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Wikimedia Commons is ae repositrie o free eemages, videos, soonds n ither multimedia files. Uplaidit files can be uised aes local files bi ither waurks oan the Wikimedia servers, incluidin Meta-Wiki, MediaWiki, Wikibuiks, Wikinews, Wikipædia, Wikiquote, Wikisoorce, Wikiversitie, Wikivoyage, n Wiktionair. The InstantCommons featur supports imports oan ither wikis n aw.

This page is aen index o aw o the Wikimedia Commons' maintenance n {{Allpages|Heelp}} pages. The follaein airticles contain guidance n information aneatt readin, writin, n pairteeceepatin in the Commons communitie.

Haein trooble fyndin oot whit ye need tae ken? Gif it's na covered bi the Frequentlie Speired Speirins (FSS), gie speirin at the heelp desk ae shot.

General information

Heelp page collections

Ae muckler set o heelp pages can be foond in Wikipædia that ye micht want tae consult:

Communitie pages

Baseec pages:

Maintenance pages:

Gettin heelp:

  • Gif ye hae ae general speirin aneat eeditin, uplaidin, the scope o the Wikimedia waurk, or oniething else, than ye can post ae speirin at the Heelp Desk n anither uiser will replie.


The function o MediaWiki itsel (the saffware o Wikimedia Commons) is descreebed in the MediaWiki Uiser's Guide in Meta-Wiki. Gif ye suspect ae saffware bug, speir fer feedback at the clachan pump, n than report it uisin the Bugzilla bug report system. This is the yinlie waa tae get MediaWiki deveelipers tae see yer bug reports.

The database o Wikimedia Commons can be doonlaidit. Thaurs nae dump o the media files available richt nou.

Legal information n contact

Contact us, the General disclaimer, the Preevacie policie, Licensin

Wikimedia Commons heelp contents

Heelp fer eediters

Information fer beginners:

Copiericht information:

General information:

Saffware that's heelpfu fer Wikimedia Commons:

  • Saffware n tutorials fer eeditin media files
    • Video guide fer convertin, uplaidin, n uisin video files