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Alexis Monnerot-DumaineEdit

From Paris (France). Engineer in computer engineering and mathematician.

Working on articles about fractal geometry.

Several contributions in the english and french wikipedias, mainly [List of fractals by Hausdorff dimension].

And a category in Commons: Fibonacci word fractal

See also my mineral contributions.

Image ContributionsEdit

Most of these images were designed to illustrate the english and french Wikipedia articles dealing about fractal geometry.

1. Fractal patternsEdit

2. 3-dimensional fractalsEdit

3 dimensional fractal patterns : Mandelbrot, Mandelbulb, 3D IFS... Mainly generated with Mandelbulber

3. The Fibonacci word fractalEdit

4. Heighway's dragon curveEdit

5. Other stuffEdit

Artistic views, lanscapes generated from main fractals, and other unsorted stuff