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The Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. This was the first file I uploaded to Commons. I took this photo on one of my many travels.
One of my most boring photos
A picture I took while close to home

Hello! My name is Percival Kestreltail. I enjoy taking photos of places I visit, but I have no professional knowledge of photography. I mainly photograph architecture and cityscapes, but I occasionally take photos of natural features.

你好!我叫珀西瓦尔·开斯特劳太尔(Percival Kestreltail)。我会把我旅游时照的照片贴到维基共享资源上。

Boujour! Je m'appelle Percival Kestreltail. Je télécharge mes photos du vacances et des excursions d'une journée sur Wikimedia Commons.

Languages I SpeakEdit

I am a native speaker of American English and Mandarin Chinese; however, I prefer communicating in English as I am only a heritage speaker of Chinese. I am an intermediate learner of French, and I have also dabbled in Swedish and Dutch.

My PhotosEdit

You can find all of my uploads at the File list special page. You can also visit my Flickr page to see more of my photos. I am not a great photographer, as you can tell, but I hope to improve my photography skills. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be as good as the Pictures of the Day . . .


Vous pouvez trouver toutes mes photos sur la page Liste de fichiers. Vous pouvez aussi visiter mon profil Flickr pour voir mes autres photos.


I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but I grew up in Aurora, Illinois. I currently live in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts.