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Included minerals:
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Minerals/doc.

Creates a formatted list of links to either genus categories (default) or galleries.

For subgenus, simply add rank=subgenus

Takes up to 200 names.

Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{Minerals/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{Minerals/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.


{{Minerals|Craniolaria|Ibicella|Martynia|Proboscidea (Martyniaceae)}}

Included minerals:
Craniolaria, Ibicella, Martynia, Proboscidea (Martyniaceae)


Included minerals (for Mammal Species of the World (2005)):
Eohiodon, Hiodon, Plesiolycoptera, Yanbiania

Note: prefixing a name with "†" will add the symbol before it to designate it as extinct.
Note: in case of disambiguated category (like Proboscidea (Martyniaceae) provide the name with parentheses



Optional parametersEdit

  • Use |rank=subgenus to list subgenus (for varietas or forma, ask Liné1 first)
  • Use |source=<WebSiteShortName> to display the source of this genus list. See Taxasource/doc for the complete list of managed WebSiteShortName
    • Use |name=<TaxonName> with |source= to specify the taxon name if the current category/gallery name is not exactly the taxon name (In article "Vanda (Orchidaceae)" use name=Vanda)
    • Use |source2=<WebSiteShortName> to provide additional sources
    • Use |ref=<reference> if your source is not managed by{{Taxasource}}
  • Use |<taxonName> to display that <taxonName> is extinct (|<taxonName>|<taxonName>=† is Deprecated)
  • Use |inline=y to make it all one line (and it should wrap correctly if it takes up more than one line in the browser)
  • Use |note=<note> to add the a note at the bottom of the list (such as "This list may be incomplete" or further clarification on the sources used to create the list).
  • Use |title=<title> to change the text "Included genera:" (Warning, If you set the title, the title will not change with the user language)

Usage examplesEdit

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