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This page gives lists of country-specific copyright tags in different various unions and former countries. It is "transcluded" from individual page sections giving the copyright tags specific to each country or territory.



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COM:TAG Andean Community

Andean Community

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The following tags apply to works published in any country which has copyright legislation harmonized to the European Union directives.

  • {{PD-old-70}} – for works in the public domain because their copyright has expired in countries and areas copyrighting works for life plus 70 years or less.
  • {{PD-anon-70-EU}} – anonymous work more than 70 years old (European Union).
  • {{PD-EU-no author disclosure}} – anonymous work published more than 70 years ago without a public claim of authorship and no subsequent claim of authorship in the 70 years following its first publication (European Union).
  • {{PD-EEA}} – Image in the public domain because it is extracted from the European Environment Agency Website, whose material is in the public domain unless otherwise stated.
  • {{Attribution-Eur-Lex}} – for works of law of the European Union, as recorded on Eur-Lex
  • {{Attribution-Eurostat}} – for works from the European Union's statistical agency, Eurostat

Individual countries of the European Union may also have country-specific tags.

  • {{PD-US-no notice-UN}}: Work is excerpted from an official document of the United Nations published in the United States prior to 17 September 1987.
  • {{PD-UN-doc}}: Published by the United Nations without a copyright notice, was left in the public domain in order to disseminate "as widely as possible the ideas (contained) in the United Nations Publications". It falls into one of the following categories outlined in Administrative Instruction ST/AI/189/Add.9/Rev.2 (paragraph 2):
    • Official records (proceedings of conferences, verbatim and summary records, periodic supplements, compilations of resolutions, etc.)
    • United Nations documents issued with a UN document symbol
    • Public information material designed primarily to inform the public about United Nations activities (not including material that is offered for sale)
  • {{PD-UN-map}} – United Nations maps.

Former countriesEdit

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COM:TAG Manchukuo


  • {{PD-Manchukuo-stamps}} – for stamps issued by the government of Manchukuo, which are now in the public domain in China.
  • {{PD-Ottoman}} – for works published in the Ottoman Empire, all of which are currently in the public domain.
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COM:TAG Soviet Union

Soviet Union

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COM:TAG Yugoslavia


For more information about Yugoslav copyright laws, see sh:Wikipedia:Autorska prava na području bivše Jugoslavije on the Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia.

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