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Picture of the Year 2018
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Question from Eric LarssonEdit

jag har några drömslott drömborgar i sverige.
— Preceding unsigned comment added by Eric Larsson (talk • contribs) 16:27, 5 February 2019 (UTC)
Google translate: I have some dream castles dream homes in Sweden --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 18:54, 5 February 2019 (UTC)

Question from SuperpEdit

Is there a setting somewhere to never show these utterly irritating banners (fundraising etc.) ? Superp (talk) 08:38, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

Recategorization requestEdit

Please move File:St_Marys_Cathedral_Nave_Edinburgh.jpg from Interiors_and_details to Interiors_of_religious_buildings. Storkk (talk) 11:12, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

✓ Done --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 15:33, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

Question from MRC rulesEdit

What is the category for the water images in the contest as I want to use it in my uploaded photo on commons.
— Preceding unsigned comment added by MRC rules (talk • contribs) 20:59, 6 February 2019 (UTC)
Commons:Picture_of_the_Year/2018/Candidates#Waters. Warning: large number of images --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 23:09, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

Question from Rena RougeEdit

Ben resme oy veriyorum olmuyor .Oy yeri soluk renkli neden aceba.Nasıl oy vere bilirim yardımcı olurmusunuz?
— Preceding unsigned comment added by Rena Rouge (talk • contribs) 09:10, 8 February 2019 (UTC)
You're not eligible --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 17:42, 9 February 2019 (UTC)

Please fix enwiki bannerEdit

There is a banner inviting participation, running on the English Wikipedia. It says "Help choose the best image of the year View the candidates and vote for your favourite" with no full stops at the end of either sentence. If I knew where this text came from, I'd edit it myself, but I don't so I'm asking someone who knows how to fix this to do so. Airbornemihir (talk) 03:17, 11 February 2019 (UTC)

This was the en-gb translation, fixed. --Steinsplitter (talk) 11:47, 12 February 2019 (UTC)

Question from TomybrzEdit

French translate is buged : "Le second tour démarre le $datetimestart et s'achève le $datetimeend." → Commons:Picture_of_the_Year/2018/fr Tomybrz Bip Bip 11:07, 2 March 2019 (UTC)

Update: found the bug. Tomybrz Bip Bip 11:07, 2 March 2019 (UTC)

Question from SteproEdit

I can not find the results of the first round (eg the ranking per category). Where can I see the order of the first round? --Stepro (talk) 23:36, 4 March 2019 (UTC)

