Ed Zerne
Birth nameGustave Edward Zerne
Birthdate 9/12/1945
Los Angeles, CA.
Nationality American [U.S.A.]
Field Painting & Sculpture
Training MICA BFA 1969
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Ed Zerne is my name and my primary interest is Art. I attended the Corcoran School of Art and Maryland Institute College of Art [BFA Fine Arts Painting 1969], then worked for Nesta Dorrance at Jefferson Place Gallery and was hired to do lighting & installation at the Corcoran Gallery of Art by Walter Hopps. I then taught Art at Mount Vernon College for two years and also worked as a Graphic Artist, Illustrator & Designer for a number of years.

I have worked in many different media and much of the work lives on the boundary between painting and sculpture. Since the early 1990’s I have been using the computer as a sketchbook and a way of developing images but I have not abandoned more traditional means of creating Art.

Currently living in Owings Mills, Maryland [Baltimore area.]