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"Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain." - Die Jungfrau von Orleans, Friedrich Schiller
"So the wise soul, by never dealing with great things, gets great things done." - Tao Te Ching, Consider Beginnings, as translated by Ursula K. LeGuin

Loudenvier is the nickname of Felipe Machado (March 31, 1976, Volta Redonda), a Brazilian wikipedian, currently living in Rio de Janeiro, at the wonderfull Barra da Tijuca beach, where he shares his duplex apartment with his lovely companion Jeff, a very strong, inteligent and stubborn fawn boxer (named after bodyboarder Jeff Hubbard).

Loudenvier is a capable bodyboarder and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He is an avid fan of music and literature, and spends most of its time reading sci-fi books and eclecticly listening to metal, rock, punk and classical music. He does computer programming and systems analysis as a full time job.

Loudenvier is the former owner of the beutiful Opel Tigra and also of a 142hp Fiat Marea. Now he is enjoying his new Astra and keep treating it like a member of the family rather than just another car.


A wide range of subjects enthralled the attention of Loudenvier throughout the many phases of his life. Since early childhood he was attracted to sports such as bicycling and swimming, though it was only in his early adolescence that he delevoped a strong musical taste and fondness for literature.


Martial arts, water sports and extreme sports have always fascinated Loudenvier. He is a bodyboarder by choice, favoring the prone surfing style over the stand-up of classical surfing because of the nature and greater variety of tricks in bodyboarding. He also practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (a decision heavily influenced by Royce Gracie success in the UFC) and is a Judo purple belt.


Loudenvier´s mother, Eliane Machado, is a professional classical pianist, and his son was exposed to Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and many other classical artists since birth. However, a strong musical taste was only developed by the age of 13, when he started listening to Dire Straits. Loudenvier collected all the Dire Straits albums he could afford. After the "Dire Straits only period" he would get addicted to britsh punk-rock band New Model Army after seeing on MTV the video for their single "51st State of America". It was New Model Army´s sound and lyrics that helped diversifying Loudenvier´s musical taste to the eclectic nature it now bears.

Loudenvier always wanted to be a musician, and to play in a musical group. He had always favored the bass guitar and the drums. Ironically it was only at the age of 28 that he bought himself a bass guitar and started to self-taught to play the instrument. He now plays the bass on the band Bad Recover, a Bad Religion cover band (more specifically a Tribute band).


Loudenvier´s interest in literature grew out of his teenage interest in Role-playing games. The fantastic nature of RPG´s and its close relation to sci-fi and fantasy authors lead to a growing interest into those more mature forms of literary work. He enjoys hard sci-fi and dystopias, with deep social ramifications, from the likes of Ursula K. Le Guin and George Orwell, scientific accurate sci-fi by the likes of Arthur C. Clarke, and also grandiose, speculative modern Space Opera by the likes or David Brin and Frank Herbert.


Wirth´s law: "Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster."
Moore´s law: "Empirical observation dictates that the complexity of integrated circuits, with respect to minimum component cost, doubles every 24 months."

His father Paulo Sérgio, a system analyst on his own, gave his then 6-year old son a very early access to home computers by bringing home a TRS-80 around 1982 (it was very rare among brazilian families to have access to home computers at that time). Despite the TRS-80 being short-lived at Machado´s home due to financial problems, this early exposure would keep the child fascinated with computers and would pay off later, eventually becoming Felipe Machado´s profession. Most influential on his professional formation was a MSX home-computer that his father was able to afford around 1988. This computer was much more powerful than the TRS-80 and came bundled with a Basic interpreter with documentation in portuguese, which helped the child to self-taught computer programming.

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