The raw script output is at User:Zhuyifei1999/poty/ Apparently, none of us had the time to format it into a more human-friendly format --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 07:17, 5 March 2019 (UTC)
This would be a sorted version, but not separated into categories:
Extended content
$ curl -s '' | grep 'votes$' | awk '{ print $(NF-1), $0 }' | sort -n | cut -d\  -f 2-
[[File:Helgolandpanorama vom Pinneberg 2018.jpg]]: 22 votes
[[File:Panorama auf dem Roten Kliff.jpg]]: 23 votes
[[File:Panorama vom Großen Leuchtberg.jpg]]: 24 votes
[[File:Bünau by Bernigeroth.jpg]]: 25 votes
[[File:Panorama vom Pferdskopf (Rhön).jpg]]: 26 votes
[[File:Thylacodes colubrinus 01.JPG]]: 26 votes
[[File:Alexandre Lacauchie - Gilbert Duprez as Gaston in Verdi's Jérusalem.jpg]]: 27 votes
[[File:Portrait de Jacques-Noël Sané par Boilly ca 1800 4Fi00224.jpg]]: 27 votes
[[File:360°-Panorama vom Tour de Moron.jpg]]: 28 votes
[[File:Diodora spreta 01.JPG]]: 29 votes
[[File:Grades St. Wolfgang Flügelaltar 01.jpg]]: 29 votes
[[File:Large skipper (Ochlodes sylvanus) underside Sweden.jpg]]: 29 votes
[[File:ET Amhara asv2018-02 img068 Lake Tana at Bahir Dar.jpg]]: 31 votes
[[File:Septaria tesselata 01.JPG]]: 31 votes
[[File:20180602 FIFA Friendly Match Austria vs. Germany Rainer Pariasek 850 0540.jpg]]: 32 votes
[[File:Black-veined white (Aporia crataegi) male underside.jpg]]: 33 votes
[[File:Italian locust (Calliptamus italicus) female.jpg]]: 33 votes
[[File:Mailbox at farmhouse at Kelvin A. Lewis farm in Creeds.jpg]]: 33 votes
[[File:Xenophora mekranensis konoi 01.JPG]]: 33 votes
[[File:Halflege zaaddoos van een speerdistel (Cirsium vulgare) in verval. (d.j.b.) 04.jpg]]: 34 votes
[[File:Diodora calyculata 01.jpg]]: 36 votes
[[File:Nile monitor lizard (Varanus niloticus) head.jpg]]: 36 votes
[[File:Carrie Chapman Catt - National Woman's Party Records.jpg]]: 37 votes
[[File:Hosta 'Grand Slam'. (d.j.b.) 02.jpg]]: 37 votes
[[File:Water reflection of a river bank in Laos.jpg]]: 37 votes
[[File:Wien, Volksgarten, Theseustempel -- 2018 -- 3128.jpg]]: 38 votes
[[File:Field Bindweed in Brodalen.jpg]]: 39 votes
[[File:Sympecma paedisca 01.JPG]]: 39 votes
[[File:20180126 FIS NC WC Seefeld Jarl Magnus Riiber 850 0045.jpg]]: 40 votes
[[File:Jill Tracy at the 4th annual Flower Piano event in San Francisco.jpg]]: 40 votes
[[File:Stéphane Cardone (ship).jpg]]: 40 votes
[[File:Xylophanes mirabilis MHNT CUT 2010 0 293 San Juan del Cesar Colombia, male dorsal.jpg]]: 40 votes
[[File:Acosmeryx shervillii MHNT CUT 2010 0 24 Taiping Perak Malaisia female dorsal.jpg]]: 41 votes
[[File:Black worn leather jacket detail 1.jpg]]: 41 votes
[[File:Polinices aurantius 01.JPG]]: 41 votes
[[File:Vista de Puno y el Titicaca, Perú, 2015-08-01, DD 64-72 PAN.JPG]]: 41 votes
[[File:Caecum vitreum 01.jpg]]: 42 votes
[[File:Magdalensberg St. Helena Flügelaltar 01.jpg]]: 42 votes
[[File:Norderney, Weststrand, Hotel -- 2018 -- 1050.jpg]]: 42 votes
[[File:PushkinGory asv2018-07 img05 Mikhailovskoe.jpg]]: 42 votes
[[File:Beschimmelde Nevelzwam (Clitocybe nebularis) tussen afgevallen blad in verval 02.jpg]]: 43 votes
[[File:Cernina fluctuata 01.JPG]]: 43 votes
[[File:Orange buoy in water.jpg]]: 43 votes
[[File:Panorama vom Wachtküppel.jpg]]: 43 votes
[[File:20180512 - Serce Don Juana - Krakowski Teatr Uliczny Scena Kalejdoskop - 9367 DxO.jpg]]: 44 votes
[[File:20180602 FIFA Friendly Match Austria vs. Germany Team Germany 850 0740.jpg]]: 44 votes
[[File:Architectonica maculata 01.JPG]]: 44 votes
[[File:Beautiful demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo) male 3.jpg]]: 44 votes
[[File:Dülmen, Dernekamp, BMW Mini -- 2018 -- 1545-51.jpg]]: 44 votes
[[File:Ida Husted Harper photograph by Aime Dupont.jpg]]: 44 votes
[[File:Rosa 'Exotic Sunset' (d.j.b).jpg]]: 44 votes
[[File:Berkenzwam (Piptoporus betulinus) op afgebroken berkentak in een natuurlijk biotoop 03.jpg]]: 45 votes
[[File:Cirsotrema varicosum 01.JPG]]: 45 votes
[[File:Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus) male.jpg]]: 45 votes
[[File:Paisaje cerca de la mina de Collahuasi, Chile, 2016-02-10, DD 16-21 PAN.JPG]]: 45 votes
[[File:Buddhist monks procession in front of a pyre.jpg]]: 46 votes
[[File:Ida M. Tarbell.jpg]]: 46 votes
[[File:Lenbachhaus Munich Foster Extension, March 2018 -2.jpg]]: 46 votes
[[File:Piquero patiazul (Sula nebouxii), Punta Pitt, isla de San Cristóbal, islas Galápagos, Ecuador, 2015-07-24, DD 42.JPG]]: 46 votes
[[File:Daslook (Allium ursinum) d.j.b 02.jpg]]: 47 votes
[[File:Münster, Beresa, Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Cabrio -- 2018 -- 1757.jpg]]: 47 votes
[[File:Nine steps stair in Lysekil - bw.jpg]]: 47 votes
[[File:North window on rear of farmhouse at Kelvin A. Lewis farm in Creeds.jpg]]: 47 votes
[[File:Río Copper, Glennallen, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 114.jpg]]: 47 votes
[[File:Trollius europaeus Spechtensee 02.JPG]]: 47 votes
[[File:Elibia dolichus MHNT CUT 2010 0 62 Kanchanaburi Thailand male dorsal.jpg]]: 48 votes
[[File:Large white (Pieris brassicae) underside.jpg]]: 48 votes
[[File:Rosa 'Kent' (d.j.b) 01.jpg]]: 48 votes
[[File:Camellia japonica NBG.jpg]]: 49 votes
[[File:Jeannette Rankin, Bain News Service, facing front.jpg]]: 49 votes
[[File:Freistadt Pfarrkirche Nothelferaltar 01.jpg]]: 50 votes
[[File:Giuseppe Barberis - Carlo Cornaglia - Giuseppe Verdi's Don Carlo at La Scala.jpg]]: 50 votes
[[File:Helgoland - Basstölpel.jpg]]: 50 votes
[[File:Iguana marina (Amblyrhynchus cristatus), isla Lobos, islas Galápagos, Ecuador, 2015-07-25, DD 47.JPG]]: 50 votes
[[File:Krigsgiljan at Loddebo.jpg]]: 50 votes
[[File:Leones (Panthera leo) deborando un búfalo africano negro (Syncerus caffer caffer), parque nacional de Chobe, Botsuana, 2018-07-28, DD 94-96 PAN.jpg]]: 50 votes
[[File:Schaffhausen - Schwabentor - Ram.jpg]]: 50 votes
[[File:Seiser Alm 01.jpg]]: 50 votes
[[File:20180610 FIFA Friendly Match Austria vs. Brazil Miranda 850 0051.jpg]]: 51 votes
[[File:Ermita de San Bartolomé, Parque Natural del Cañón del Río Lobos, Soria, España, 2017-05-26, DD 04-08 PAN.jpg]]: 51 votes
[[File:Long stack of pink white and blue silage bales.jpg]]: 51 votes
[[File:Nya Carnegiebryggeriet July 2017 01.jpg]]: 51 votes
[[File:Oenothera stricta (d.j.b.) 02.jpg]]: 51 votes
[[File:Ryxö island nature reserve in Brofjorden.jpg]]: 51 votes
[[File:20180127 FIS NC WC Seefeld Sophie Caldwell 850 1151.jpg]]: 52 votes
[[File:20180105 Men's handball Austria - Czechia Janko Bozovic 850 9203.jpg]]: 53 votes
[[File:Caldera de las Cañadas 01.jpg]]: 53 votes
[[File:Étang de Thau, Sète cf01.jpg]]: 53 votes
[[File:Grutte Griene, eiland in het natuurreservaat “Sneekermeer”. (d.j.b.) 09.jpg]]: 53 votes
[[File:Nötsch Saak Friedhof Michorgrab Monumentalwerk Koligs 08052015 3388.jpg]]: 53 votes
[[File:Pirogue on the Mekong under grey clouds before a storm.jpg]]: 53 votes
[[File:20180925 UCI Road World Championships Innsbruck Men Juniors ITT Remco Evenepoel 850 8465.jpg]]: 54 votes
[[File:Langer Eugen, Bonn, June 2018.jpg]]: 54 votes
[[File:River Cuckmere April 2018 01.jpg]]: 54 votes
[[File:Valle Arcoiris, Río Grande, Chile, 2016-02-05, DD 11-15 PAN.JPG]]: 54 votes
[[File:Volcanes de lodo, Buzau, Rumanía, 2016-05-29, DD 41.jpg]]: 54 votes
[[File:Maximilianeum Munich at Night, March 2018.jpg]]: 55 votes
[[File:Row of white silage bales in Brastad.jpg]]: 55 votes
[[File:Ermita de San Bartolomé, Parque Natural del Cañón del Río Lobos, Soria, España, 2017-05-26, DD 11-16 PAN.jpg]]: 56 votes
[[File:Hallstatt kath. Kirche Marienaltar 01.jpg]]: 56 votes
[[File:John Jay (Gilbert Stuart portrait).jpg]]: 56 votes
[[File:Ludwigstadt Trogenbachbrücke 8231710-PSD.jpg]]: 56 votes
[[File:Maria Laach Kirche Flügelaltar Auferstehung 02.jpg]]: 56 votes
[[File:Pingüinos de El Cabo (Spheniscus demersus), Playa de Boulders, Simon's Town, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-23, DD PAN 40-42.jpg]]: 56 votes
[[File:Reichenau St Margarethen 1 Pfarrkirche hl Margaretha Christophorus-Fresko 17092015 7622.jpg]]: 56 votes
[[File:Tectarius pagodus 01.JPG]]: 56 votes
[[File:20180610 FIFA Friendly Match Austria vs. Brazil Gruppenfoto Brasilien 850 0016.jpg]]: 57 votes
[[File:Attacus taprobanis-Kadavoor-2018-06-06-001.jpg]]: 57 votes
[[File:Chacma baboon (Papio ursinus griseipes) male head.jpg]]: 57 votes
[[File:Feldkirchen Klein St Veit Pfarrkirche hl Veit NO-Ansicht 20042016 1582.jpg]]: 57 votes
[[File:Pato aguja africano (Anhinga rufa), parque nacional de Chobe, Botsuana, 2018-07-28, DD 46.jpg]]: 57 votes
[[File:Carnitas in Mexico.jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:Children playing at sunset on a Mekong bank in Si Phan Don.jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:Mekong pirogue at sunset in the 4000 islands.jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:Norderney, Haus Schiffahrt -- 2018 -- 0980-4.jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:Panorama vom Tristkopf (Kitzbüheler Alpen).jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:Petřín tower 05 2018.jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:Porsche 959 Rothmans IMG 0677.jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:Teddy-Express.jpg]]: 58 votes
[[File:1896 BancoEspañolCuba 10pesos.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Adonis blue (Polyommatus bellargus) male underside 2.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:CDU Wahlkampfplakat - kaspl018.JPG]]: 59 votes
[[File:Desfile de los Locos.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Freiburg Münster Hochaltar 01.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Helleborus orientalis, Zaaddozen zwellen, Locatie, Tuinreservaat Jonkervallei 01.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Pelecanus onocrotalus - Zoo Karlsruhe 01.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Perchtoldsdorf Pfarrkirche Türkenfenster 01.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Ranularia sarcostoma 01.JPG]]: 59 votes
[[File:Red Clover 2011 G1.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Two trawlers in Sète.jpg]]: 59 votes
[[File:Aerial photographs of The Fullerton Hotel of Singapore at night.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:Detail of the Central Branch of Greater Victoria Public Library, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 01.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:Facocero común (Phacochoerus africanus), parque nacional de Zambeze, Zimbabue, 2018-07-28, DD 01.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:Hallstatt kath. Kirche Knappenaltar Kreuzigung 01.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:New oak leaves with female flowers.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:Roof above entrance to Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 09.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:Weinhügel-Richtung-Staffelberg-P5295103-Pano-PS-2.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:Zabriskies Point panoramique2016.jpg]]: 60 votes
[[File:Gaura lindheimeri, prachtkaars. (actm) 01.jpg]]: 61 votes
[[File:Papaver oriëntale. Locatie, Tuinen Mien Ruys 02.jpg]]: 61 votes
[[File:Bamberg Bahnhof Güterwägen mit Drahtrollen 0342.jpg]]: 62 votes
[[File:Butorides striata javanica @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1).jpg]]: 62 votes
[[File:Lariño - Faro de Punta Insua -BT- 01.jpg]]: 62 votes
[[File:Two French bulldogs swimming in life jackets.jpg]]: 62 votes
[[File:Angaria aculeata 01.JPG]]: 63 votes
[[File:Braun&Hogenberg Trier 1572.jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Forcella del Pana.jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Golden Euonymus in January 2018 North American blizzard.jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Nürnberg St. Lorenz Keyper-Epitaph 01.jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Parque nacional y reserva Denali, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-30, DD 13-19 PAN.jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Reformierte Kirche Waltensburg (d.j.b.) 12.jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Sidney Spit, Sidney Island, British Columbia, Canada 23.jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Tête d'un jeune cygne tuberculé (cygnus olor).jpg]]: 63 votes
[[File:Dülmen, St.-Viktor-Kirche, Innenansicht -- 2018 -- 0596-8.jpg]]: 64 votes
[[File:Fundación César Manrique - post.jpg]]: 64 votes
[[File:Panorama Siebenburgenblick.jpg]]: 64 votes
[[File:Snow crystals glittering in strong direct sunlight 42 - wide crop - high contrast.jpg]]: 64 votes
[[File:Stift Melk Nordseite 01.jpg]]: 64 votes
