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Commons:WikiProject Arts/Manual of Style/Files


Files must be unique in the database. Exact duplicates or down-sized images are subject for speedy deletion. Images with the same motif and the same artist which differ in brightness, color, contrast, sizes (e.g. 2,779 × 1,918), details, etc. are OK. Always use the highest resolution availabe.


Artwork files should be formatted with {{Artwork}}, {{Object photo}}, {{Art Photo}} or museum specific templates.


Main gallery: Commons:File naming.
  • If the artist is unknown, the artwork is attributed to an artist/to several artists, or the authorship is disputed, inlude that information in the file name as short as possible. In this case, choose another style, e.g. <family name>, <first name> (disputed) - <title> - <time of production> - <further information>.ext. unsolved
  • The artist's name in the file should be the common one (adopt the category name of the artist) and not regarding prefixes, e.g. Cleve, Joos van; Chateau, Gerard du.
Handling of disputed authorship → Refer to what scientists? unsolved

Description, license and other informationEdit

Content (text)Edit

  • Summary header =={{int:filedesc}}== → displayed as ==Summary==
Original title and {{Alternate title}} if applicable
Colloquial title
Multilingual titles, maybe title templates such as {{The Garden of Eden}}
Some title formatting options are
{{de}} {{de|1=''Die blonde Schäferin}}
{{langswitch}} {{LangSwitch |en=''Interior of an Inn''. |nl=''Herberginterieur''. }}
no standards yet unsolved which also includes the question, if a line "original title" or a note in brackets "(original title)" should be included
There is a problem if langswitch does not contain the interface language, e.g. no title shown at all
  • Description (very short)
    • {{Detail}} if applicable (never part of the title)
    • Period of time (e.g. Baroque)
    • Genre (optional), e.g. Category:Genre paintings ...
    • {{technique}} (select out of Template:Artwork/techniques): {{Technique|Drawing}}, {{Technique|Fresco}}, {{Technique|oil|canvas}}, {{Technique|Oil|canvas panel}}, {{Technique|Oil|cardboard}}, {{Technique|Oil|panel}}, {{Technique|oil|poplar}},{{Technique|Stained glass}}, {{Technique|Tempera|canvas}}, {{Technique|Tempera|canvas}}, {{Technique|Tempera|panel}}, watercolor, {{Technique|Watercolor|cardboard}}, {{Technique|Watercolor|paper}} among others
    • Institution (where the artwork is located permanently), e.g. {{Private collection}}
    • Official identifier of the collection/museum, e.g. Inventory number {{Invno}} - example {{Invno|470 A}} → Inventory number 470 A
    • {{Provenance}}
    • URLs or references (with the most information) if necessary (optional, limited to 5)
    • administrative information ("moved from", original upload data)
    • permission   Info not to be confused with the license
    • {{Authority control}}
    • other suitable information


  • Summary header =={{int:license-header}}== → displayed as ==Licensing==

All files must be licensed with an appropriate and valid License, e.g. {{PD-old}}.

Further reading: Commons:When to use the PD-Art tagTemplate:PD-old/docCommons:When to use the PD-scan tag


(no header)

All files must be attached to a topic-specific category, in most cases several categories. If you are not sure, just add a high-level category, e.g. Category:Art works. Other users will modify the category later, that means assign the file to a more specific category.

Further reading: Commons:Categories
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