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Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 in Malaysia

Wiki Loves Monuments
Capture the Moments of Monuments in Malaysia!

Wiki Loves Monuments ( is an annual international photography contest and crowdsourcing event in which participants photograph and upload images of historic monuments to Wikimedia Commons. These images are then available for free use on Wikipedia and beyond. More details about this year's annual competition can be found at Wiki Loves Monuments 2015. The competition takes place throughout the month of September each year.

This will be the First time Malaysia has taken part in the competition, and everyone is welcome to get involved, whether as a participant (photographer), organisational volunteer, or both. There is no requirement for participants or volunteers to be from Malaysia .

The Malaysia part of the competition is volunteer-led, with significant support from our team WIKI Loves Monuments Malaysia 2015.

Let's CAPTURE THE MOMENTS OF MONUMENTS IN MALAYSIA and share them with the rest of the world!

User:Ammarah Khalid is the point of contact for WLM Malaysia 2015


About the contestEdit

Wiki Loves Monuments in the Malaysia will follow the same rules as the international competition. Participants upload pictures taken by themselves of listed buildings within Malaysia and upload them to Wikimedia Commons during the month of September under a free licence. Uploaded photographs do not have to be taken during September 2015, but they must not have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before. Participants are free to take photographs of any eligible building, even if Commons already has one or more photographs, but of course a new angle or a new detail is more useful to the project than simply repeating what has been done before.

Rules for participationEdit

Wiki Loves Monuments contest has only few rules to for the photos to participate in the WLM Malaysia Contest.
Click WLMMalaysia Rules to see the rules and how to participate.

Get involved!Edit

Volunteers are needed now to help us set up the competition!

Volunteers are currently being sought to help organize the contest. If you can help, think you might like to take part in September, or would just like to register your support, please add your name at Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 in Malaysia/People.

Let's CAPTURE THE MOMENTS OF MONUMENTS IN MALAYSIA share them with the rest of the world!

Map of MalaysiaEdit


List of cultural heritage monuments and historical buildings in Malaysia by StateEdit

State of JohorEdit

01-JHR/1 Bukit Zaharah Palace Palace/ Royal Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/2 Central Police Headquarters Government Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/3 Church of Immaculate Conception Church Johor Bahru 1°27′54″N 103°45′32″E / 1.465125°N 103.758895°E / 1.465125; 103.758895  
01-JHR/4 Court House Government Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/5 Dato Jaafar Residence Residence Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/6 Flower Garden Building Government Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/7 General Hospital Public facility Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/8 Hilltop Private School Academic Institution Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/9 Johor Art Gallery (Dato' Abdullah Jaafar Residence) Residence Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/10 Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English College) Academic Institution Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/11 Markas Timbalan Setia Negeri Fort/Military Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/12 Pasir Pelangi Royal Mosque Mosque Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/13 Pasir Pelangi Palace Palace/ Royal Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/14 Johor Bahru Railway Station Railway Station Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/15 Roman Catholic Church Church Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/16 Royal Johor Club Social Institution Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/17 Royal Mausoleum Mausoleum Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/18 Royal Museum (Sultan Abu Bakar Palace) Palace/ Royal Johor Bahru 1°27′18″N 103°45′23″E / 1.455022°N 103.756438°E / 1.455022; 103.756438  
01-JHR/19 Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque Mosque Johor Bahru 1°27′25″N 103°45′04″E / 1.456886°N 103.751198°E / 1.456886; 103.751198
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01-JHR/20 Sultan Aminah Hospital Public facility Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/21 Sultan Ibrahim Building Governement Johor Bahru 1°27′28″N 103°45′40″E / 1.457832°N 103.761095°E / 1.457832; 103.761095
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01-JHR/22 Muar Clock Tower Monument Muar  
01-JHR/23 Gurdwara Sahib Gurdwara Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/24 Broadway Cinema Cinema Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/25 Roufo Gumiao Temple Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/26 Istana Bukit Serene Palace/ Royal Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/27 Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru Monuments Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/28 Istana Besar Official Residence Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/29 Gatepost of Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque Monument Johor Bahru  
01-JHR/30 Sultan Ibrahim Jamek Mosque Mosque Muar  
01-JHR/31 High School Academic Institution Muar  
01-JHR/32 Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam Temple Temple Johor Bahru 1°27′33″N 103°45′50″E / 1.459246°N 103.764003°E / 1.459246; 103.764003  