[[File:Colorful floating bungalows in Don Khon, Laos.jpg]]: 65 votes
[[File:God Shiva and Goddess Uma Seated with Their Son, Skanda (Somaskanda).jpg]]: 65 votes
[[File:Marsh fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia) female underside.jpg]]: 65 votes
[[File:Marsh fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia) male.jpg]]: 65 votes
[[File:Part of birch trunk in Norrkila.jpg]]: 65 votes
[[File:Common cottongrass in a cliff crevice 2.jpg]]: 66 votes
[[File:Italiaanse schrijver Umberto Eco , kop.jpg]]: 66 votes
[[File:Luchino Visconti 1972.jpg]]: 66 votes
[[File:Nilgiri tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) female head.jpg]]: 66 votes
[[File:Nobel Pierre et Marie Curie 1.jpg]]: 66 votes
[[File:Bee balm seedhead (70424).jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Black-faced impala (Aepyceros melampus petersi) female head composite.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Bloem van Convolvulus cneorum (Zilverwinde). (d.j.b.) 02.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Caldera de las Cañadas 03.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Coast at Chinamada - Tenerife 04.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris damarensis) head.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Iglesia de San Félix, Torralba de Ribota, Zaragoza, España, 2018-04-04, DD 24-26 HDR.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:KAS-Wiederaufbau-Bild-4-4.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Lewis Wickes Hine, The charter member of the Red Cross Boy Scout Troop Paris, September 1918 - Library of Congress.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Notgeld fritz quant 10 millionen mark.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Phlox paniculata 'Fujiyama' (d.j.b.) 01.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Pirogue and tiny wooded island reflecting in the water.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Powerlines at the crossroads.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Stained-glass window of the Saint Louis Cathedral of Blois 05.jpg]]: 67 votes
[[File:Bergtocht van Cogolo di Peio naar Levi in het Nationaal park Stelvio (Italië) 25 A.jpg]]: 68 votes
[[File:Delft, de Oostpoort RM11968 foto11 2016-03-13 10.32.jpg]]: 68 votes
[[File:Kreuzberg (Rhön) im Nebelmeer.jpg]]: 68 votes
[[File:Viereth Kraftwerk 17RM4247.jpg]]: 68 votes
[[File:Egon Schiele - Eduard Kosmack - 4702 - Österreichische Galerie Belvedere.jpg]]: 69 votes
[[File:Hippeastrum intokazi 01.jpg]]: 69 votes
[[File:Kifli made with spelt flour (Serbian cuisine).jpg]]: 69 votes
[[File:Nürnberg St. Lorenz Dreikönigsaltar Geburt 01.jpg]]: 69 votes
[[File:Praděd v Jeseníkách 03.jpg]]: 69 votes
[[File:Bayerisches Nationalmuseum Munich, April 2018.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Daphnis protrudens protrudens MHNT CUT 2010 0 200 New Guinea female dorsal.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Gampern Kirche Flügelaltar 01.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Ganzenveer bedekt met dauw. (d.j.b.) 02.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Heliopsis helianthoides flower.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Indian Fritillary at Keitakuen in Osaka, June 2016.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:In the mood. Veteran at Belgian National Day. Brussels, 2012.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Stamper en meeldraden van een witte Agapanthus (d.j.b.).jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Steam-boiling green asparagus.jpg]]: 70 votes
[[File:Duinroos (Rosa pimpinellifolia). Locatie, De Kruidhof Kruidentuin in Friesland.jpg]]: 71 votes
[[File:Dülmen, St.-Viktor-Kirche, Innenansicht, Altar -- 2018 -- 0552-6.jpg]]: 71 votes
[[File:Façade hoist along the Andaz Hotel of Singapore at sunset.jpg]]: 71 votes
[[File:Gutweed at low tide in Brofjorden 8.jpg]]: 71 votes
[[File:Javier shows part of the grape harvest in his Lysekil vineyard 1 - cropped.jpg]]: 71 votes
[[File:The juvenile greater flamingo.jpg]]: 71 votes
[[File:Bursa granularis 01.JPG]]: 72 votes
[[File:Dark blue tiger (Tirumala septentrionis dravidarum) male underside.jpg]]: 72 votes
[[File:India 1835 2 Mohurs.jpg]]: 72 votes
[[File:Japanese garden at Daisen Park in Sakai, October 2018 - 662.jpg]]: 72 votes
[[File:Polyporus squamosus, Dryad's Saddle.jpg]]: 72 votes
[[File:Sankt Georgen am Längsee Stift Pfarrkirche hl. Georg und Innenhof 29082018 4447.jpg]]: 72 votes
[[File:Fusiturris similis 01.JPG]]: 73 votes
[[File:Hemerocallis fulva 2018 G1.jpg]]: 73 votes
[[File:Iglesia de San Félix, Torralba de Ribota, Zaragoza, España, 2018-04-04, DD 51-53 HDR.jpg]]: 73 votes
[[File:Kormoran am Nordseestrand bei Nebel, Amrum.jpg]]: 73 votes
[[File:Ulm Münster Choraltar 01.jpg]]: 73 votes
[[File:Waidhofen an der Ybbs Pfarrkirche Innenraum 01.jpg]]: 73 votes
[[File:Beverley Guildhall Courtroom.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:Caligavis chrysops - Lake Parramatta Reserve.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:CSIO4 Linzer Pferdefestival 2017-Thomas Velin-Chopin van het Moleneind-6116.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:Dülmen, St.-Viktor-Kirche, Innenansicht -- 2018 -- 0773.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:ET Axum asv2018-01 img03 Abba Pentalewon.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:ET Gondar asv2018-02 img18 Fasil Ghebbi.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:Krumpendorf Strandpromenade 23012018 2379.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:Mekong beach in Si Phan Don.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:Müllersches Volksbad Munich at Dusk, July 2018.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:San Sebastian Donostia Panoramic 1190583.jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:Working at the consolidation of a wooden footbridge in Luang Prabang - 1 (Side view).jpg]]: 74 votes
[[File:Church of the Holy Sepulchre of Villeneuve 08.jpg]]: 75 votes
[[File:ET Afar asv2018-01 img11 Lake Karum area.jpg]]: 75 votes
[[File:Stift Melk Kolomanisaal Deckenfresko 02.JPG]]: 75 votes
[[File:The Heavenly Rara Lake - edited 2.jpg]]: 75 votes
[[File:Wachtküppel (Nordwestansicht).jpg]]: 75 votes
[[File:Wandelen over de Planken Wambuis vanuit Mossel 059.jpg]]: 75 votes
[[File:Aureus, Auguste, Lyon, btv1b104440369.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Bad Kissingen Foyer Fresko 0417RM0539.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Breisach - Breisacher Münster1.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:British wounded Bernafay Wood 19 July 1916.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Greylag goose (Anser anser) head.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Iglesia de la Virgen María, Breslavia, Polonia, 2017-12-20, DD 17-19 HDR.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Inula hookeri (2018) 02.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Münster, Westdeutsche Lotterie -- 2018 -- 0417.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Puerto de Mogán, May 2018 -02.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Struthio camelus - male - Rülzheim.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Theatinerkirche Munich, March 2018.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:Veteran at Belgian National Day. Brussels, 2012.jpg]]: 76 votes
[[File:20180330 OEHB Cup Semi Finals - HBA Fivers Margareten vs. Alpla Hard - Maximilian Nicolussi 850 5575.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Bosc's fringe-toed lizards (Acanthodactylus boskianus asper) love bite.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Butorides striata javanica @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (3).jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Church of the Sacred Heart of Rodez 24.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Houtzagerij Sagi Tschiertschen 06.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Klinikum Bamberg Südseite P2054829.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Noel, Léon, Nadar, Gallica.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Parkview Square and Andaz Hotel buildings.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Passo Sella - Città dei Sassi - Sella - Marmolada.jpg]]: 77 votes
[[File:Cypripedium acaule - Henvey Inlet1.jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:Engin Umut Akkaya - In the Lab.JPG]]: 78 votes
[[File:ET Afar asv2018-01 img58 Dallol.jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:Fellhorn (Chiemgauer Alpen) von Norden.jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:Les Aresquiers, Frontignan.jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant - Looking Up.jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:Roughtail rock agama (Stellagama stellio brachydactyla).jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:Swing into books, Book week, November 1-7, 1964.jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:TWG Tea shop entrance in Singapore.jpg]]: 78 votes
[[File:17-12-14-Flughafen-Madrid-Barajas-RalfR-DSCF1008.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:20180924 UCI Road World Championships Innsbruck Women Juniors ITT Tetyana Yaschenko (UKR) DSC 7564.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Bergtocht van Gimillan (1805m.) naar Colle Tsa Sètse in Cogne Valley (Italië). Zicht op de omringende alpentoppen van Gran Paradiso 09.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Canal du Midi, Vias 2018 (05).jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Christ Church Cathedral Nave, Dublin, Ireland - Diliff.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Eberndorf Köcking Sonnenblumenfeld Biohof Tomic 18072014 0792.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, Ágreda, Soria, España, 2018-03-29, DD 43-45 HDR.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Plain tiger (Danaus chrysippus chrysippus) male underside.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Tanzfliege Rhamphomyia Acker-Witwenblume Knautia arvensis 5211781.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Tuinen Mien Ruys (actm) 15.jpg]]: 79 votes
[[File:Frauenkirche Munich, March 2018.jpg]]: 80 votes
[[File:Lago Kluane, Destruction Bay, Yukón, Canadá, 2017-08-25, DD 70-76 PAN.jpg]]: 80 votes
[[File:Valley of Tasman River NZ 12.jpg]]: 80 votes
[[File:20180405 FIFA Women's World Cup Qualification AUT-SRB Kristina Inhof 850 6519.jpg]]: 81 votes
[[File:McClures Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore.jpg]]: 81 votes
[[File:Tubla sun Juac cun Odles y Stevia Gherdëina.jpg]]: 81 votes
[[File:Vista de Alicante, España, 2014-07-04, DD 67-70 PAN.JPG]]: 81 votes
[[File:Wild angelica - before blooming.jpg]]: 81 votes
[[File:African buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer) male with cattle egret.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Birdhouses on Sidney Spit, Sidney Island, British Columbia, Canada 05.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:ET Amhara asv2018-02 img088 Lake Tana at Bahir Dar.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Eureka Tower (top), Melbourne 2017-10-30.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Field with mixed intercropping of oat and rye.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Fuente Wittelsbacher, Plaza Lenbach, Múnich, Alemania, 2015-07-04, DD 07-09 HDR.JPG]]: 82 votes
[[File:Granite cliff with feldspar crystals in Loddebo 2.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Match Cup Norway 2018 88.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Vitascope.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Wooden fence in Si Phan Don.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Wryneck by Pepe Reigada.jpg]]: 82 votes
[[File:Brügge (B), St.-Salvator-Kathedrale -- 2018 -- 8559.jpg]]: 83 votes
[[File:Freilichtmuseum Cloppenburg Bockwindmühle 17RM3629.jpg]]: 83 votes
[[File:Mount Stuart House horoscope room 2018-08-25.jpg]]: 83 votes
[[File:Museo Agrícola el Patio - Tiagua 01.jpg]]: 83 votes
[[File:Nyctanassa violacea in La Manzanilla.jpg]]: 83 votes
[[File:Obra de Teatro Don Quijote en el Teatro Teresa Carreño.jpg]]: 83 votes
[[File:Teriberka.jpg]]: 83 votes
[[File:BennyTrapp Natrix helvetica.jpg]]: 84 votes
[[File:Loxura atymnus-Kadavoor-2018-06-18-001.jpg]]: 84 votes
[[File:The Merchant Adventurers Hall Governors Parlour Room.jpg]]: 84 votes
[[File:Werfenweng 2018 Kat D2 STAWOWCZYK Waldemar-9379.jpg]]: 84 votes
[[File:Ziemestalbrücke 8169267.jpg]]: 84 votes
