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Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in the United Kingdom/Competition rules

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Acceptable entriesEdit

  • To be valid, each entry must be a still photograph that you have taken and newly uploaded yourself of an eligible listed building.
  • You must upload your entry to Wikimedia Commons during the month of September 2013. It doesn’t matter when you took the photo, only that you upload it after 00:00 BST on 1st Sept and before the final deadline of 24:00 BST on 30th Sept.
  • You should preferably upload via the official upload wizard, which will automatically will do most of the work for you. (Expert users may upload manually, but must use the official template and must identify the specific building shown with reference to the unique official number maintained by English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Cadw, or NIEA).
  • You must supply your entry under a free copyright licence, or release it to the public domain. The preferred licence used by the upload wizard is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 CC-BY-SA 3.0.
  • To be eligible for a prize you will need to provide and maintain a valid email address.

Not eligibleEdit

  • Videos and other types of moving image
  • Non-photographic works such as drawings or entirely computer-generated works
  • Photographs that are already on Commons (ie re-uploading is not allowed)
  • As the images will be hosted on Wikimedia Commons, all entries must fall within Commons scope. Any that do not will be disqualified and may be deleted without notice.

Judging criteriaEdit

The UK jury will judge individual entries based on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Technical quality
  • Originality
  • Potential usefulness and overall value of the image (including its licensing) to the Wikimedia projects

Jury compositionEdit

To be confirmed:

  • Wikimedians
  • Photography professionals
  • Heritage specialists


Main awardsEdit

The UK jury will decide on awards in the following categories:

  • Best image (1st prize)
  • Best image (2nd prize)
  • Best image (3rd prize)
  • 7 other Highly Commended images

Special awardsEdit

  • Best architectural/documentary image
  • Most comprehensive survey of a single building [prize for image collection]
  • Most comprehensive collection of an area [prize for image collection]

International awardsEdit

The small printEdit

Both the international and the local Wikimedia Loves Monuments competitions 2013, including this UK competition, are largely organized by volunteers, and the organizers reserve the right to modify these rules or to cancel the contest at their sole discretion, even after it has started. The organizers accept no responsibility for the provision by the sponsors of any prizes, nor of any liability whatsoever in respect of this contest. Neither the rules nor anything on these pages amount to an offer to create legally binding relations with any of the organizers. Members of the jury and trustees/staff of Wikimedia UK are not eligible to receive any award (although they are otherwise welcome to contribute images).