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Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
KBHFe-uvBHF   (uvKBHFe-BHF) 97011794 2014-09-06T16:15:00Z YLSS correct name
SBHFm   (SBHF-M) 97028169 2014-09-06T18:31:11Z YLSS
C+BHF   (S+BHF-ES) 97030610 2014-09-06T18:59:51Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
CHST   (SHST-ES) 97030687 2014-09-06T19:01:03Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
eC+BHF   (eS+BHF-ES) 97030717 2014-09-06T19:01:36Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
eCHST   (eSHST-ES) 97030730 2014-09-06T19:01:45Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
eKC+BHFa   (eKS+BHF-ESa) 97030795 2014-09-06T19:02:27Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
eKCBHFa   (eKSBHF-ESa) 97030811 2014-09-06T19:02:37Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
eKCBHFe   (eKSBHF-ESe) 97030817 2014-09-06T19:02:40Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
exC+BHF   (exS+BHF-ES) 97030825 2014-09-06T19:02:48Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
exCHST   (exSHST-ES) 97030837 2014-09-06T19:02:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
exKC+BHFe   (exKS+BHF-ESe) 97030846 2014-09-06T19:03:02Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
exKC+BHFa   (exKS+BHF-ESa) 97030849 2014-09-06T19:03:04Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
exKCBHFa   (exKSBHF-ESa) 97030903 2014-09-06T19:03:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
exKCBHFe   (exKSBHF-ESe) 97030905 2014-09-06T19:03:56Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
KC+BHFa   (KS+BHF-ESa) 97030911 2014-09-06T19:03:59Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
KC+BHFe   (KS+BHF-ESe) 97030995 2014-09-06T19:04:56Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
KCBHFa   (KSBHF-ESa) 97031003 2014-09-06T19:04:59Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
KCBHFe   (KSBHF-ESe) 97031006 2014-09-06T19:05:01Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
tC+BHF   (tS+BHF-ES) 97031015 2014-09-06T19:05:07Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
tCHST   (tSHST-ES) 97031020 2014-09-06T19:05:10Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
tKC+BHFa   (tKS+BHF-ESa) 97031027 2014-09-06T19:05:16Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
tKC+BHFe   (tKS+BHF-ESe) 97031037 2014-09-06T19:05:21Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
tKCBHFa   (tKSBHF-ESa) 97031044 2014-09-06T19:05:27Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
xC+BHF   (BHF+xS-ES) 97031165 2014-09-06T19:06:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
tKCBHFe   (tKSBHF-ESe) 97031202 2014-09-06T19:06:21Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
xKC+BHFa   (KBHF+xS-ESa) 97031228 2014-09-06T19:06:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]
xKC+BHFe   (KBHF+xS-ESe) 97031250 2014-09-06T19:06:51Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#The "C" root prefix]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
edSTR2h+r   (xdSTR2h+r) 97116250 2014-09-07T13:02:06Z YLSS
edSTR3h+l   (xdSTR3h+l) 97116263 2014-09-07T13:02:16Z YLSS
edSTRr+1h   (xdSTRr+1h) 97116271 2014-09-07T13:02:21Z YLSS
edSTRl+4h   (xdSTRl+4h) 97116272 2014-09-07T13:02:21Z YLSS


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
tGRENZE   (tZOLL) 97216707 2014-09-08T11:19:31Z YLSS per [[Category talk:Icons for railway descriptions/experimental/borders]]
xtGRENZE   (xtZOLL) 97216745 2014-09-08T11:19:55Z YLSS per [[Category talk:Icons for railway descriptions/experimental/borders]]
leer+BS   (BS) 97224845 2014-09-08T13:13:08Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/Archive 5#Platforms]]
leer+BSl   (BSl) 97224859 2014-09-08T13:13:11Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/Archive 5#Platforms]]
leer+BSr   (BSr) 97224865 2014-09-08T13:13:14Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/Archive 5#Platforms]]








Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
exvDST-BHFa   (exvDST-KBHFa) 97486245 2014-09-12T05:34:29Z YLSS
exvDSTa-BHF   (exvKDSTa-BHF) 97486250 2014-09-12T05:34:35Z YLSS
exvBHFa-DSTa   (exvKBHFa-KDSTa) 97486414 2014-09-12T05:41:09Z YLSS
vBHFa-DSTa   (vKBHFa-KDSTa) 97486419 2014-09-12T05:41:15Z YLSS
veDST-KBFa   (veDST-KBHFa) 97486425 2014-09-12T05:41:29Z YLSS
ENDEl   (ENDEeq) 97498787 2014-09-12T10:40:32Z Taivo history merging
ENDEr   (ENDEaq) 97499100 2014-09-12T10:51:31Z Taivo history merging


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
File:ExBSicon KRZl+l.svg   (exKRZxl+xl) 97581058 2014-09-13T18:33:23Z YLSS branches out of use, should also be with "x"
utBHFef   (uextBHFef) 97592284 2014-09-13T22:31:14Z YLSS oops


