About Myself for "You Who Might Read This"Edit


This user has stayed so long in Bergen, Norway, that he is half Bergesian

As a newcomer to Wiki and being a 1942- model, I will need help from whoever can straighten up what I try to do.

I can make my own illustrations, and hopefully get them to load at the Commons. Format etc. is a mystery to me, and I learn too slowly. So please - if you find something iregular,you either fix it and send me A WORD, or tell me what to do on the discussion- page.

Projects: Traditional tools and buildings in Norw. agriculture, Recreating article about creativity - & whatever else that tickles my fancy.

Summer & fall of 2007: Mainly translating articles about half-obscure-abroad- painters from any period, but mainly from the list given by the Holocaust-center of "depraved artist" (german language: Entartete Kunst). In between: Artists tools & paraphernalia + still whatever associations may pop up.

Pictures mainly from holiday trip going northwards to Lofoten-area + other excursions at home or abroad.(Canary Islands, Prague, Madeira, etc.)

As most Norwegians of my age and educational level, I communicate in English(quite well, they tell me), talk German (guten akzent, schlechten grama und enigen Buchstabierungsproblemen) - and survive, but barely (limited knowledge of items on the menu), in France. Able to ask for directions in Spanish, (but now able to decipher enough of the food-stuff for a visit). Italy is still on my future agenda - but then it may be interresting to do some self-observation on how the language-mix of fra-spa -italiano gives any meaning.

Travelling abroad a couple of times each year, mainly to contemplate items of art, like recently in Bilbao - just because it was an Ideé Fixé in my head, like wanting to observe all the corner-points of the European continent not including behind the old Iron-curtain. My son is in many respects like me. We normally travel together and enjoy the same sights. Some of his camera-snapshots will inevitably end up here.