[[File:Buddhist monks cleaning the yard at Wat Xieng Thong temple.jpg]]: 85 votes
[[File:Helsinki Olympic Stadium Tower.jpg]]: 85 votes
[[File:Lychnis chalcedonica flowers (DSCF6457).jpg]]: 85 votes
[[File:Parque nacional y reserva Denali, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-30, DD 72.jpg]]: 85 votes
[[File:Porsche 911 GT3 Touring, IAA 2017, Frankfurt (1Y7A2766).jpg]]: 85 votes
[[File:Vrouwenmantel (Alchemilla mollis) d.j.b 04.jpg]]: 85 votes
[[File:Bellin map of the Ionian Sea 1797 IAN 0134.jpg]]: 86 votes
[[File:Bosc's fringe-toed lizard (Acanthodactylus boskianus asper) juvenile.jpg]]: 86 votes
[[File:Königsberg Burg Südansicht 0499-PSD.jpg]]: 86 votes
[[File:Merisk - Eurasian oystercatcher - Haematopus ostralegus (1) copy.jpg]]: 86 votes
[[File:Caldera de las Cañadas - Los Azulejos 01.jpg]]: 87 votes
[[File:Dacelo novaeguineae - head.jpg]]: 87 votes
[[File:Dülmen, Dülmener Sommer, Open-Air-Konzert -- 2018 -- 9701-3.jpg]]: 87 votes
[[File:Monnaie en or, Lucanie, Métaponte.jpg]]: 87 votes
[[File:Nötsch Saak Pfarrkirche hl Kanzian 08052015 3382.jpg]]: 87 votes
[[File:Sargent, John Singer (RA) - Gassed - Google Art Project.jpg]]: 87 votes
[[File:Yellow insects on yellow marigold.jpg]]: 87 votes
[[File:Agapanthus cultivar. Zaailing van Agapanthus Lilac Flash. (d.j.b.) 04.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Desna river Vinn meadow 2016 G9.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Frutillar-Theatro-del-Lago-1030906-PSD.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Panorama of the Quadrant on Regent Street.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Ponteceso - Virgen del Faro -BT- 02.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Río Yukón, Carmacks, Yukón, Canadá, 2017-08-27, DD 01-04 PAN.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Sankt Veit an der Glan Bürgergasse Klosterkirche Zu Unserer Lieben Frau 18052018 3372.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Septa hepatica 01.JPG]]: 88 votes
[[File:Wandeltocht rond Lago di Pian Palù (1800 m). in het Nationaal park Stelvio (Italië) 15.jpg]]: 88 votes
[[File:Caldera de las Cañadas - Echium wildpretii - 02.jpg]]: 89 votes
[[File:La Graciosa - Monaña Clara - Alegranza.jpg]]: 89 votes
[[File:Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers.jpg]]: 89 votes
[[File:Auberge Du Tresor.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Garzweiler surface mine, October 2018, -01.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Hoary Marmot in Glacier National Park.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Homless selling flowers in São Paulo downtown.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Millicent Fawcett.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Moscow Ordynka OurLadyIviron asv2018-08 img1.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Red Army monument in Mikolin (Nikoline) 01.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Shoes in a spanish shoe store.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Spruce tree stump in Gullmarsskogen ravine.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Tower in Uptown, Saanich, British Columbia, Canada 05.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:Washbasins of the restrooms in Crowne Plaza Vientiane.jpg]]: 90 votes
[[File:40. Schwimmzonen- und Mastersmeeting Enns 2017 100m Brust Damen-9834.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Basketball, 1. Damen-Basketball-Bundesliga, ChemCats Chemnitz LR10 by Stepro IMG 7684.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Cumbre dorsal - Teide.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Elefante africano de sabana (Loxodonta africana), parque nacional Kruger, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-25, DD 06.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Fish hanging in the sun with black background.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Gallina de Guinea (Numida meleagris), parque nacional Kruger, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-25, DD 48.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Grivet (Chlorocebus aethiops) head 2.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Martinus Rørbye, Portræt af maleren C.A. Lorentzen, 1827, 0218NMK, Nivaagaards Malerisamling.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Morning mist lifting from plowed field 3.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Ogden Point Breakwater, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 02.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Sable antelope (Hippotragus niger) adult male.jpg]]: 91 votes
[[File:Benasque - Aigualluts - Pico de la Mina 02.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Corvus corax sinuatus, Point Reyes National Seashore.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:HDMY Dannebrog (A540) 2017-08-16.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:India 1862 One Mohur.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Kapelle St. Martin-Caplutta Sogn Martin. (actm) 02.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Mystic Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada 10.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Nolan warthogs (Phacochoerus africanus africanus) juveniles drinking.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Río Matanuska, Palmer, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 55-59 PAN.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Rock hyrax (Procavia capensis) 2.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Standing meerkat looking behind.jpg]]: 92 votes
[[File:Alligator mississippiensis - Loro Parque 01.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Attacus taprobanis-Kadavoor-2018-07-07-001.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Crocodylus acutus camouflage.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Dürnstein Panorama 02.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Hochtor from Hesshütte, Ennstal Alps, Austria.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Overgrown dead tree stumps 15.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Recology Lodal Garbage Truck 14425 in San Francisco.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta).jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Streitberg Freibad 7023683.jpg]]: 93 votes
[[File:Dülmen, St.-Viktor-Kirche, Innenansicht, Krippe -- 2018 -- 0614.jpg]]: 94 votes
[[File:Ewer with Elephant-Headed Spout.jpg]]: 94 votes
[[File:FGV 2503 Olla Altea - Calp.jpg]]: 94 votes
[[File:Phalaenopsis Cultivar Mini 01.jpg]]: 94 votes
[[File:Steindorf am Ossiacher See Tiffen Pfarrkirche und ehem Pfarrhof 20042016 1623.jpg]]: 94 votes
[[File:Blaubeuren Kloster Kirche Chorraum 01.jpg]]: 95 votes
[[File:Boy plowing with a tractor at sunset in Don Det, Laos.jpg]]: 95 votes
[[File:Car radio antenna on Mazda 323 compacted.jpg]]: 95 votes
[[File:Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, Ágreda, Soria, España, 2018-03-29, DD 40-42 HDR.jpg]]: 95 votes
[[File:Malagasy green lynx spider (Peucetia madagascariensis) and green bottle fly (Lucilia sp.).jpg]]: 95 votes
[[File:Rabelos en el río Duero, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, 2012-05-09, DD 14.JPG]]: 95 votes
[[File:Wooden fence in Si Phan Don (2).jpg]]: 95 votes
[[File:Classic Walther PPK.jpg]]: 96 votes
[[File:Common tiger (Danaus genutia genutia) male underside.jpg]]: 96 votes
[[File:Cortinarius vanduzerensis 134617.jpg]]: 96 votes
[[File:Nest of oecophylla smaragdina (weaver ants).jpg]]: 96 votes
[[File:Cusheon Lake in the early morning, Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada.jpg]]: 97 votes
[[File:Interior of the National Gallery Singapore.jpg]]: 97 votes
[[File:20180128 FIS NC Worldcup Seefeld Ilka Herola 850 2666.jpg]]: 98 votes
[[File:Lake Rotoroa 03.jpg]]: 98 votes
[[File:Perchtoldsdorf Pfarrkirche Innenraum 01.jpg]]: 98 votes
[[File:Plan et vue du port ville et chateau de Brest ca 1700.jpg]]: 98 votes
[[File:Poppies bouquet 2017 G1.jpg]]: 98 votes
[[File:Dörnsk an Köögem, Amrum (2018).jpg]]: 99 votes
[[File:Entzia - Paisaje -BT- 01.jpg]]: 99 votes
[[File:Ivanovo Obl Vichuga asv2018-08 img02.jpg]]: 99 votes
[[File:Parque estatal Chugach, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 105.jpg]]: 99 votes
[[File:Tocos piquigualdos sureños (Tockus leucomelas), parque nacional Makgadikgadi Pans, Botsuana, 2018-07-30, DD 14.jpg]]: 99 votes
[[File:2018 Stupa w Gompie Drophan Ling w Darnkowie 02.jpg]]: 100 votes
[[File:Pholiota squarrosa, Shaggy Scalycap, UK.JPG]]: 100 votes
[[File:Jefferson Memorial Washington April 2017 002.jpg]]: 101 votes
[[File:Drill bits 2017 G1.jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:Larus michahellis juvenile in flight, Sète04.jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:Line scan photo of nine car BART C1 train in 2017.jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:Maria Woerth Teixlbucht Sueduferstrasse 197 Villa Fichteneck NW-Ansicht 19042017 7776.jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:Paddyfield pipit (Anthus rufulus rufulus).jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:Salford Cathedral Memorial Chapel.jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:Water reflection of a smiling woman planting rice.jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:জী. ডি. ব্লক সল্টলেক দূর্গা পুজো ২০১৮.jpg]]: 102 votes
[[File:2016 Kwiat grzybieni białych 2.jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:A pier at a campsite during sunset, Sidney Spit (part of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve), Sidney Island, British Columbia, Canada 20.jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:Bilbao - Parque Etxebarria - Noria BT 01.jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:Fuyu persimmon fruits, one cut open.jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:Lounge InterContinental Singapore.jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:Moscow VDNKh Armenia Pavilion asv2018-08 img1.jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:Münster, Fürstbischöfliches Schloss -- 2018 -- 1930-31 (cropped).jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:Tasman Lake panorama (03-05-06-07).jpg]]: 103 votes
[[File:Along the River During the Qingming Festival (Qing Court Version).jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Alpine House, Kew Gardens, 2018 edit.jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Bovec Kluže Flitscher Klause West-Seite 10032015 0609.jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Fischlham Mevisto Cup 2017 Trickski Theresa Schmidberger1-1.jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Lobby hall with couches and chandelier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore.jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Papilio crino Melagiri TN IMG 6325.jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Soviet POWs.jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Thirty-five rowers on a long racing pirogue in Laos.jpg]]: 104 votes
[[File:Brooklyn Bridge August 2017.jpg]]: 105 votes
[[File:Cordillera de Alaska desde Tok, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-29, DD 16-19 PAN.jpg]]: 105 votes
[[File:L.A. Ring, Road in the Village of Baldersbrønde (Winter Day), 1912, NG6658, National Gallery.png]]: 105 votes
[[File:Leichtathletik Gala Linz 2018 men´s 110m hurdles Okafor-6401.jpg]]: 105 votes
[[File:Moose in Grand Teton National Park 3 (8007698498).jpg]]: 105 votes
[[File:Rosa 'Rosengräfin Marie Henriette' (actm).jpg]]: 105 votes
[[File:Centro histórico de Skagway, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-18, DD 44.jpg]]: 106 votes
[[File:Fantastic (ship, 1996) - Sète - October 2018.jpg]]: 106 votes
[[File:Hermione (ship, 2014), Sète 2018.jpg]]: 106 votes
[[File:Inzell 2017 Kat A1 ZBYSZEK Kunert -9513.jpg]]: 106 votes
[[File:Kleinarl Jägersee 20180209.jpg]]: 106 votes
[[File:Moscow Gorky Park main portal 08-2016 img1.jpg]]: 106 votes
[[File:Παναγία Πορταρέα 3813 - 3815.jpg]]: 106 votes
[[File:Oever van het meer in de mist. Locatie, Langweerderwielen (Langwarder Wielen).jpg]]: 107 votes
[[File:Southern plains grey langur (Semnopithecus dussumieri) female head.jpg]]: 107 votes