State of MalaccaEdit

04-MLK/1 Malacca High School Educational Institution Malacca City 2°11′31″N 102°15′16″E / 2.192061°N 102.254563°E / 2.192061; 102.254563  
04-MLK/2 Malacca Straits Mosque Mosque Malacca Island 2°10′44″N 102°14′57″E / 2.178959°N 102.249038°E / 2.178959; 102.249038
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04-MLK/3 Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum Old Palace Malacca City 2°11′34″N 102°15′02″E / 2.192878°N 102.250439°E / 2.192878; 102.250439
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04-MLK/4 St. Francis Institution Educational Institution Malacca City 2°11′30″N 102°15′11″E / 2.191620°N 102.253147°E / 2.191620; 102.253147
More images
04-MLK/5 Kampung Kling Mosque Mosque Malacca City 2°11′48″N 102°14′51″E / 2.196804°N 102.247504°E / 2.196804; 102.247504
More images
04-MLK/6 St Xavier’s Church Church Malacca City 2°11′43″N 102°15′02″E / 2.195198°N 102.250663°E / 2.195198; 102.250663  
04-MLK/7 Clock Tower Monument Dutch Square 2°11′40″N 102°14′57″E / 2.194398°N 102.249079°E / 2.194398; 102.249079
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04-MLK/8 Queen Victoria's Fountain Monument Dutch Square 2°11′40″N 102°14′57″E / 2.194424°N 102.249159°E / 2.194424; 102.249159
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04-MLK/9 Independence Memorial Building Government Malacca City 2°11′31″N 102°15′03″E / 2.191917°N 102.250901°E / 2.191917; 102.250901
More images
04-MLK/10 Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Hilir Educational Institution Malacca City 2°11′30″N 102°15′09″E / 2.191644°N 102.252367°E / 2.191644; 102.252367  
04-MLK/11 Christ Church Church Malacca City 2°11′40″N 102°14′58″E / 2.194329°N 102.249480°E / 2.194329; 102.249480
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04-MLK/12 A Famosa Fort Remains Malacca City 2°11′31″N 102°15′01″E / 2.191869°N 102.250266°E / 2.191869; 102.250266
More images
04-MLK/13 St Paul's Church (Ruins) Church Ruins Malacca City 2°11′33″N 102°14′59″E / 2.192621°N 102.249609°E / 2.192621; 102.249609
More images
04-MLK/14 St. Peter's Church Church Malacca City 2°11′33″N 102°14′59″E / 2.192610°N 102.249598°E / 2.192610; 102.249598
More images
04-MLK/15 Tamil Methodist Church Church Malacca City 2°11′54″N 102°14′41″E / 2.198415°N 102.244696°E / 2.198415; 102.244696
More images
04-MLK/16 Al-Azim Mosque Mosque Malacca City 2°12′55″N 102°15′45″E / 2.215390°N 102.262389°E / 2.215390; 102.262389
More images
04-MLK/17 Kampung Hulu Mosque Mosque Malacca City 2°11′57″N 102°14′51″E / 2.199292°N 102.247576°E / 2.199292; 102.247576
More images
04-MLK/18 Malacca Chinese Mosque Mosque Krubong 2°17′45″N 102°13′49″E / 2.295937°N 102.230244°E / 2.295937; 102.230244
More images
04-MLK/19 Tranquerah Mosque Mosque Malacca City 2°12′15″N 102°13′55″E / 2.204152°N 102.232016°E / 2.204152; 102.232016
More images
04-MLK/20 St John's Fort Fort Malacca City 2°11′22″N 102°15′53″E / 2.189332°N 102.264623°E / 2.189332; 102.264623
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04-MLK/21 Malacca Stamp Museum Museum Malacca City 2°11′30″N 102°14′58″E / 2.191630°N 102.249505°E / 2.191630; 102.249505
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04-MLK/22 Malaysia Architecture Museum Museum Malacca City 2°11′34″N 102°14′55″E / 2.192724°N 102.248573°E / 2.192724; 102.248573
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04-MLK/23 Literature Museum Museum Malacca City 2°11′38″N 102°14′58″E / 2.193806°N 102.249540°E / 2.193806; 102.249540
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04-MLK/24 Southern Bank Commercial Malacca City 2°11′58″N 102°15′10″E / 2.199396°N 102.252781°E / 2.199396; 102.252781  
04-MLK/25 Peranakan Museum Museum  
04-MLK/26 Police Headquarters Government Bukit Beruang 2°15′31″N 102°16′49″E / 2.258518°N 102.280144°E / 2.258518; 102.280144  
04-MLK/27 Stadhuys Building Museum Malacca City 2°11′39″N 102°14′58″E / 2.194181°N 102.249503°E / 2.194181; 102.249503
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04-MLK/28 Casa Cuba Gallery Bukit Peringgit 2°13′20″N 102°15′26″E / 2.222250°N 102.257278°E / 2.222250; 102.257278  
04-MLK/29 Macau Gallery Malacca Gallery Bukit Peringgit 2°13′17″N 102°15′20″E / 2.221358°N 102.255543°E / 2.221358; 102.255543
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04-MLK/30 Historical Malacca City Council Government Ayer Keroh 2°13′59″N 102°16′49″E / 2.233097°N 102.280254°E / 2.233097; 102.280254
More images
04-MLK/31 The Baba and Nyonya House Museum Museum Malacca City 2°11′44″N 102°14′47″E / 2.195558°N 102.246516°E / 2.195558; 102.246516  

