Hello! I'm アブサン (translated as Absinthe in English). I joined on April 19, 2013 and I would be trying to edit articles just to help Wikipedia. (Because I found Wikipedia very useful and I read articles often just to kill time when I'm bored.)

I am a frequent Wikipedia user. I contribute to Wikipedia by updating and creating new articles. I also edit grammar in some articles. I'm also planning to add pictures I have taken on some articles.

Disclaimer! Just because of my username doesn't mean I'm Japanese. I'm just really fond of Anime particularly Detective Conan (Case Closed) where the antagonists are named after liquors. That's why I decided to have my own code name

Articles I have created:


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I'm online everyday and most likely to check on Wikipedia for couple of hours. If you have any questions or things you wanna know, you can leave a post on my talk page. Also, if you need help with an article you're editing, feel free to tell me 'cause I wanna give all the help I can.


I can be emailed from here. However, I would prefer that, if possible, you contact me on my talk page. If you do email me, be sure to let me know about it as I am really lazy checking my email.


In the course of my editing, I may edit articles on various controversial topics, including (but not limited to) neo-Nazism, racism, Communism, creationism, Scientology, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, terrorism, pornography and paedophilia. In no event should my editing of an article be assumed to imply approval or disapproval of the subject of that article. My edits are made for encyclopaedic reasons only. If you have any quires regarding this, feel free to contact me on my talk page.


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