Commons:Where is the license on various sites?


A number of popular image and other media providing sites hide their license information in non-obvious places on the page. This is a list of sites, and where to look for the license tag on each one.


License data is collected here: Commons:500px licensing data. If you encounter any problems or information that should be there but isn't or information that shouldn't be there but is, report it on the talk page.

500px used to offer uploads under Creative Commons licenses until 1 July 2018. While these licenses were previously displayed online next to the image in question, this is no longer the case, even though Creative Commons licenses are irrevocable. Unreviewed uploads from 500px at Wikimedia Commons may be checked as follows.

To find the license, view the page source and look for a code like this:

<a about='' href='' id='server_photo_cc_license' rel='license'></a>

A suitable search string would be id='server_photo_cc_license' as this does not occur in source code for non-free images. In this case, the image is licensed as CC0. (zero/1.0).

Acceptable license for our purposes include:

  • '' CC-0
  • '' CC-by-3.0
  • '' CC-by-sa-3.0

For trusted users and administrators: If you just reviewed an old upload from 500px, please also update the table at Commons:500px licensing data.

Dreamy PixelEdit

The Dreamy Pixel website has a category for All free images. It states that "these free images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License." Single images like this will not have a CC mark but a link to "All free images" will be shown above the image title.


If there is a Creative Commons license, there will be a License section on the right side of the page. If there is no such section, the image is non-free and may not be used at Commons. In case of a Creative Commons license, there will be a   icon and a statement on the particular license: "Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a"

  • Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
  • Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


Everipedia is a Wikipedia fork that combines images from Wikipedia (including fair use), Commons, unknown sources and original content. User content posted to Everipedia is released with a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.[1] No clear distinction is made between text and other media. Unfortunately, as Everipedia is not open to everyone, it's not possible to verify if people who upload original content to Everipedia are aware (besides the ToS) they release their content with an open license. On the Everipedia site there is no known way to see who uploaded an image, who the author is and which license they claim for it, assuming BY-SA 4.0 is not the only option. A detailed description of the attribution is available. In addition to all this uncertainty, Everipedia is rife with copyvios. The result of all this is that (at least as of November 2018) we require OTRS permission for images from Everipedia, even those that were likely taken by an Everipedian.


Lower right, under the image and "Taken on" date:

  • either a   and "All rights reserved", or
  • one or more Creative Commons icons      and "Some rights reserved", or
  •   and "Public domain" ("Public domain dedication"), or
  •   and "Public domain" (the "Public domain mark")
  •   and "No known copyright restrictions"
  •   and "United States government work".

The "Some rights reserved" link goes to the specific Creative Commons license.

  •   Public domain dedication,
  •   Attribution,
  •    Attribution Share-Alike and
  •   United States government work

are acceptable for our purposes.

  •  , the "Public domain mark", and
  •   "No known copyright restrictions",

have been debatable, since they don't actually say the user owns the item's copyright and is placing the item into the public domain, just that they think it already is. In general, the "No known copyright restrictions" from most of "The Commons" on Flickr have been accepted, since they are mostly highly reputable institutions, while the Public domain mark has not been accepted for our purposes, since they're usually from individual users with no reputation for knowing about the public domain status of items. But exceptions can exist.

All Flickr Creative Commons images may be found at:

"The Commons" on Flickr ("No known copyright restrictions" images) may be found at:


Bottom right of the entire page in a section called "Authorizations, license":

  • either a   and "All rights reserved", or
  • one or more Creative Commons icons      with a short name and link to the license.

Free licenses that are acceptable for our purposes:

  •   and "free use"
  •   and "Attribution"
  •    and "attribution + share Alike"

Any combination including either of these

  •   and "no derivative"
  •   and "non Commercial"

is not acceptable.

Oberwolfach Photo CollectionEdit

"Copyright Information / Disclaimer", the section of the website, says that "images labelled with 'Copyright: MFO'" are released under "Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany." Images not labelled with it require permission from the copyright holder.


Example. Below the highest ranked photos: "All images on Skitterphoto are public domain using Creative Commons CC0. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission" and per this webpage.


Images created by Tasnim News Agency, a media organisation in Iran, are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. This is stated in the footer of all their webpages at Photographs produced by the agency contain a watermark in the lower left corner, and on the bottom edge there is a black bar containing white text that attributes the name of the photographer, e.g. "photo: Mohammaed Hassanzadeh". Typically these photographs are published as part of an album or a set, and their URL has the structure, however, Tasnim photographs do appear under other types of URLs.

Caution: Tasnim News Agency will occasionally use and refer to images and material accessed or supplied from other organisations, including other media organisations or government agencies. These images are not acceptable, because they have not been created by Tasnim photographers. In these cases, Tasnim would have cleared rights from the original copyright holders to use these images on their own site, but would not have the rights to re-license them under CC.

When uploading
  • Do not use the {{Tasnim}} tag directly, instead you should use {{subst:Tasnim/subst}}. This adds a {{LicenseReview}} template as well, so that a reviewer can verify its status.
Known Tasnim News Agency photographers (not a complete list)
  • Erfan Kouchari; Mohammaed Hassanzadeh; Mohsen Rezapour; Hossein Zohrevand; Mohammad Ali Marizad; Hamed Malekpour
Note for reviewers
See also


Bottom right of entire page, one or more small grey Creative Commons icons:        . They link to the respective Creative Commons 4.0 Intl. license's deed.ko pages. If there is no such icon, the page is All Rights Reserved.

  •   Attribution, and
  •    Attribution Share-Alike

are acceptable for our purposes.

More details at User:-revi/Tistory


The Twitter Emoji (Twemoji) website provides emojis and icons published under a Creative Commons by attribution 4.0 license. This is stated at the bottom of the project's front page. Individual file pages will not have a licence tag though.

UnsplashEdit This is complicated in a different way than most. On 5 June 2017, Unsplash switched the sitewide license for all uploads from Creative Commons CC0 to a custom license arrangement which does not meet the free content licensing requirements for Commons. Therefore, images published on Unsplash after 4 June 2017 are not considered to be public domain and are not accepted on Commons. But the CC0 license for the previous uploads is irrevocable. So for verifying the license on an Unsplash page, click the   Info link on the lower right below the image and check the Published on date. If it is before June 5, 2017, then the license is Creative Commons CC0 which is acceptable, if it is on or after June 5, 2017, then it is not acceptable.

See {{Unsplash}}


Under the video, on the left, the more link under the large title. Click the more link to show an About popup, that has the video title, uploaded by, date, hashtags, and finally, at the very bottom, if there is a Creative Commons license, one or more faint grey Creative Commons icons:           Those icons are links to the specific Creative Commons license.

  •   Public domain,
  •   Attribution,
  • and    Attribution Share-Alike

are acceptable for our purposes.

Vimeo Creative Commons videos:


Middle of the page, second white block under the video starting with Published on date, hidden under the SHOW MORE link.

Click the SHOW MORE link to expand the section, and look on the License row, either:

There isn't a page listing all Creative Commons videos on YouTube, but when you do a "Search", you then have the option to click the "Filters" pulldown and select "Creative Commons", to restrict your results to only Creative Commons Attribution licensed videos.

If you don't see a SHOW MORE link, click "Restore old YouTube" in the dropdown settings menu in the page upper right corner, shown by clicking either your account letter if you are signed in or three vertical dots if you are not.

Sometimes the SHOW MORE link doesn't work. As a fallback, you can search for the video ID (, then filter by "Creative Commons". If the video still appears in the results, it is CC BY 3.0.