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Taivo is my real-life first name.

I am an administrator of Estonian Vikipeedia and Commons. Since October 2010 I am responsible for Estonian Wikipedia main page.

I am he who blocked Willy on Wheels (user:Willy on Wheels~commonswiki) in Estonian wikipedia indefinitely.

In Commons, I am mostly active in deleting and categorizing. Since 23rd of September 2013 I am an administrator.

I contributed using Windows 98, Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla 1.4. These programs are generally considered too old for Wikipedia, but – I used them anyway.

Since November 2014 I use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11.

A lot of files need deletion hereA lot of files need recategorization here
  • Category:Signs
  • Category:Road signs
  • On 5th of November 2017 I made my 100 000th edit (nominating file:Unerg-1.png for deletion).

    What I have deleted

    On 19th of April 2015 I deleted speedily file:Vince Lombardi Trophy.png, which was used in different projects almost 1000 times. The prize is copyrighted and NFL enforces strictly its copyright.

    On 23rd of March 2017 I deleted file:Alvaro Molina.png, which was used 4213 times in 25 projects.

    On 12th of August 2015 I deleted 963 files during 6 hours and 47 minutes, mostly from category:Internet Archive (blank pages) (and during whole day 1049 files).

    On 8th of September 2015 I deleted 768 things during 4 hours and 5 minutes, mostly empty categories, but almost hundred scanned blank pages.

    On 19th of May 2019 I deleted an image on English Wikipedia main page due to copyright violation.