State of PenangEdit

07-PNG/1 Kapitan Kling Mosque Mosque Georgetown
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07-PNG/2 Fort Cornwallis Fort Georgetown
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07-PNG/3 St. George’s Church Church Georgetown
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07-PNG/4 Penang Museum and Art Gallery Museum Georgetown  
07-PNG/5 St. Xavier’s Institution Educationl Institution Georgetown  
07-PNG/6 Church of The Assumption Church Georgetown
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07-PNG/7 State Assembly Building Government Georgetown
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07-PNG/8 State Religious Council Government Georgetown  
07-PNG/9 Old Town Hall, Esplanade Georgetown  
07-PNG/10 E. & O. Hotel, Georgetown Georgetown  
07-PNG/11 Algemene Bank Georgetown  
07-PNG/12 Seri Mutiara Residential Georgetown  
07-PNG/13 Kampar Lodge Georgetown  
07-PNG/14 Victoria Tower Monument Georgetown
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07-PNG/15 Fine Arts Conservatory (now INTEC College) Educationl Institution Georgetown  
07-PNG/16 Metropole Hotel Georgetown  
07-PNG/17 Immigration Departmen Government Georgetown  
07-PNG/18 Old City Hall, Esplanade Monument Georgetown  
07-PNG/19 High Court Government Georgetown  
07-PNG/20 Penang Railway Building Public Georgetown  
07-PNG/21 Customs and Excise Dept Government Georgetown  
07-PNG/23 Lim Mah Chye’s Mansion Residential Georgetown  
07-PNG/24 Yeoh Cheang Seng’s Residence Residential Georgetown  
07-PNG/25 Columbia Lodge Residential Georgetown  
07-PNG/26 Hill Railway Station Public Georgetown  
07-PNG/27 Georgetown Despensary Georgetown  
07-PNG/28 Standard Chartered Bank Georgetown  
07-PNG/29 Lim Lean Teng’s Mansion (Woodville) Residential Georgetown  
07-PNG/30 Leong Yin Kean’s Residence Residential Georgetown  
07-PNG/31 Hu Yew Seah Building Government Georgetown  
07-PNG/32 Chinese Chamber of Commerce Government Georgetown  
07-PNG/33 Penang City Hall Government Georgetown
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07-PNG/34 Sri Mariamman Temple Temple Georgetown
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07-PNG/35 Kek Lok Si Temple Temple Georgetown
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07-PNG/36 Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion Residential Georgetown
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07-PNG/37 Snake Temple Temple Bayan Lepas
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State of SelangorEdit

10-SGR/1 Istana Bandar Royal Palace Kuala Langat  
10-SGR/2 Wat Chetawan Temple Klang Valley  
10-SGR/3 Darul Ehsan Arch Monument Petaling Jaya  
10-SGR/4 Sultan Alam Shah Museum Museum Shah Alam  
10-SGR/5 The Orang Asli Museum Museum Gombak  
10-SGR/6 Palace of Justice Government Putrajaya
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10-SGR/7 Alaeddin Mosque Mosque Kuala Langat  
10-SGR/8 Old Prison/ Police Station Goverment  
10-SGR/9 Royal Mausoleum of Sultan Abdul Samad Memorial building Bukit Jugra  
10-SGR/10 Bukit Malawati Historical Complex Kuala Selangor  
10-SGR/11 Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque Mosque Shah Alam
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10-SGR/12 The palace of the Sultan of Selangor Royal Palace Klang  
10-SGR/13 Klang MPK Government Klang  
10-SGR/14 Pasar Jawa Mosque Mosque Klang  
10-SGR/15 Church of Our Lady of Lourdes Church Klang  
10-SGR/16 Royal Gallery of Sultan Abdul Aziz Museum Klang  
10-SGR/17 The Millennium Monument Monument Putrajaya  
10-SGR/18 Cyberjaya Mosque Mosque Cyberjaya  
10-SGR/19 Masjid Putrajaya Mosque Putrajaya  
10-SGR/20 Batu Caves Gombak  
10-SGR/21 Sri Mahamariamman Temple Temple Kuala Lumpur  

