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Shortcuts: COM:V· COM:VAND In the event that you see vandalism, e.g. an obscene file is uploaded over an existing one, or another malicious change is made, you can do a number of things yourself:

  • If it's a change to the description of an image, revert the vandalism.

He bo godu bo le bona

  1. To revert an image, you must log in and your account must be confirmed or autoconfirmed. (If you do not have an account, creating one takes only a few seconds, needs no personal details, and is free. There is a four-day wait for autoconfirmation.)
  2. Then, in the "File history" section below the image, click the "(rev)" link next to the previous version of the file. (The change has now taken effect, though you might not see it because of your browser cache. If so, try clicking on the time and date of your version, then refresh your browser to see the change.)

Sa bo felo, tsencha {{speedydelete|"Delete the old vandalised version."}} Ho deleta bo godu

Thiba le godu ka mo lato a de tarulo tsa haye so tl|test}}, {{Test2}}.

He o tloka thuso, u kai kria mo administrators. Tsia note ko Administrators' noticeboard/Vandalism, kapa Tsencha IRC chatroom (#wikimedia-commons on the Freenode IRC network), o re !admin@commons, or ping an admin ka ho bo lela lena.