[[File:Dülmen, Dülmener Sommer, Open-Air-Konzert -- 2018 -- 9316-18.jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Lancaster Priory Interior.jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Leopardo (Panthera pardus) devorando un antílope, parque nacional Kruger, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-26, DD 07.jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Lies Noor (c. 1956), Djakartawood (no name).jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Physocarpus opulifolius.jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Straßburg Pöckstein 1 Schlosspark Monopteros 11102016 4827.jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Vista de Reikiavik desde el Paseo de la Bahía, Distrito de la Capital, Islandia, 2014-08-13, DD 150-153 PAN.jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Wandelen over de Planken Wambuis vanuit Mossel 43.jpg]]: 108 votes
[[File:Bird-cherry ermine moth (Yponomeuta evonymella) caterpillars.jpg]]: 109 votes
[[File:Caldera El Golfo 02.jpg]]: 109 votes
[[File:Campsite at Mystic Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada.jpg]]: 109 votes
[[File:Panoramic view of Estaing 02.jpg]]: 109 votes
[[File:Puesta de sol en el Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Tetlin, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-24, DD 92.jpg]]: 109 votes
[[File:St Marys Cathedral Nave Edinburgh.jpg]]: 109 votes
[[File:Julia Margaret Cameron - John Herschel (Metropolitan Museum of Art copy, restored) levels.jpg]]: 110 votes
[[File:Lifting hook with a safety latch hanging from a bridge crane - 2.jpg]]: 110 votes
[[File:Lion (Panthera leo) old male Chobe.jpg]]: 110 votes
[[File:Münster, Send -- 2018 -- 1756.jpg]]: 110 votes
[[File:Blue Lake in Mount Cook National Park.jpg]]: 111 votes
[[File:Carte du cours du Rhône de Genève à Lyon - 1787.jpg]]: 111 votes
[[File:Japanese garden pond at Daisen Park in Sakai, January 2016.jpg]]: 111 votes
[[File:MosMetro Krasnopresnenskaya asv2018-01.jpg]]: 111 votes
[[File:Musée Galliera, Paris 21 July 2017.jpg]]: 111 votes
[[File:20180126 FIS NC WC Seefeld 850 1484.jpg]]: 112 votes
[[File:2018 - Château fort de Lourdes.jpg]]: 112 votes
[[File:Cicada exuvia.jpg]]: 112 votes
[[File:Dyker Lights (62317).jpg]]: 112 votes
[[File:Quackenschloss mit Eiszapfen 2140120 HDR-2.jpg]]: 112 votes
[[File:Thomisus onustus on Orchis purpurea.jpg]]: 112 votes
[[File:Woman with hand-rolled cigarette.jpg]]: 112 votes
[[File:Blond and green rice fields.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Château de Fleckenstein 07.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Elefantes africanos de sabana (Loxodonta africana), parque nacional de Chobe, Botsuana, 2018-07-28, DD 25.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Klagenfurt Unterkröllstraße 12 Schloss Seltenheim 31102018 5244.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Öresundsbron October 2017 02.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Schwarzseen Villanders Südtirol.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Techelsberg Pfarrkirche Sankt Martin Kaplanei 31012015 752.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Wonsgehaig Neubürg P7100062.jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Young vendor in a grocery store in Don Som (2).jpg]]: 113 votes
[[File:Affresco di Gioacchino Martorana Palazzo Butera Palermo quadrato.jpg]]: 114 votes
[[File:Erosion of tephra layers - Lanzarote 11.jpg]]: 114 votes
[[File:Isla del Pescado, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, 2016-02-04, DD 42.JPG]]: 114 votes
[[File:Man painting in gold a statue of the Buddha.jpg]]: 114 votes
[[File:Megabalanus coccopoma.jpg]]: 114 votes
[[File:Olympic Roof Munich, July 2018 -02.jpg]]: 114 votes
[[File:Vittina waigiensis - Variability.jpg]]: 114 votes
[[File:Daikanransha.jpg]]: 115 votes
[[File:Masih Alinejad.jpg]]: 115 votes
[[File:Snowfall at night over Brofjorden and Preemraff oil refinery.jpg]]: 115 votes
[[File:Vista de Benidorm, España, 2014-07-02, DD 63.JPG]]: 115 votes
[[File:Smiley Mantodea.jpg]]: 116 votes
[[File:Мармалад од кајсии 2.jpg]]: 116 votes
[[File:Brilliant emerald (Somatochlora metallica) teneral female 3.jpg]]: 117 votes
[[File:ET Afar asv2018-01 img06 Lake Karum area.jpg]]: 117 votes
[[File:Geode-with-encrustation-of-quartz-crystals-on-a-base-of-limonite-01.jpg]]: 117 votes
[[File:Lopesan Baobab, Maspalomas, May 2018.jpg]]: 117 votes
[[File:Лежка моржей на острове Нортбрук.jpg]]: 117 votes
[[File:Augustins - Velleda - Laurent Marqueste 2004 1 431.jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Balearica regulorum - Karlsruhe Zoo 02.jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Christmas table (Serbian cuisine).jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Interior of the Leong San See temple, Singapore.jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Paris, rue du Havre by Jean Béraud - National Gallery of Art.jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Peyriac-de-Mer, february 2018 (06).jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Ruden Pfarrkirche hl Maria Magdalena 18082015 6716.jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Stubai - Tiroler Bergschaf -BT- 01.jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:Swissôtel The Stamford reflecting in the water.jpg]]: 118 votes
[[File:20171122 Khone Phapheng Falls 3923 DxO.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Andrey Rublev - Св. Троица - Google Art Project.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Carte de Brest - ca 1700 - Bibliothèque Nationale de France - Btv1b8439976x.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Catedral de San Juan, Breslavia, Polonia, 2017-12-20, DD 09-11 HDR.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Chirk Castle gates.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Construction workers in Mexico.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Ely State Theater.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Gymnopilus viridans (Murrill) Hesler 363906.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Paraboloide circular 02.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:Pied bushchat (Saxicola caprata bicolor) female.jpg]]: 119 votes
[[File:2018 STM Austria Skibob Hochficht GRUBER Sarah-2779.jpg]]: 120 votes
[[File:An adult and a juvenile white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) fighting.jpg]]: 120 votes
[[File:Cincinnati Union Terminal Ceiling.jpg]]: 120 votes
[[File:Pholiota squarrosoides (Peck) Sacc 664568.jpg]]: 120 votes
[[File:Purple rain on roof.jpg]]: 120 votes
[[File:Dom Aachen 001.jpg]]: 121 votes
[[File:Graz Murinsel gangway-2478.jpg]]: 121 votes
[[File:2017 Odbiornik radiowy Światowid.jpg]]: 122 votes
[[File:Ansel Adams and camera.jpg]]: 122 votes
[[File:Glaciar Margerie, Parque Nacional Bahía del Glaciar, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-19, DD 33.jpg]]: 122 votes
[[File:Juveniler Japanmakak (Macaca fuscata) im Jigokudani Yaen Kōen.jpg]]: 122 votes
[[File:Lopesan Baobab, Maspalomas, May 2018 -2.jpg]]: 122 votes
[[File:Mermaid Parade (60132).jpg]]: 122 votes
[[File:Monarch butterfly (70387).jpg]]: 122 votes
[[File:Attacus taprobanis-Kadavoor-2018-07-13-001.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Carved tree with reliefs of dinosaur and other animals.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Church of Saint-Mayme 01.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Dynamic Mobile Steel Sculpture, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 01.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Farmhouse at Kelvin A. Lewis farm in Creeds 13.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Julitta und Quiricus, Andiast (d.j.b.) 20.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Opengebarsten vrucht van beuk (Fagus sylvatica) (d.j.b.) 02.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Saint Faith Abbey Church of Conques 21.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Vanha voimalaitos.jpg]]: 123 votes
[[File:Vista de Puno y el Titicaca, Perú, 2015-08-01, DD 53-54 PAN.JPG]]: 123 votes
[[File:Bearded man smoking pipe-3013924.jpg]]: 124 votes
[[File:Fallen bricks.jpg]]: 124 votes
[[File:Pskov asv07-2018 Kremlin before sunset.jpg]]: 124 votes
[[File:Brooklyn Glass (32606)a.jpg]]: 125 votes
[[File:Hypomeces squamosus.jpg]]: 125 votes
[[File:Tetakawi in San Carlos.jpg]]: 125 votes
[[File:Antoine Aveline ca 1700 vue cavalière de la ville de Brest.jpg]]: 126 votes
[[File:Cementerio, Tulcán, Ecuador, 2015-07-21, DD 44.JPG]]: 126 votes
[[File:Col dala Pieres Puez Mont de Sëura Cir Sela da Stevia te Gherdëina.jpg]]: 126 votes
[[File:Filopappou Hill or Hill of the Muses in Athens.jpg]]: 126 votes
[[File:Long khanh fallen.jpg]]: 126 votes
[[File:Odles da Secëda Gherdëina.jpg]]: 126 votes
[[File:Aglais io Mitterbach 01.jpg]]: 127 votes
[[File:Badaia - Vistas con niebla -BT- 01.jpg]]: 127 votes
[[File:Elephants Dream (2006).webm]]: 127 votes
[[File:ET Gondar asv2018-02 img42 Debre Berhan Selassie.jpg]]: 127 votes
[[File:Sweet mangosteen.jpg]]: 127 votes
[[File:Freiburg Münster rechtes Seitenschiff Schuhmacherfenster 01.jpg]]: 128 votes
[[File:Glaciar Hubbard, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-20, DD 16-21 PAN.jpg]]: 128 votes
[[File:Juvenile Nubian ibex (50822).jpg]]: 128 votes
[[File:Lighted polyhedral building Louis Vuitton in Singapore.jpg]]: 128 votes
[[File:Lake Louise 2018-03 ski.jpg]]: 129 votes
[[File:McGinnis Lake panorama1.jpg]]: 129 votes
[[File:Śnieżka (Sněžka, Schneekoppe) - view from Słonecznik (Mittagstein, Polední kámen).jpg]]: 129 votes
[[File:Тавче Гравче.jpg]]: 129 votes
[[File:HarryTruman.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Hipopótamos (Hippopotamus amphibius), parque nacional de Chobe, Botsuana, 2018-07-28, DD 79.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Korfu (GR), Korfu, Altstadt -- 2018 -- 1156.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Las Vegas-5603 (The Venetian).jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Leuchturm Helgoland Düne.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Pied kingfisher (Ceryle rudis rudis) female 2.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Snow on Ayase river, Rijksmuseum RP-P-2016-66-8.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Stained glass "Don Enriq" in the Alcázar. Segovia, Spain.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Techelsberg Sankt Martin Winterwald 31012015 750.jpg]]: 130 votes
[[File:Isabella Lövin signing climate law referral.jpg]]: 131 votes
[[File:Kranhäuser Cologne, April 2018 -01.jpg]]: 131 votes
[[File:Large Gautama Buddha statue in Buddha Park of Ravangla, Sikkim.jpg]]: 131 votes
[[File:ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.jpg]]: 133 votes
[[File:Darshan Singh, Village Akbarpur Afghana.jpg]]: 133 votes
[[File:Lago Plateado, Parque nacional y reserva Wrangell-San Elías, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 122-127 PAN.jpg]]: 133 votes
[[File:Líneas de Nazca, Nazca, Perú, 2015-07-29, DD 52.JPG]]: 133 votes
[[File:Parque estatal Chugach, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 94.jpg]]: 133 votes
[[File:Sculptures of god Shiva dancing Thandavam.jpg]]: 133 votes
[[File:Carnegiea gigantea or Sahuaro or Saguaro.jpg]]: 134 votes
[[File:Don Puay river bank landscape at sunset.jpg]]: 134 votes
[[File:Fireworks on New Year's Eve in a small Swabian village (1), brightened.jpg]]: 134 votes
[[File:Gyeonghoeru (Royal Banquet Hall) at Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul.jpg]]: 134 votes
[[File:Ramstein AB Airmen honor U.S. veterans in Belgium 171111-F-ZF730-0486.jpg]]: 134 votes
[[File:Villach Wernberg II Sankt Ulrich Filialkirche hl. Ulrich 30012011 222.jpg]]: 134 votes
[[File:Baywing (Agelaioides badius).jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Berlin Opera UdL asv2018-05.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Blue Angels in delta formation during Fleet Week 2018.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Butorides striata javanica @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2).jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Ebrach Baumwipfelpfad Aussichtsturm 170353.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Hermagor Görtschach Filialkirche hl. Heinrich NW-Ansicht 18062018 3636.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Matador in the Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería in Seville.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Shanghai Jin Mao tower.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Woman of Bolivarian Armed Forces in a presidential meeting.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Young girl smiling with teeth in sunshine.jpg]]: 135 votes
[[File:Bamberg Cafe Rondo am Schönleinsplatz 9201807.jpg]]: 136 votes