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
dRP2brAq   (dlRP2brAq) 97633148 2014-09-14T15:41:11Z Useddenim uploaded with incorrect name
dRP2brEq   (dlRP2brEq) 97633402 2014-09-14T15:43:42Z Useddenim uploaded with incorrect name
uextHSTACC   (uxtHSTACC) 97645540 2014-09-14T18:52:06Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextKHSTACCa   (uxtKHSTACCa) 97645572 2014-09-14T18:52:43Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextKHSTACCe   (uxtKHSTACCe) 97645575 2014-09-14T18:52:48Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextACC   (uxtACC) 97646497 2014-09-14T19:06:23Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextKACCa   (uxtKACCa) 97646501 2014-09-14T19:06:28Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextKACCe   (uxtKACCe) 97646507 2014-09-14T19:06:30Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextACCq   (uxtACCq) 97646514 2014-09-14T19:06:33Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextKACCl   (uxtKACCaq) 97646528 2014-09-14T19:06:44Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
uextKACCr   (uxtKACCeq) 97646531 2014-09-14T19:06:50Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#exACC]]
vRP2oWm   (lvWVIADUKT2-M) 97650600 2014-09-14T20:14:28Z YLSS like [[:File:BSicon ldWVIADUKT2-L.svg]] and similar
lvWVIADUKT2-M   (lvWVIADUKT1-M) 97650677 2014-09-14T20:16:07Z YLSS oops


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
ÜWc1234   (STRc1234) 97689553 2014-09-15T11:33:28Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#ÜW and BRÜCKE]]
exÜWc1234   (exSTRc1234) 97689555 2014-09-15T11:33:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#ÜW and BRÜCKE]]
uÜWc1234   (uSTRc1234) 97689558 2014-09-15T11:33:38Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#ÜW and BRÜCKE]]
uexÜWc1234   (uexSTRc1234) 97689562 2014-09-15T11:33:42Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#ÜW and BRÜCKE]]








Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
uexdKBHFle   (uexdKBHF-Re) 97983578 2014-09-19T17:57:19Z YLSS


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
udBS2+l   (udSHI1+l) 98011030 2014-09-20T06:46:32Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
udBS2+r   (udSHI1+r) 98011032 2014-09-20T06:46:35Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
udBS2l   (udSHI1l) 98011035 2014-09-20T06:46:40Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
udBS2r   (udSHI1r) 98011036 2014-09-20T06:46:44Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
uexdBS2+l   (uexdSHI1+l) 98011039 2014-09-20T06:46:51Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
uexdBS2+r   (uexdSHI1+r) 98011040 2014-09-20T06:46:54Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
uexdBS2l   (uexdSHI1l) 98011043 2014-09-20T06:47:01Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
uexdBS2r   (uexdSHI1r) 98011052 2014-09-20T06:47:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
dBS2+l   (dSHI1+l) 98011064 2014-09-20T06:47:38Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
dBS2r   (dSHI1r) 98011067 2014-09-20T06:47:45Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
exdBS2+l   (exdSHI1+l) 98011071 2014-09-20T06:47:50Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
exdBS2+r   (exdSHI1+r) 98011075 2014-09-20T06:47:57Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming/SPL]]
tdBHFr   (tdBHF-L) 98013945 2014-09-20T07:48:04Z YLSS
extdBHFr   (extdBHF-L) 98013946 2014-09-20T07:48:10Z YLSS
extdBHFl   (extdBHF-R) 98013950 2014-09-20T07:48:17Z YLSS
exdKBHFme   (exdKBHF-Me) 98014724 2014-09-20T08:03:46Z YLSS
dKBHFme   (dKBHF-Me) 98014730 2014-09-20T08:03:50Z YLSS
exdKBHFle   (exdKBHF-Re) 98014747 2014-09-20T08:04:01Z YLSS
fv-SHI2+r   (fvSHI2l-) 98053374 2014-09-20T20:00:44Z YLSS both are correct, but let the simpler be the "primary"




Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
uBS2l+uexSTRlf   (uexSTRl+uSHI2l) 98200757 2014-09-22T19:57:37Z YLSS
uBS2r+uexSTRrf   (uexSTRr+uSHI2r) 98200792 2014-09-22T19:57:59Z YLSS








Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
epdHST   (xdpHST) 98460869 2014-09-26T15:35:26Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#d]]
expdHST   (exdpHST) 98460956 2014-09-26T15:36:15Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#d]]
xpdHST   (edpHST) 98460986 2014-09-26T15:36:26Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#d]]


Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
S+BHFCC   (tS+BHFea) 98521140 2014-09-27T09:30:38Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
S+BHFCCa   (tS+BHFeg) 98521161 2014-09-27T09:30:58Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
S+BHFCCe   (tS+BHFaf) 98521171 2014-09-27T09:31:17Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
S+BHFCCq   (tS+BHFeaq) 98521179 2014-09-27T09:31:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
S+BHFCCqa   (tS+BHFegq) 98521195 2014-09-27T09:31:53Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
S+BHFCCqe   (tS+BHFafq) 98521213 2014-09-27T09:32:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tS+BHFCC   (tS+BHFae) 98521237 2014-09-27T09:32:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tS+BHFCCa   (tS+BHFag) 98521254 2014-09-27T09:32:49Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tS+BHFCCe   (tS+BHFef) 98521267 2014-09-27T09:33:01Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tS+BHFCCq   (tS+BHFaeq) 98521278 2014-09-27T09:33:10Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tS+BHFCCqa   (tS+BHFagq) 98521310 2014-09-27T09:33:39Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tS+BHFCCqe   (tS+BHFefq) 98521322 2014-09-27T09:33:52Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SBHFCC   (tSBHFea) 98521598 2014-09-27T09:34:58Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SHSTCC   (tSHSTea) 98521626 2014-09-27T09:35:08Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SBHFCCa   (tSBHFeg) 98521641 2014-09-27T09:35:30Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SHSTCCa   (tSHSTeg) 98521644 2014-09-27T09:35:37Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SBHFCCe   (tSBHFaf) 98521668 2014-09-27T09:35:55Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SHSTCCe   (tSHSTaf) 98521677 2014-09-27T09:36:03Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SBHFCCq   (tSBHFeaq) 98521720 2014-09-27T09:36:22Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SHSTCCq   (tSHSTeaq) 98521723 2014-09-27T09:36:27Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SBHFCCqa   (tSBHFegq) 98521737 2014-09-27T09:36:51Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SHSTCCqa   (tSHSTegq) 98521744 2014-09-27T09:36:57Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SBHFCCqe   (tSBHFafq) 98521771 2014-09-27T09:37:17Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
SHSTCCqe   (tSHSTafq) 98521778 2014-09-27T09:37:23Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSBHFCC   (tSBHFae) 98521803 2014-09-27T09:37:41Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSHSTCC   (tSHSTae) 98521811 2014-09-27T09:37:47Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSBHFCCa   (tSBHFag) 98521835 2014-09-27T09:38:03Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSHSTCCa   (tSHSTag) 98521842 2014-09-27T09:38:09Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSBHFCCe   (tSBHFef) 98521865 2014-09-27T09:38:24Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSHSTCCe   (tSHSTef) 98521872 2014-09-27T09:38:30Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSBHFCCq   (tSBHFaeq) 98521886 2014-09-27T09:38:45Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSHSTCCq   (tSHSTaeq) 98521893 2014-09-27T09:38:48Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSBHFCCqa   (tSBHFagq) 98521918 2014-09-27T09:39:07Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSHSTCCqa   (tSHSTagq) 98521938 2014-09-27T09:39:13Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSBHFCCqe   (tSBHFefq) 98522022 2014-09-27T09:39:34Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tSHSTCCqe   (tSHSTefq) 98522053 2014-09-27T09:39:43Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
BSTCC   (tBSTea) 98526592 2014-09-27T10:29:52Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
BSTCCa   (tBSTeg) 98526617 2014-09-27T10:30:08Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
BSTCCe   (tBSTaf) 98526641 2014-09-27T10:30:31Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
BSTCCq   (tBSTeaq) 98526653 2014-09-27T10:30:50Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
BSTCCqa   (tBSTegq) 98526675 2014-09-27T10:31:11Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
BSTCCqe   (tBSTafq) 98526688 2014-09-27T10:31:26Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tBSTCC   (tBSTae) 98526696 2014-09-27T10:31:43Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tBSTCCa   (tBSTag) 98526707 2014-09-27T10:31:59Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tBSTCCe   (tBSTef) 98526715 2014-09-27T10:32:11Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tBSTCCq   (tBSTaeq) 98526732 2014-09-27T10:32:32Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tBSTCCqa   (tBSTagq) 98526741 2014-09-27T10:32:44Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]
tBSTCCqe   (tBSTefq) 98526746 2014-09-27T10:32:58Z YLSS per [[Talk:BSicon/Renaming#BHFCC redux]]




Page Target logid Date/time User Summary
uexdBHF-R   (uexvBHF-R-) 98690825 2014-09-29T10:11:52Z YLSS oops
uvxINT-INT   (uvexINT-INT) 98694626 2014-09-29T10:53:22Z YLSS correct
uvINTm   (uvINT-M) 98694893 2014-09-29T10:56:16Z YLSS
KHSTe+exKBHFe   (exKBHFe+KHSTe) 98750429 2014-09-29T23:06:36Z YLSS [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#New icon KHSTeeBHF]]
KHSTe+exBHF   (exBHF+KHSTe) 98750442 2014-09-29T23:06:44Z YLSS [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#New icon KHSTeeBHF]]
KHSTa+exBHF   (exBHF+KHSTa) 98750467 2014-09-29T23:07:05Z YLSS [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#New icon KHSTeeBHF]]
KHSTa+exKBHFa   (exKBHFa+KHSTa) 98750484 2014-09-29T23:07:19Z YLSS [[Talk:BSicon/Icon geometry and SVG code neatness#New icon KHSTeeBHF]]