The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.

Albert Einstein

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My name is Alexander Savin (in Russian: Александр Савин).

I create and contribute photographs and more (I would describe myself as allround photographer or occasional travel photographer). See Photographs by A.Savin for photos; or Files by A.Savin for all stuff.

Yes, you can use anything you like, for free. The only requirement is to mention me (Alexander Savin) as creator. (If you want to place a link to this page, you also may use short URL

I am anti-fascist, anti-communist, I highly appreciate Freedom of Speech, and yes I don't like enemies of Freedom of Speech.

If I reverted an edit by you, or warned you, or blocked you, or nominated your photo for deletion, or closed a Deletion request not the way you like, or opposed your nomination for Featured Pictures or Quality Images, — this does NOT mean I have a problem with you as person, your nationality, your skin colour, your religion, your sexual or gender identity,... (sounds trivial, but indeed I receive this kind of accusations every now and then, sadly).

In general, I contribute here to the best of my knowledge and belief. This does NOT mean I am free of mistakes at all times. In any event, I am open for discussion. You may write on my talk page, or email me, or use contact form.

Joke — dedicated to "K.". Don't be a dick, don't be like "K.". Please.

(Taken from here, thanks to Nicoljaus or whoever made it up. Translated myself.)

A newly hired clerk just entered the office for the first time.

Boss: Look, your task is very simple. At 9 am you turn on the light, at 5 pm you turn it off. Clear?

Clerk: No...

Boss: Well, it's really simple. At 9 am this switch should be up, at 5 pm it should be down. Clear?

Clerk: No...

Boss: May I please know what exactly is unclear?

Clerk: ...

Boss: So, I repeat once again. Turn on this switch at 9 am, turn off this switch at 5 pm. Clear?

Clerk: No...

Boss: Now what the fuck is not clear to you ?!?...

Clerk: Why are you yelling at me? This is against WP:CIVIL, you know?! Admins!!! Help!!!