[[File:Ivanovo Obl Palekh asv2018-08 img21.jpg]]: 136 votes
[[File:African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) female with six-week-old baby.jpg]]: 137 votes
[[File:Dülmen, Privatrösterei Schröer, Kaffeebehälter -- 2018 -- 0529.jpg]]: 137 votes
[[File:Korfu (GR), Agii Douli, Olivenhain -- 2018 -- 1284-8.jpg]]: 137 votes
[[File:Baum in Kärnten 037.jpg]]: 138 votes
[[File:Corvus coronoides - Doughboy Head.jpg]]: 138 votes
[[File:Group of pirogues.jpg]]: 138 votes
[[File:Peppers in water.jpg]]: 138 votes
[[File:A touareg at the Festival au Desert near Timbuktu, Mali 2012.jpg]]: 139 votes
[[File:Corvus splendens insolens @ Kuala Lumpur (2) alternate crop.jpg]]: 139 votes
[[File:Themar Kloster Veßra chapel P3RM1917.jpg]]: 139 votes
[[File:Viking Sky (ship, 2017) - Sète - December 2018.jpg]]: 139 votes
[[File:Feldkirchen Dietrichstein Dietrichsteiner See Nord-Ufer 19042018 2973.jpg]]: 140 votes
[[File:Maroon Bells (11678).jpg]]: 140 votes
[[File:Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets - Duxford Air Festival 2018 - 2.jpg]]: 141 votes
[[File:Kruzenshtern (ship, 1926) - Sète 02.jpg]]: 141 votes
[[File:Large cloud over Mexican landscape.jpg]]: 141 votes
[[File:Princes Road Synagogue Nave.jpg]]: 141 votes
[[File:Viersch bei Klausen Apfelbäume.jpg]]: 141 votes
[[File:Albeck Benesirnitz Leonhard-Kapelle 06052015 3266.jpg]]: 142 votes
[[File:Elefantes africanos de sabana (Loxodonta africana), Elephant Sands, Botsuana, 2018-07-28, DD 114-117 PAN.jpg]]: 142 votes
[[File:Felis silvestris catus lying on rice straw.jpg]]: 142 votes
[[File:Würfelzucker -- 2018 -- 3564.jpg]]: 142 votes
[[File:York Minster Chapter House Ceiling.jpg]]: 142 votes
[[File:Líneas de Nazca, Nazca, Perú, 2015-07-29, DD 54.JPG]]: 143 votes
[[File:Wemyss Bay railway station concourse 2018-08-25 2.jpg]]: 143 votes
[[File:Black-chested snake-eagle (Circaetus pectoralis).jpg]]: 144 votes
[[File:Coleus (71543).jpg]]: 144 votes
[[File:Fregattfågel Fernando de Noronha.jpg]]: 144 votes
[[File:Hundipiim.jpg]]: 144 votes
[[File:Kagbeni Mustang-WLV-0741.jpg]]: 144 votes
[[File:Kopfstudie eines Japanmakaken (Macaca fuscata) im Jigokudani Yaen Kōen, Japan.jpg]]: 144 votes
[[File:Tunnel Belliard, coming out on Rue de la Loi.jpg]]: 144 votes
[[File:Espoo Cultural Centre (December 2018).jpg]]: 145 votes
[[File:ET Afar asv2018-01 img37 Dallol.jpg]]: 145 votes
[[File:Garden of Kunstberg viewed from Mont des Arts during nautical twilight (DSCF1028).jpg]]: 145 votes
[[File:Hallstatt evangelische Kirche 20180206.jpg]]: 145 votes
[[File:Panorama of Umag, Istria, Croatia.jpg]]: 145 votes
[[File:Rifugio Friedrich August - Gable.jpg]]: 145 votes
[[File:Warriors of Lapland.jpg]]: 145 votes
[[File:2018 Zamek w Bolkowie 02.jpg]]: 146 votes
[[File:Beignet maker.jpg]]: 146 votes
[[File:Cañón Miles, Yukón, Canadá, 2017-08-26, DD 130-132 PAN.jpg]]: 146 votes
[[File:Desna river Vinn meadow 2016 G2.jpg]]: 146 votes
[[File:Hippopotamus in the Zambezi.jpg]]: 146 votes
[[File:Stift Wilhering Kirche Deckenfresko 01.jpg]]: 146 votes
[[File:Amrumer Windmühle (2018).jpg]]: 147 votes
[[File:Opaque and mirroring green paddy fields with palm tree.jpg]]: 147 votes
[[File:Anfiteatro de Pula, Croacia, 2017-04-17, DD 49-57 HDR PAN.jpg]]: 148 votes
[[File:Karlstad Stonebridge.jpg]]: 148 votes
[[File:Roof of a heritage barn, Ruckle Heritage Farm, Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada.jpg]]: 148 votes
[[File:Vista de Seattle, Washington, Estados Unidos, 2017-09-02, DD 07-08 HDR.jpg]]: 148 votes
[[File:Andkjelvatnet seen from Durmålstinden summit.jpg]]: 149 votes
[[File:Coprinellus micaceus, Mica Inkcap, UK.jpg]]: 149 votes
[[File:Haßberge fields PB060078.jpg]]: 149 votes
[[File:Draft horse pulling logs in Parc naturel Hautes Fagnes, Eupen, Belgium (VeloTour 54 to 55, DSCF3703).jpg]]: 150 votes
[[File:Fighting white-tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) (2).jpg]]: 150 votes
[[File:Mount Stuart House 2018-08-25.jpg]]: 150 votes
[[File:Prinz-Carl-Palais Munich, April 2018 -02.jpg]]: 150 votes
[[File:Bearded man with long hair-3052641.jpg]]: 151 votes
[[File:Castle of Belcastel 20.jpg]]: 151 votes
[[File:Ebola Virus - Electron Micrograph.tiff]]: 151 votes
[[File:Elektriker bei der Arbeit 0809.jpg]]: 151 votes
[[File:Lech de Crespëina Saslonch Cir Chedul Odles Parc Naturel Puez.jpg]]: 151 votes
[[File:Micrasterias rotata.jpg]]: 151 votes
[[File:Pinus heldreichii Den Ouden.jpg]]: 151 votes
[[File:Манастир Моштаница-капела за паљење свећа (Moštanica Monastery, chapel for lighting candles).jpg]]: 151 votes
[[File:Odles Stevia Col dala Pieres.jpg]]: 152 votes
[[File:Piazza Navona Gange fontana dei Fiumi Roma.jpg]]: 152 votes
[[File:Puente de San Martín. Toledo, Spain.jpg]]: 152 votes
[[File:Vents du Sud - Le Grau-du-Roi 03.jpg]]: 152 votes
[[File:Xylotrupes socrates (Siamese rhinoceros beetle).jpg]]: 152 votes
[[File:Kolvitsa panorama.jpg]]: 153 votes
[[File:Physoplexis comosa ot sgrinfles dl malan Teufelskralle Stevia Gherdëina.jpg]]: 153 votes
[[File:Schokland. UNESCO-Werelderfgoed actm 27.jpg]]: 153 votes
[[File:Sunset Toronto Skyline Panorama Crop from Snake Island.jpg]]: 153 votes
[[File:Sunny green paddy fields with water reflection.jpg]]: 154 votes
[[File:Viking Sky (ship, 2017) and GNV Cristal (ship, 1989).jpg]]: 154 votes
[[File:Waterfall in Russian Gulch State Park.jpg]]: 154 votes
[[File:Blücher-Denkmal Bebelplatz 1961.jpg]]: 155 votes
[[File:Eutropis macularia (bronze grass skink) eating a frog.jpg]]: 155 votes
[[File:Melolonthinae on a banana leaf.jpg]]: 155 votes
[[File:Mount Stuart House marble hall 2018-08-25.jpg]]: 155 votes
[[File:Pelecanus onocrotalus cleaning its feathers at sunset.jpg]]: 155 votes
[[File:Super moon over City of London from Tate Modern 2018-01-31 6.jpg]]: 155 votes
[[File:Tufted capuchin on a branch in Singapore.jpg]]: 155 votes
[[File:Breisach - Stephansmünster zur Blauen Stunde.jpg]]: 156 votes
[[File:Esplanade Theatres on the Bay Singapore at blue hour.jpg]]: 156 votes
[[File:Pachycereus pringlei forest.jpg]]: 156 votes
[[File:Palacio de Golestán, Teherán, Irán, 2016-09-17, DD 24-26 HDR.jpg]]: 156 votes
[[File:Barn swallow (feeding) at Tennōji Park in Osaka, June 2016 - 315.jpg]]: 157 votes
[[File:Forest road Slavne 2017 G8.jpg]]: 157 votes
[[File:Ayuntamiento, Trieste, Italia, 2017-04-15, DD 10.jpg]]: 158 votes
[[File:Brügge (B), Groenerei -- 2018 -- 8493-7.jpg]]: 158 votes
[[File:Nordkirchen, Naturschutzgebiet Ichterloh -- 2018 -- 2131-7.jpg]]: 158 votes
[[File:Rifugio Friedrich August - Sleigh.jpg]]: 158 votes
[[File:Altmühltal Apollofalter.jpg]]: 159 votes
[[File:Orcinus orca - Loro Parque 01.jpg]]: 159 votes
[[File:Dehnbare Helmling Mycena epipterygia.jpg]]: 160 votes
[[File:Schloss Schönbühel 20180919.jpg]]: 160 votes
[[File:Valdai IverskyMon asv2018 img47.jpg]]: 160 votes
[[File:Basilica Santa Maria della Salute Dorsoduro Venezia.jpg]]: 161 votes
[[File:Bohdan Khmelnytsky Kiev 2018 G2.jpg]]: 161 votes
[[File:Jëuf de Crespëina Cir Chedul Parc Naturel Puez.jpg]]: 161 votes
[[File:Moscow KievskayaFL metro station asv2018-08.jpg]]: 161 votes
[[File:Poertschach Landspitz Eiche im Herbstkleid 11102013 562.jpg]]: 162 votes
[[File:Puesta de sol, Tok, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-28, DD 189-191 HDR.jpg]]: 162 votes
[[File:Foro Romano Musei Capitolini Roma.jpg]]: 163 votes
[[File:Jetty in fog at Holländaröd 1.jpg]]: 163 votes
[[File:Palestine sunbird (Cinnyris osea osea) male.jpg]]: 163 votes
[[File:Close-up photograph of an Iguana iguana.jpg]]: 164 votes
[[File:ET Bahir Dar asv2018-02 img17 Tis Issat.jpg]]: 164 votes
[[File:Stade, Hansehafen -- 2018 -- 2961.jpg]]: 164 votes
[[File:1375 Atlas Catalan Abraham Cresques.jpg]]: 165 votes
[[File:Göltzschtalbrücke blick nach oben 0582.jpg]]: 165 votes
[[File:Linz Neuer Dom Innenraum 01.jpg]]: 165 votes
[[File:Parque estatal Chugach, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 77.jpg]]: 165 votes
[[File:Celebración de Todos los Santos, cementerio de la Santa Cruz, Gniezno, Polonia, 2017-11-01, DD 19-30 PAN HDR.jpg]]: 166 votes
[[File:La Tarta - Tenerife 02.jpg]]: 166 votes
[[File:Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, Leader of the Women's Suffragette movement, is arrested outside Buckingham Palace while trying to present a petition to King George V in May 1914. Q81486.jpg]]: 166 votes
[[File:Parque Nacional Bahía del Glaciar, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-19, DD 10-15 PAN.jpg]]: 166 votes
[[File:Arkaia - Girasoles -BT- 04.jpg]]: 167 votes
[[File:Catedral de María Reina del Mundo, Montreal, Canadá, 2017-08-12, DD 61-63 HDR.jpg]]: 167 votes
[[File:Pörtschach Promenadenbad Brücke zur Blumeninsel 23122017 2136.jpg]]: 167 votes
[[File:RhB ABe 4-4 III 56 and 51 Lago Bianco.jpg]]: 167 votes
[[File:Chelonoidis vicina 04.jpg]]: 168 votes
[[File:Lago Plateado, Parque nacional y reserva Wrangell-San Elías, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 135.jpg]]: 168 votes
[[File:Bergtocht van Vens naar Bettex in Valle d'Aosta (Italië) 012.jpg]]: 169 votes
[[File:Shanghai recycling transport bycicle.jpg]]: 169 votes
[[File:Glaciar Johns Hopkins, Parque Nacional Bahía del Glaciar, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-19, DD 05-07 PAN.jpg]]: 170 votes
[[File:Altenburg-P1180876.jpg]]: 171 votes
[[File:Cloister of the University of Bergamo. Italy.jpg]]: 171 votes
[[File:Glaciar Davidson, Haines, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-18, DD 55.jpg]]: 171 votes
[[File:La Specola - Padua.jpg]]: 171 votes
[[File:Oswaldhöhle 2140210 HDR-2.jpg]]: 171 votes
[[File:Śnieżne Kotły (Snežné jámy, Schneegruben), Krkonoše mountains 03.jpg]]: 171 votes
[[File:Hollow Horn Bear LCCN 2016858434 (2) (cropped).jpg]]: 172 votes
[[File:Hotel 3 Nagas with old red Citroen at blue hour in Luang Prabang.jpg]]: 172 votes
[[File:Joseph Stalin, Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, in Teheran, 1943, edit.jpg]]: 172 votes
[[File:Panoramic sunset in Conques 02.jpg]]: 172 votes
[[File:Rosy-faced lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis roseicollis) composite.jpg]]: 172 votes
[[File:Esztergom by night 01 - Simor János utca.jpg]]: 173 votes
[[File:Hüttenberg Marktgemeinde NW-Ansicht 21032017 4912.jpg]]: 173 votes
[[File:Stift Wilhering Kirche Innenraum 01.jpg]]: 173 votes
[[File:Karmelitenkloster bamberg Kreuzgang 9244355.jpg]]: 174 votes
[[File:Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal.jpg]]: 174 votes
[[File:St Michael Romanesque Bazilica in Cisnădioara (Michelsberg) 02.jpg]]: 174 votes
[[File:New York Botanical Garden October 2016 010.jpg]]: 175 votes
[[File:Papilio machaon maiting.jpg]]: 175 votes
[[File:Submerged tree under a dark sky in Si Phan Don.jpg]]: 175 votes
[[File:Bamberg Altes Rathaus 17RM1565-PSD.jpg]]: 176 votes
[[File:Puez - Sella - Marmolada.jpg]]: 176 votes
[[File:University Of Oxford The Bridge Of Sighs.jpg]]: 176 votes
[[File:Baobab (Adansonia digitata), parque nacional Makgadikgadi Pans, Botsuana, 2018-07-30, DD 03-08 PAN.jpg]]: 177 votes
[[File:Buddhist monks walking in front of the temple Haw Pha Bang in Luang Prabang.jpg]]: 177 votes
[[File:Japanese white-eye at Tennōji Park in Osaka, January 2016 II.jpg]]: 177 votes
[[File:Pont de Caylus.jpg]]: 177 votes
[[File:White Peacock, Palmitos Park, May 2018.jpg]]: 177 votes
[[File:Catedrales de Tara, Chile, 2016-02-07, DD 62.JPG]]: 178 votes
[[File:Colorful shophouses in Koon Seng Road, Singapore.jpg]]: 179 votes
[[File:Bruderwald-Winter-PC030149.jpg]]: 180 votes
[[File:El Capricho, Rillo de Gallo, Guadalajara, España, 2017-05-25, DD 18.jpg]]: 180 votes
[[File:Pteroglossus torquatus Costa Rica.jpg]]: 180 votes
[[File:Maarja Nuut Viljandi folgil 2016.jpg]]: 182 votes
[[File:Nara Park, November 2016.jpg]]: 182 votes
[[File:Stubai - Ruetz -BT- 01.jpg]]: 182 votes
[[File:Winter Rauhreif Regnitz PC310030.jpg]]: 182 votes
[[File:Catedral Vank, Isfahán, Irán, 2016-09-20, DD 118-120 HDR.jpg]]: 183 votes
[[File:Leichtathletik Gala Linz 2018 pole vault Preiner Katrin-5628.jpg]]: 183 votes
[[File:Lucerne Pilatus Lake panoramic 1180662.jpg]]: 183 votes
[[File:Sunrise in Pieniny, Poland 02.jpg]]: 183 votes
[[File:Sunset in The Trossachs, Scotland.jpg]]: 183 votes
[[File:Two water buffaloes bathing at sunset.jpg]]: 183 votes
[[File:Schlüsselau Störche Nest P4RM1792.jpg]]: 185 votes
[[File:Aratinga solstitialis - Loro Parque 01.jpg]]: 186 votes
[[File:Ascain - Oveja -BT- 02.jpg]]: 186 votes
[[File:Münster, Stadthaus 3, Straßenbahn -- 2018 -- 0942.jpg]]: 186 votes
[[File:Martial Caillebotte - Gustave Caillebotte et Bergère sur la place du Caroussel, 1892.jpg]]: 187 votes
