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This page contains e-mail addresses and other methods of communication with the people behind Wiki Loves Public Art 2013. Get in touch with us and we'll help out as good as we can!

International teamEdit

  1. The international mailing list is the best method for asking questions and getting information on the project.
  2. When having specific questions about the project, you might want to directly contact members of the international team;

Local teamsEdit

There are also several methods to directly contact the local organising teams:

Country/region Wikimedia organisation On-wiki leader E-mail Twitter/Facebook/Flickr Other channels
The international WLPA team Wikimedia Sverige User:John Andersson (WMSE) The international mailing list or @wikieuropeana
Austria Wikimedia Austria Regiomontanus (talk)
Sweden Wikimedia Sweden Eva Fransson Facebook event page
Spain (Barcelona) Amical Wikimedia User:Vriullop @AmicalWikimedia
Finland Wikimedia Finland

Getting a local OTRS queueEdit

We are about to set up an OTRS queue for Wiki Loves Public Art, hang in there.