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This user account is a bot operated by Magog the Ogre (talk). It is flagged as a bot. It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.

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PeachyFrameworkLogo.png This user uses the Peachy PHP bot framework.
  1. Q: Why did the bot make X/Y edit?
    • A: most of the edits it makes are for the sake of internationalization. This makes pages easier to read at local Wikimedia projects and in general for people who don't speak the same language as the uploader. Other edits are made for the sake of corrections.
  2. Q: But your bot barely changed anything! I don't see how this helps.
    • A: Even if the change in the wikicode was small, the bot is programmed only to make a change if it will actually affect the WYSIWYG layout. Something as small as removing a period from the date field of the {{Information}} template, for instance, looks small in wikicode, but can change the way that the template parses the field for the sake of international viewers. Try viewing the page beforehand and afterward, and you might be surprised at the difference between the two versions.
  3. Q: Why did the bot remove the date and author and/or source field from a file?
    • A: The license on the image page seems to indicate that a) the file was uploaded from a local wikiproject, and b) the uploader from there is not the author (despite what the bot transfer code says). This means that information about the original upload isn't relevant: so the bot has removed it. For example, some common such licenses are {{PD-USGov-NASA}} or {{PD-art}}. This is a pretty common edit; if you think it's made a mistake, let me know.
  4. Q: Why did your bot do something (else) wrong on a page!
    • A: Please assume good faith on my part - I am trying to improve this project as much as you are! There are thousands of lines of complex code running in this bot; it is bound to make a mistake somewhere. While I try to supervise most of the edits, I do miss some. Please by all means make a request to fix it on my talk page.
  5. Q: I don't want your bot to edit the images I upload. How do I stop it?
    • A: Before proceeding, please reconsider: is the change the bot makes significantly hampering the page? The changes it makes are usually beneficial for the average reader, and it's coded very carefully to try not to remove any information from the page. But if you really are worried about the issue, you can add the {{Nobots}} template to any of your uploads, and the bot should ignore it (if it doesn't, then it's a bug - contact me). But still if this isn't good enough for you, I can easily implement an on-wiki black list and have the bot ignore your uploads. But, like I said, I personally don't think this is the ideal solution, so please reconsider!
  6. Q: I don't like what your bot has done to a page I edited.
    • A: See the above note about the {{Nobots}} template. If that is not good enough, if we talk about the issue, surely we can work out whatever is bothering you.
  7. Q: I like what your bot is doing to a page that I edited! Can I request a feature?
    • A: By all means, request it on my talk page.

Magog the Ogre (talk) 00:49, 8 July 2012 (UTC)