[[File:Praying monks and nuns in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple of Singapore.jpg]]: 187 votes
[[File:Blaubeuren Blautopf 20180804 02.jpg]]: 188 votes
[[File:Drei Zinnen Tre Cime di Lavaredo Dolomites.jpg]]: 188 votes
[[File:Родовые столбы сэргэ.jpg]]: 188 votes
[[File:Abyssinian black-and-white colobus (Colobus guereza guereza) male head.jpg]]: 189 votes
[[File:Wandelen over de Planken Wambuis vanuit Mossel 071.jpg]]: 189 votes
[[File:Lauenstein Burg 9302266-Pano.jpg]]: 190 votes
[[File:Short-horned chameleon (Calumma brevicorne) female Andasibe.jpg]]: 190 votes
[[File:White-tailed eagle LGphoto.jpg]]: 190 votes
[[File:Grey clouds over the luminous paddy fields in Don Det.jpg]]: 191 votes
[[File:2018 - Magstræde street in evening.jpg]]: 192 votes
[[File:Cañón Miles, Yukón, Canadá, 2017-08-26, DD 144-154 PAN.jpg]]: 193 votes
[[File:Landscape in Peyriac-de-Mer, february 2018 (05).jpg]]: 193 votes
[[File:Paris, Eiffelturm -- 2014 -- 1272.jpg]]: 193 votes
[[File:Groenland map 1937 Gallica.jpg]]: 195 votes
[[File:MosMetro KomsomolskayaKL img3 asv2018-01.jpg]]: 195 votes
[[File:Слепень (серия 1 из 2).jpg]]: 196 votes
[[File:Cricket match and Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.jpg]]: 197 votes
[[File:Mont de Val Sëura Sciblota Lietres Ciastel de Chedul Gherdëina.jpg]]: 197 votes
[[File:PIA22349 – Gullies of Matara Crater.jpg]]: 197 votes
[[File:Wooden footbridge in Luang Prabang with a worker busy at its consolidation.jpg]]: 197 votes
[[File:Ruine Aggstein 20180527.jpg]]: 198 votes
[[File:Słonecznik (Mittagstein, Polední kámen) in the winter 2018 02.jpg]]: 198 votes
[[File:Třemešná (Röwersdorf) v zimě 01.jpg]]: 198 votes
[[File:Hanstholm - Danmark.jpg]]: 199 votes
[[File:NSB Di 4 Nattog Saltfjellet.jpg]]: 199 votes
[[File:Juac y Odles.jpg]]: 200 votes
[[File:Skyline of the Central Business District of Singapore with Esplanade Bridge.jpg]]: 200 votes
[[File:River bank of Don Khon with stilt wooden houses and leaning Arecaceae at golden hour from Don Det Laos.jpg]]: 201 votes
[[File:Soyuz rocket and spaceship V1-1.svg]]: 201 votes
[[File:Aerial view of Golden Gate Bridge from the south dllu.jpg]]: 202 votes
[[File:Bamberg Wilhelmspost Treppe 9111555-PSD.jpg]]: 202 votes
[[File:Orangutan Kalimantan.jpg]]: 203 votes
[[File:ANTONY GORMLEY Obere Gipslöcher 14.JPG]]: 205 votes
[[File:Heterocentrotus mamillatus MHNT.jpg]]: 205 votes
[[File:The river of Borgvik.jpg]]: 205 votes
[[File:Cataratas Victoria, Zambia-Zimbabue, 2018-07-27, DD 16-20 PAN.jpg]]: 206 votes
[[File:Indian roller (Coracias benghalensis benghalensis).jpg]]: 206 votes
[[File:Leighton-Stitching the Standard.jpg]]: 207 votes
[[File:Grapsus adscensionis - Tenerife 01.jpg]]: 208 votes
[[File:Mycena clarkeana 533139.jpg]]: 208 votes
[[File:Super moon over City of London from Tate Modern 2018-01-31 4.jpg]]: 208 votes
[[File:WLE - 2018 - Parc national des Pyrenees - Cirque de Gavarnie - 2.jpg]]: 208 votes
[[File:Andoin - Cascadas de la Tobería -BT- 08.jpg]]: 209 votes
[[File:ET Afar asv2018-01 img48 Dallol.jpg]]: 209 votes
[[File:Three buffaloes heads above water in Si Phan Don.jpg]]: 210 votes
[[File:Toronto August 2017 04.jpg]]: 210 votes
[[File:Yawning Infant, August 2018.jpg]]: 210 votes
[[File:Cattle tyrant (Machetornis rixosa) on Capybara.jpg]]: 211 votes
[[File:Obernberger See -BT- 09.jpg]]: 211 votes
[[File:Waimea Canyon, Kauaʻi.jpg]]: 211 votes
[[File:St Patrick's Cathedral Choir, Dublin, Ireland - Diliff.jpg]]: 212 votes
[[File:Carraca lila (Coracias caudata), parque nacional Kruger, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-26, DD 17.jpg]]: 213 votes
[[File:Barn on Mastlé mountain Gherdëina.jpg]]: 214 votes
[[File:Iceland's Mid-Atlantic Ridge during snow.jpg]]: 214 votes
[[File:Odles Cisles y Mastle pinus Cembra.jpg]]: 214 votes
[[File:ET Afar asv2018-01 img36 Dallol.jpg]]: 215 votes
[[File:Mermaid Parade (61042).jpg]]: 217 votes
[[File:Ncisles Forces de Sieles Muntijela Stevia Gherdeina.jpg]]: 217 votes
[[File:Wandelen over de Planken Wambuis vanuit Mossel 069 A.jpg]]: 218 votes
[[File:Castillo de Montuenga, Montuenga de Soria, Soria, España, 2017-05-23, DD 04.jpg]]: 219 votes
[[File:Sellin pier-1.jpg]]: 219 votes
[[File:Schwäbisch Hall - Sankt Michael - Chor - Gewölbe 2.jpg]]: 220 votes
[[File:Shipwreck Point Reyes, Inverness.jpg]]: 220 votes
[[File:Köttmannsdorf Unterschlossberg Drau Strassenbruecke B91 Loiblpass Straße 09102017 1427.jpg]]: 221 votes
[[File:Seattle Great Wheel, Seattle, Washington, Estados Unidos, 2017-09-02, DD 16.jpg]]: 222 votes
[[File:Vitoria - Parque de Olárizu - Niebla y cencellada -BT- 01.jpg]]: 223 votes
[[File:Craigdarroch Castle just after sunset - view from the west, Victoria, Canada.jpg]]: 224 votes
[[File:Home in Relation to Everything.png]]: 226 votes
[[File:Red weaver ants transporting a dead gecko, in Laos.jpg]]: 226 votes
[[File:Vat Pa Phai temple with a Buddhist monk, orange marigold, clouds and blue sky, in Luang Prabang.jpg]]: 227 votes
[[File:Malachite kingfisher (Corythornis cristatus stuartkeithi).jpg]]: 229 votes
[[File:Foro Romano visto dal Vittoriano Roma.jpg]]: 230 votes
[[File:Branches of a Ficus kurzii reflecting in the water at Singapore Botanic Gardens.jpg]]: 231 votes
[[File:Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House.jpg]]: 231 votes
[[File:Aerial view of Apple Park dllu.jpg]]: 232 votes
[[File:Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco skyline from Hawk Hill at Blue Hour dllu.jpg]]: 232 votes
[[File:KB.Kościół św. Andrzeja w Trzebieszowicach.jpg]]: 232 votes
[[File:Hamburg’s Speicherstadt at night.jpg]]: 233 votes
[[File:Peterborough Cathedral Central Tower Ceiling.jpg]]: 233 votes
[[File:Älvdalens Camping - Grillplats.jpg]]: 234 votes
[[File:Bruderwald Nebel 286411.jpg]]: 235 votes
[[File:Dülmen, Wildpark -- 2018 -- 1458-62.jpg]]: 236 votes
[[File:Rue des Papegaults and Petit Degres Saint-Louis in Blois.jpg]]: 236 votes
[[File:Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) 01.jpg]]: 239 votes
[[File:Mezquita de Nasirolmolk, Shiraz, Irán, 2016-09-24, DD 57-59 HDR.jpg]]: 240 votes
[[File:Starting the charcoal.jpg]]: 245 votes
[[File:WTC Transportation Hub August 2017 01.jpg]]: 245 votes
[[File:Puente colgante sobre el cañón Lynn, Vancouver, Canadá, 2017-08-14, DD 10.jpg]]: 246 votes
[[File:Baustelle-Hölzla-Rebar-6228085.jpg]]: 249 votes
[[File:Leafy tree in green paddy fields.jpg]]: 249 votes
[[File:Rubjerg Knude Fyr, Hjørring, Denmark, 1807072231, ako.jpg]]: 249 votes
[[File:Andoin - Cascadas de la Tobería -BT- 01.jpg]]: 250 votes
[[File:Phobos colour 2008.jpg]]: 252 votes
[[File:De Molen (windmill) and the nuclear power plant cooling tower in Doel, Belgium (DSCF3859).jpg]]: 254 votes
[[File:Virmalised 15.09.2017 - Aurora Borealis 15.09.2017 copy.jpg]]: 254 votes
[[File:Adolph Tidemand & Hans Gude - Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord - Google Art Project.jpg]]: 255 votes
[[File:Parque Eagle River, Anchorage, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-09-01, DD 02.jpg]]: 256 votes
[[File:Atlantis seen over the Mediterranean Sea, near the Algerian coast.jpeg]]: 257 votes
[[File:The star formation region Messier 17.jpg]]: 258 votes
[[File:Obernberg am Inn Adlerwarte Rotmilan-0136.jpg]]: 259 votes
[[File:2018 - Замок в Чорнокозинцях.jpg]]: 261 votes
[[File:Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.jpg]]: 261 votes
[[File:Caïn venant de tuer son frère Abel by Henri Vidal, Tuileries Garden, 18 July 2017.jpg]]: 264 votes
[[File:Vitoria - Olarizu - Marco y Casa de la Dehesa -BT- 01.jpg]]: 264 votes
[[File:Malachite kingfisher (Corythornis cristatus cristatus) Namibia.jpg]]: 265 votes
[[File:2018 - Комплекс Києво-Печерської лаври.jpg]]: 266 votes
[[File:White tailed eagle raftsund square crop.jpg]]: 266 votes
[[File:Aurora in Abisko near Torneträsk.jpg]]: 271 votes
[[File:A man carries a huge hammerhead through the streets of Mogadishu.jpg]]: 272 votes
[[File:Anfiteatro de Pula, Croacia, 2017-04-16, DD 01-06 PAN.jpg]]: 273 votes
[[File:Gleusdorf Schloss Hochwasser P1063565.jpg]]: 273 votes
[[File:August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck - Anguish - Google Art Project.jpg]]: 275 votes
[[File:M81.jpg]]: 275 votes
[[File:Sleeping cat on her back.jpg]]: 275 votes
[[File:Camposanto Monumentale di Pisa (16813099494).jpg]]: 277 votes
[[File:Tirol - Panorama Pitztaler Gletscher und Wildspitze.jpg]]: 277 votes
[[File:Seine Pont Royal Louvre Paris.jpg]]: 279 votes
[[File:M101 hires STScI-PRC2006-10a.jpg]]: 281 votes
[[File:STS120LaunchHiRes-edit1.jpg]]: 282 votes
[[File:Hohenbuehelia mastrucata (Fr.) Singer 369296.jpg]]: 283 votes
[[File:Pont Vieux et Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire.jpg]]: 285 votes
[[File:Serranía de Hornocal up close near Humahuaca.jpg]]: 287 votes
[[File:STS-129 Atlantis Ready to Fly.jpg]]: 287 votes
[[File:Cherry Resort inside Temi Tea Garden, Namchi, Sikkim.jpg]]: 289 votes
[[File:Strongylium from Laos.jpg]]: 289 votes
[[File:Bruderwald-Herbst-026375.jpg]]: 291 votes
[[File:Caupolicana electa, f, ga, baker, side 2015-01-08-09.24.44 ZS PMax (16394012107).jpg]]: 293 votes
[[File:ET Afar asv2018-01 img100 Ertale.jpg]]: 294 votes
[[File:Godorf Station at Dusk, May 2018.jpg]]: 294 votes
[[File:Canterbury Cathedral Tower Ceiling.jpg]]: 297 votes
[[File:Château Frontenac city at night.jpg]]: 297 votes
[[File:Oustalet's chameleon (Furcifer oustaleti) male feeding Anja Community Reserve 3e.jpg]]: 297 votes
[[File:Tabby cat with blue eyes-3336579.jpg]]: 297 votes
[[File:Abbotsford House Study Room.jpg]]: 298 votes
[[File:Onça do Pantanal.jpg]]: 299 votes
[[File:PIA17218 – A Farewell to Saturn, Brightened Version.jpg]]: 299 votes
[[File:Drosendorf Winter Nebel P1210019.jpg]]: 302 votes
[[File:Jaflong Sylhet.jpg]]: 305 votes
[[File:STS-135 final flyaround of ISS 1.jpg]]: 305 votes
[[File:Ледяные парусники.jpg]]: 306 votes
[[File:Cataratas Victoria, Zambia-Zimbabue, 2018-07-27, DD 04.jpg]]: 308 votes
[[File:Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Marshall’s Beach, March 2018.jpg]]: 309 votes
[[File:Pteridium pinetorum ssp. sibiricum.jpg]]: 309 votes
[[File:Sailor directs an EA-18G during snow storm in Japan (8367035559).jpg]]: 311 votes
[[File:Bruderwald Sunrays 150265.jpg]]: 313 votes
[[File:Flooded Albizia Saman (rain tree) in the Mekong.jpg]]: 313 votes
[[File:Linnutee - Milky Way (9) copy.jpg]]: 316 votes
[[File:Moonlight in the Sahara.jpg]]: 318 votes
[[File:Common seal (Phoca vitulina) 2.jpg]]: 319 votes
[[File:Frostedbubble2.jpg]]: 319 votes
[[File:Frozen drop.webm]]: 322 votes
[[File:Schloss Gluecksburg msu 2018 -7111.jpg]]: 322 votes
[[File:Snowflake macro photography 1.jpg]]: 324 votes
[[File:The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral.jpg]]: 325 votes
[[File:Washare from the Hamer tribe in Logara, near Turmi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia (16882803797).jpg]]: 325 votes
[[File:Io highest resolution true color.jpg]]: 326 votes
[[File:Нерпичий взгляд.jpg]]: 326 votes
[[File:Ice planet and antarctic jellyfish.jpg]]: 327 votes
[[File:Болотные Кипарисы.jpg]]: 327 votes
[[File:Two Arecaceae in the fields viewed through a hole in a tree stump in Laos at sunrise.jpg]]: 328 votes
[[File:Мыс Столбчатый. После заката.jpg]]: 328 votes
[[File:Bergelut dengan asap nan beracun.jpg]]: 338 votes
[[File:Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Marshall’s Beach, October 2017.jpg]]: 338 votes
[[File:NGC 3372a-full.jpg]]: 339 votes
[[File:21-224-5054 NNP Synevyr RB 18.jpg]]: 343 votes
[[File:Akalla metro station August 2014 01.jpg]]: 345 votes
[[File:Pont du Parayre 08.jpg]]: 352 votes
[[File:Global temperature changes.webm]]: 366 votes
[[File:PIA19048 realistic color Europa mosaic.jpg]]: 367 votes
[[File:Зимова фортеця.jpg]]: 368 votes
[[File:Cat playing with a lizard.jpg]]: 376 votes
[[File:Dorcus parallelipipedus female.jpg]]: 405 votes
[[File:Lake Baikal in winter.jpg]]: 406 votes
[[File:FCAB EMD GT22CU-3 San Pedro - Ascotan.jpg]]: 409 votes
[[File:Red-billed oxpecker (Buphagus erythrorhynchus) on impala (Aepyceros melampus).jpg]]: 429 votes
[[File:Castle of Peyrusse-le-Roc 20.jpg]]: 430 votes
[[File:Total Solar Eclipse 8-21-17.jpg]]: 537 votes
[[File:Evolution of a Tornado.jpg]]: 541 votes
--Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 07:25, 5 March 2019 (UTC)
Thank you very much. It's quite interesting for me to see the range between 22 and 541 votes. I've had no idea, how the votes are scattered. --Stepro (talk) 15:53, 5 March 2019 (UTC)
See also Commons:Picture_of_the_Year/2018/Committee#Transparency (which has been updated now). Best --Steinsplitter (talk) 13:59, 6 March 2019 (UTC)

Oustalet's chameleonEdit

Hi. When you click on the image only one picture appears. How are voters supposed to know that the FP was series of 4 images? Charles (talk) 13:54, 7 March 2019 (UTC)

Which files are you referring to? --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 14:46, 7 March 2019 (UTC)
go to Commons:Picture_of_the_Year/2018/R2/Gallery and click on File:Oustalet's chameleon (Furcifer oustaleti) male feeding Anja Community Reserve 3e.jpg Charles (talk) 10:37, 8 March 2019 (UTC)
I see. I'll look into it, ans see what's causing the issue. --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 14:50, 8 March 2019 (UTC)
@Charlesjsharp: Does this work for you? --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 16:07, 8 March 2019 (UTC)
Thanks, yes, that's as it was in Round 1. Charles (talk) 16:11, 8 March 2019 (UTC)

Question from Marcho12345Edit

Why can i not vote?
— Preceding unsigned comment added by Marcho12345 (talk • contribs) 17:31, 7 March 2019 (UTC)
You're not eligible --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 19:28, 7 March 2019 (UTC)

Question from Tig2469Edit

So I can't vote?

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Tig2469 (talk • contribs) 14:27, 8 March 2019 (UTC)
You're not eligible --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 14:44, 8 March 2019 (UTC)

Question from MaximusPsychosisEdit

OK, so my question is, I got the banner of "Help choose the best image of the year. View the finalists and vote for your favorite." I click into it, basically giving all the "plz vote, go go go!" text, click on, all votes are grayed out..

after carefully reading, there is the small text of "To vote, you must be an established Wikimedia user with more than 75 edits before January 1, 2019. All of the images are categorized by subject and organized in topical galleries. (check eligibility)

Round 2 begins on 3 March 2019, 15:00 and ends on 17 March 2019, 23:59:59 [UTC]"

only after clicking into the "check eligibility" and seeing my number, I went back to re read that 2nd last line, OK, that's why I cannot vote.

So, here's my issue, you have the check system, you have the vote system, why can there not be a "here's banner, check user eligibility, no qualify, don't show banner" and if the user manages to get into the 1st vote into page, show users eligibility and say "sorry, you cant vote, no 3 free votes for you" instead of welcome, here's 3 votes, go vote" only to be told AT the vote selection screen you cannot, and have to go back, re-read the Whole intro page, only to see the 2nd last thing telling you to go check yourself.

and before you go "oh but its to hard, don't have the time" its been done for 13 years, you don't see the vote banner when you're not logged in, so there is that check in place, how hard is it to set if "user= <75 edits, don't show banner"

I don't know, I just got a little upset I cant vote, Its like been told you qualify, passed the interview, only to rock up and been told nope, you cant be here.
— Preceding unsigned comment added by MaximusPsychosis (talk • contribs) 02:39, 11 March 2019 (UTC)
I had a similar experience last year, but it encouraged me to do more edits so as to qualify the next year (this year), and I did qualify now. Happy editting! Aethalides (talk) 18:43, 16 March 2019 (UTC)
'how hard is it to set if "user= <75 edits, don't show banner"' <= Honestly, it's actually quite hard. You'd have to check the edit count on every wiki when the banner is ready to be shown. Although I agree the indication for not eligible should be made more obvious. It's like, every year the majority of the questions here are '> why can't I vote? > you're not eligible'. *facepalm* --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 21:32, 16 March 2019 (UTC)
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