{Noncommercial}} - Imáxenes que nun permiten l'usu comercial. Esta imaxen tendrá qu'esborriase. Avisu: incluye cualisquier llicencia Creative Commons "nc".
  • {{Nonderivative}} - Imáxenes o ficheros pa los que nun se permiten modificaciones. Esta imaxen tendrá qu'esborriase. Avisu: incluye cualisquier llicencia Creative Commons "nd".

Uncertain status

A number of license tags listed at Category:Problem tags may be used for files that may or may not be acceptable. These files will be queued for review. A sample:

  • {{Disputed}} – It is disputed whether the copyright tag on this file is correct.
  • {{FoP-unknown}} – It is not known if freedom of panorama applies to this image.
  • {{No license since}} – This media file does not have sufficient information on its copyright status.
  • {{Wrong license}} – This file may not have the correct information on its copyright status.

Marques pa información de llicencia incompleta o inexistente

Category:Media cleanup templates lists templates that may be used for files where the description is incomplete or other clean-up is needed. These include:

  • {{Description missing}} – This file has no description, and may be lacking other information.
  • {{No license|month=agostu|day=17|year=2019}} or simply {{subst:nld}} – Unknown copyright status. Copyright status is needed to keep this image. Use even if the image has no license info, but has been claimed by the uploader as own original work. The uploader probably meant to place it under some free license, but did not specify which one.
  • {{No source since|month=agostu|day=17|year=2019}} or simply {{subst:nsd}} – No source information or the image has been tagged as being under a free license, but information required by the license (or to verify the status) is missing. The source must be given so that the copyright status can be verified.