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Shortcuts: COM:V· COM:VAND In the event that ye see vandalism, e.g. an obscene file is uploaded ower an existing one, or anither malicious chynge is made, ye can dae a nummer o things yersel:

  • If it's a chynge tae the description o an image, revert the vandalism.
  • If the vandalism is an image:
  1. Tae revert an image, ye must log in an yer accoont must be confirmed or autoconfirmed. (If ye dae nae hae an accoont, creatin ane taks anly a few seiconts, needs na personal details, an is free. Thare is a fower-day wait for autoconfirmation.)
  2. Then, in the "File history" section belaw the image, click the "(rev)" airtin next tae the previous version o the file. (The chynge haes nou taken effect, tho ye micht nae see it acause o yer browser cache. If so, try clickin on the time an date o yer version, then refresh yer browser tae see the chynge.)
  3. Finally, add {{speedydelete|"Delete the auld vandalised version."}} tae hae the vandalism deletit.
  • Wairn the vandal about the consequences o thair actions uisin {{Test}}, {{Test2}}, etc.