State of SabahEdit

12-SBH/1 Old General Post Office Government Kota Kinabalu  
12-SBH/2 St. Michael’s Church Church Sandakan  
12-SBH/3 Atkinson Clock Tower Monument Kota Kinabalu
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12-SBH/4 Social Welfare Dept Government  
12-SBH/5 Kota Kinabalu City Mosque Mosque Kota Kinabalu
More images
12-SBH/6 Yayasan Sabah Tower Kota Kinabalu
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12-SBH/7 Sabah Museum Museum Kota Kinabalu
More images
12-SBH/8 War Memorial Monument Kundasang
More images
12-SBH/9 Labuan Landmark Monument  
12-SBH/10 Sikh Temple Temple  
12-SBH/11 Chimney Labuan Monument Labuan
More images
12-SBH/12 Hundred Steps Sandakan  
12-SBH/13 Sandakan Jamek Mosque Mosque Sandakan
More images
12-SBH/14 Sam Sing Kung Temple Temple Sandakan
More images
12-SBH/15 Labuan Museum Museum Labuan  
12-SBH/16 SMK St Michael Educational Institution Sandakan  
12-SBH/17 William Pryer Memorial Monument Sandakan  
12-SBH/18 Kwang Fook Kong Temple Temple Labuan
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12-SBH/20 Labuan Jamek Mosque Labuan  

State of PerakEdit

08-PRK/1 Ali Pitchay Town House Residential Ipoh  
08-PRK/2 Foong Seong Villa Residential Ipoh  
08-PRK/3 Anglo-Chinese School Educational Institution Ipoh  
08-PRK/4 Central Police Station Government Ipoh  
08-PRK/5 City Hall Building Government Ipoh  
08-PRK/6 Clock Tower Monument Taiping  
08-PRK/7 Convent School Ipoh Educational Institution Ipoh  
08-PRK/8 Court House Batu Gajah  
08-PRK/9 Dato' Panglima Kinta Mosque Mosque Ipoh  
08-PRK/10 Dato' Sri Adika Raja House Residential Ipoh  
08-PRK/11 Ipoh Railway Station Puclic Ipoh
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08-PRK/12 Ipoh Royal Club Ipoh  
08-PRK/13 Istana Hulu Residential Kuala Kangsar  
08-PRK/14 J.W.W. Birch Clock Tower Monument Ipoh  
08-PRK/15 Jamek Mosque Mosque Ipoh  
08-PRK/16 Hospital Batu Gajah  
08-PRK/17 Indian Mosque Mosque Ipoh  
08-PRK/18 Guan Yin Temple Temple Ipoh  
08-PRK/19 High Court Ipoh Government Ipoh  
08-PRK/20 Kampung Paloh Mosque Mosque Ipoh  
08-PRK/21 Kellie's Castle Residential Castle Batu Gajah  
08-PRK/22 King Edward VII’s School Educational Institution Taiping  
08-PRK/23 King George the V Rotary Club House Ipoh  
08-PRK/24 Kinta Aerated Water Private Office Building Ipoh  
08-PRK/25 Kinta Commerce School Educational Institution Ipoh  
08-PRK/26 Kinta Prison Government Batu Gajah  
08-PRK/27 Kompleks Sejarah Pasir Salak Kampong Gajah  
08-PRK/28 Kota Belanda Old Fort Pangkor Island
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08-PRK/29 Kota Ngah Ibrahim Fort Taiping  
08-PRK/30 Lady of the Sacred Heart Church Church Taiping  
08-PRK/31 Lam Look Ing Villa Residential Ipoh  
08-PRK/32 Malay College Educational Institution Kuala Kangsar  
08-PRK/33 Malay Women School Educational Institution Ipoh  
08-PRK/34 Ubudiah Mosque Mosque Kuala Kangsar
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08-PRK/35 Mo Ching House Residential Ipoh  
08-PRK/36 Royal Museum Museum Kuala Kangsar  
08-PRK/37 Perak Museum Museum Taiping  
08-PRK/38 Old District Offices Government Taiping  
08-PRK/39 Old Kinta Fire Brigade Government Ipoh  
08-PRK/40 Old Post and Telegraph Office (now Taiping Court) Government Taiping  
08-PRK/41 Old Rest House (now Heritage Hotel - Lagenda) Taiping  
08-PRK/42 Old Saints Church, Church Taiping  
08-PRK/43 Pa Lo Ku Miao Temple Temple Ipoh  
08-PRK/44 Padang Bandar Mosque Mosque Ipoh  
08-PRK/45 Pakistan Mosque Mosque Ipoh  
08-PRK/46 St. George’s School Educational Institution Taiping
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08-PRK/47 St. John Church Church Ipoh  
08-PRK/48 St. Michael Church Church Ipoh  
08-PRK/49 St. Michael Institution Educational Institution Ipoh  
08-PRK/50 Sam Poh Tong Tample Temple  
08-PRK/51 Sultan Idris Teaching College Educational Institution Tanjung Malim  
08-PRK/52 Supreme Court Government  
08-PRK/53 Syabil Kathigasu House Residential Ipoh  
08-PRK/54 Sultan Abdul Jalil Bridge Public Kuala Kangsar  
08-PRK/55 Villa Jaya Residential Ipoh  
08-PRK/56 Wesley Church Church Ipoh  

