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This is a list of tools related to Wiki Loves Monuments.


Local MapsEdit


Jury ToolEdit

More detailed at Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015/Jury Tool

This year a new jury tool will be provided that is used by most countries on Wiki Loves Earth. See the description of a jury tool at Commons:WLX Jury Tool.

Please add the name of your country and a contact e-mail if you are planning to use this jury tool (even if you are not sure and just want to try it).

  1. Algeria - Vikoula5 (
  2. Brazil - Rodrigo Padula (
  3. France
  4. Iran - LilyOfTheWest (
  5. Italy
  6. Latvia - Voll (
  7. Netherlands(
  8. Russia
  9. Sweden - abbedabb (
  10. Tunisia
  11. Ukraine
  12. Slovakia --Jetam2 (talk) 13:07, 8 October 2015 (UTC)
  13. Albania and Kosovo - arianit (


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