State of KelantanEdit

03-KTN/1 Istana Jahar Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/2 Kampung Laut Mosque Nilam Puri  
03-KTN/3 Islamic Museum Museum Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/4 Istana Balai Besar Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/5 Istana Batu Royal Museum Museum Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/6 Kerapu Bank Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/7 Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra Mosque Mosque Nilam Puri  
03-KTN/8 Reclining Buddha in Wat Photivihan Temple Tumpat  
03-KTN/9 Guillemard Railway Bridge Bridge Kusial,  
03-KTN/10 Muhammadi Mosque Mosque Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/11 Syariah Court Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/12 Clock Tower Kota Bharu  
03-KTN/13 Sultan Ismail Petra Arch Kota Bharu  

State of TerengganuEdit

11-TRG/1 Fort Bukit Puteri Fort Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/2 Istana Maziah Royal Residence Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/3 Crystal Mosque Mosque Kuala Terengganu
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11-TRG/4 Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque Mosque Kuala Ibai  
11-TRG/5 Bangunan Persatuan Sejarah Residential Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/6 Bukit Keledang Memorial Monument Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/7 Abidin Mosque Mosque Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/8 Meriam Beranak Memorial Monument Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/9 Hiliran Mosque Mosque Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/10 Tok Ku Mosque Mosque Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/11 Sultan Mahmud Airport Government Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/12 Bukit Puteri Memorial Kuala Terengganu  
11-TRG/13 Losong Mosque Mosque Kuala Terengganu  

State of Negeri SembilanEdit

05-NSN/1 King George V Secondary School Educational Institution Seremban  
05-NSN/2 State Public Library Government Seremban  
05-NSN/3 Wesley Church Church Seremban
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05-NSN/4 Istana Seri Menanti Old Royal Residence Kuala Pilah  
05-NSN/5 Istana Ampang Tinggi Old Royal Residence Seremban  
05-NSN/6 Lister Memorial Memorial Monument Kuala Pilah  
05-NSN/7 Lukut Museum and Fort Museum Port Dickson  
05-NSN/8 Gemencheh Bridge (Sungai Kelamah) Memorial Memorial Monument Gemencheh  
05-NSN/9 Wisma Negeri Government Seremban  
05-NSN/10 Istana Besar Seri Menanti Royal Residence Kuala Pilah  
05-NSN/11 Kuala Pilah Mosque Mosque Kuala Pilah  
05-NSN/12 Cape Rachado Lighthouse Monument Port Dickson
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05-NSN/13 Tuanku Munawir Royal Mosque Mosque Seri Menanti  
05-NSN/14 Seremban Jamek Mosque Mosque Seremban  
05-NSN/15 St.Paul's Institution Educational Institution Seremban  

State of SarawakEdit

13-SWK/1 Bishop’s House Residential Kuching  
13-SWK/2 Fort Lily Old Fort Betong  
13-SWK/3 Fort Emma Old Fort Kanowit  
13-SWK/4 Fort Alice Old Fort Sri Aman  
13-SWK/5 Astana Residential Kuching  
13-SWK/6 Court House Government Kuching  
13-SWK/7 Fort Margherita Old Fort Kuching  
13-SWK/8 Fort Sylvia Old Fort Kapit  
13-SWK/9 Round Tower Monument Kuching  
13-SWK/10 St. Thomas Anglican Boy’s School Educational Institution Kuching  
13-SWK/11 Sarawak Museum Museum Kuching  
13-SWK/12 St. Joseph Catholic Boy’s School Educational Institution Kuching  
13-SWK/13 Fort Rose Old Fort Marudi  
13-SWK/14 Education Department Government Kuching  
13-SWK/15 Pavilion Building Kuching  
13-SWK/16 The Council Negeri Memorial Government Miri  
13-SWK/17 The Chinese History Museum Museum Kuching  
13-SWK/18 Hoover Memorial Square Memorial Sibu  
13-SWK/19 Limbang Museum Museum Miri  
13-SWK/20 Islamic Heritage Museum Museum Kuching  
13-SWK/21 Fort Marudi Sawarak Old Fort marudi  
13-SWK/22 San Ching Tian temple Temple Miri  
13-SWK/23 Square Tower Monument Kuching  
13-SWK/24 Sikh Temple Temple Kuching  
13-SWK/25 Tua Pek Kong Temple Temple Kuching  
13-SWK/26 Sarawak State Mosque Mosque Kuching  
13-SWK/27 Yu Lung San Tien En Si (Jade Dragon Temple) Temple Sibu  
13-SWK/28 Tua Pek Kong Temple (Pre-1839) Temple Kuching  
13-SWK/29 Kuching Resident and District Office Government Kuching  
13-SWK/30 Chinese Chamber of Comerce Government Kuching  
13-SWK/31 Maderasah Melayu Building Educational Institution Kuching  
13-SWK/32 Police Station Government Kuching  
13-SWK/33 Post Office Government Kuching  
13-SWK/34 Sarawak New Parliament Building Government Kuching
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13-SWK/35 Hong San Si Temple Temple Kuching  
13-SWK/36 Charles Brooke Memorial Memorial Kuching  
13-SWK/37 Sarawak Steamship Company Kuching  
13-SWK/38 Brooke Dockyard Kuching  

State of PerlisEdit

09-PLS/1 Syed Alwi Mosque Mosque Kangar  
09-PLS/2 Al-Hussain Floating Mosque Mosque Kuala Perlis  
09-PLS/3 Kota Kayang Museum Government Kangar  
09-PLS/4 Court House of Kangar Government Kangar  
09-PLS/5 Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail Mosque Mosque Kangar  
09-PLS/6 Dato Wan Ahmad House Residential Kangar  

State of KedahEdit

02-KDH/1 Art Center Building Museum Alor Setar  
02-KDH/2 Balai Nobat Monument Alor Setar 6°07′16″N 100°22′00″E / 6.120991°N 100.366607°E / 6.120991; 100.366607  
02-KDH/3 Big Clock Building Monument Alor Setar  
02-KDH/4 High Court Building Government  
02-KDH/5 Kuning Palace Palace Alor Setar  
02-KDH/6 Police Station Government Alor Setar  
02-KDH/7 Sepachendera Palace Palace Alor Setar  
02-KDH/8 Wat Nikrodharam Temple Alor Setar  
02-KDH/9 Zahir Mosque Mosque Alor Setar 6°07′13″N 100°21′54″E / 6.120348°N 100.365120°E / 6.120348; 100.365120
More images
02-KDH/10 Alor Setar Tower Monument Alor Setar 6°07′28″N 100°22′04″E / 6.124415°N 100.367673°E / 6.124415; 100.367673
More images
02-KDH/11 Kota Mahsuri Monument Langkawi  
02-KDH/12 Eagle Square Monument Langkawi 6°18′30″N 99°51′07″E / 6.308460°N 99.851880°E / 6.308460; 99.851880
More images
02-KDH/13 Lembah Bujang Museum Merbok  
02-KDH/14 Istana Anak Bukit Residential Kuala Kedah  
02-KDH/15 Syariah Court Government Kuala Kedah  

State of PahangEdit

06-PHG/1 Clifford School Educational Institution Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/2 District Offices Government Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/3 Kuala Lipis Club Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/4 Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque Mosque Kuantan
More images
06-PHG/5 Istana Hinggap Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/6 Residence of the District Officer Government Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/7 The Residency Building Government Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/8 Malay Hostel Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/9 Kuala Lipis Railway Station Public Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/10 State Secretary's House Goverment Kuala Lipis  
06-PHG/11 State's Mosque Mosque Kuala Lipis  
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