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I noticed the talk page semi-protection - that's a definite sign of an active admin! Keep up the great work!   INeverCry 04:27, 31 March 2016 (UTC)
  • Also, if it makes you feel any better, at least you don't get messages like these. That's this guy... INeverCry 04:31, 31 March 2016 (UTC)
Also, have some tea (if you like it) and I hope you feel better soon! Storkk (talk) 17:23, 2 December 2016 (UTC)
Thankies Storkk! Love tea! Ellin Beltz (talk) 16:13, 3 December 2016 (UTC)

Deleted Images


Wikipedia deleted 2 images from my article. I got these pictures to make a wikipedia article out of them. Should i ask them to send me an authorization to use te pictures? What kind of documents i need? — Preceding unsigned comment added by GL Brandenburg (talk • contribs) 12:03, 05 December 2016 (UTC)

Hi GL Brandenburg: Which one of your deleted uploads are you talking about? Here's your list:
07:43, 21 November 2016 . . File:Ten-T Map.jpg (User created page with UploadWizard)
07:36, 21 November 2016 . . File:TEN-T Map.pdf (User created page with UploadWizard)
07:10, 21 November 2016 . . File:SchematicA0 EUcorridor map zugeschnitten2.0.pdf (User created page with UploadWizard)
07:05, 21 November 2016 . . File:SchematicA0 EUcorridor map zugeschnitten.pdf (User created page with UploadWizard)
06:42, 21 November 2016 . . File:Scandra-korridor Karte augeschnitten.png (User created page with UploadWizard)
06:18, 21 November 2016 . . File:SchematicA0 EUcorridor map.pdf (User created page with UploadWizard)
06:09, 21 November 2016 . . File:ScandriaCorridor map S3 Orca 05082016 Broschure gross.pdf (User created page with UploadWizard)
15:42, 10 November 2016 . . File:SchematicA0 EUcorridor map(1).jpg (Cross-wiki upload from
15:40, 10 November 2016 . . File:ScandriaCorridor map S3 Orca 05082016 Broschure gross.jpg (Cross-wiki upload from
For that last one, I looked at the deletion nomination and discussion at Commons:Deletion requests/File:ScandriaCorridor map S3 Orca 05082016 Broschure gross.jpg. All this is linked on your talk page, all the file names and the links to what became of them. If the actual rights holders wish to release them, please have the rights holders follow the process described at COM:OTRS.
Usually pdf format is not encouraged, please read more about this at COM:SCOPE.
By the way, you don't have to have a picture to make a Wikipedia article. Many articles still don't have one. Cheers! Ellin Beltz (talk) 19:39, 5 December 2016 (UTC)

Deletion notices for 'Advertising Subsidized Space Exploration'

Base images are all Public Domain CC0, found in NASA and SpaceX photostreams, such as this please do not delete...I am unsure of how to be certain these files are not deleted. It has taken a lot of work to upload them to Wiki Commons and they will be referenced in upcoming articles. I'm linking to the base image CC0 pictures on the image pages as best I know how in the next few minutes. Thank you — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ericmachmer (talk • contribs) 19:09, 08 December 2016 (UTC)

contacted OTRS to clarify ownership of these composite images...instances of them on the web were taken from my blogs and and their base images are CC0 as per NASA and SpaceX policy. Please do not delete them as they will be used in forthcoming Wikipedia articles on advertising subsidized space exploration etc, thanksEricmachmer (talk) 20:51, 8 December 2016 (UTC)

Deleted files!

Hello, There is no reason for my images to be deleted! Just because it was nominated by someone who has his OWN reasons and wants that image deleted for personal reasons, doesn't mean it should be deleted! I doubt you speak Arabic. So how come you delete the image without even knowing what it says or contains? Thanks! --Rita saber1 (talk) 20:44, 6 December 2016 (UTC)

The file had been removed several times previously. Re-uploading removed images just ends up with them being removed again. Please see Commons:Deletion requests/File:C1115.jpg which was formerly linked on your talk page, until you removed the notice. The document removed is summarized as معلومات موثقة عن الفنانة سعاد حسني "شهادة ميلاد" / "substantiated information on the artist Souad Hosni" birth certificate Cheers! Ellin Beltz (talk) 23:21, 6 December 2016 (UTC)

Deleted files!

Hello, Ellin Beltz. All I am saying is just because someone nominates a file for deletion, doesn't mean it should be deleted. Please note that since the file you deleted is written in Arabic, it should have been reviewed by an admin/editor who speaks Arabic. It's a copy of the original Birth Certificate of the late Egyptian actress Souad Hosni; it was issued by the Egyptian Government in 1943 and is sealed by the seal of the Egyptian Ministry of interior. That document serves as a reliable source that confirms her place of birth and birthdate. The person who single-handedly nominated it for deletion has his own biases and agenda, and he has been banned from editing many times before. Anyway, I asked for the file to be restored, and I'm waiting for the outcome. I would really appreciate it if you could help me have it restored. Thanks in advance. --Rita saber1 (talk) 06:13, 7 December 2016 (UTC)

@Rita saber1: Note that these were originally deleted by Jameslwoodward under the rationale that birth certificates are almost never in scope. See Commons:Deletion_requests/File:Suad_Hosny_BC3.jpg and Commons:Deletion_requests/File:Suad_Hosny_BC2.jpg. Simply re-uploading files that were previously deleted because you disagree with the outcome is forbidden and is grounds for a block. The correct procedure if you think a mistake was made, is to request undeletion at Commons:Undeletion requests. However, please note that a photograph or scan of a photocopy of a document that you claim is a birth certificate is indeed almost certainly out of scope and is definitely not a reliable source for Wikipedia. Storkk (talk) 08:52, 7 December 2016 (UTC)
Thank you Storkk, you've answered the situation perfectly. What Jameslwoodward, the closing administrator, added to the discussion when he closed it is the cogent point, "Deleted: With a very few exceptions (e.g. Barack Obama) birth certificates are out of scope. Commons is not a repository for public records. . Jim . . . . (Jameslwoodward) (talk to me) 14:48, 8 November 2016". As Storkk said and linked COM:SCOPE are the limitations of what the project can contain; some files are not within the scope of the project and are removed. Birth certificates, death certificates, resumes, and other personal documents are not within the scope of Commons. Reuploading files after they've been removed in deletion nominations is grounds for a block and blanking your talk page of anything you find inconvenient makes it harder for anyone to help you. I realize Special:Contributions/Hawajez seems to have only existed to argue with you; that is unfortunately a common experience on the internet and while unpleasant, nothing he said made any difference to the process - the decision to remove was made by Jim for scope reasons. Cheers! Ellin Beltz (talk) 16:34, 7 December 2016 (UTC)
That's not quite the whole story. Aside from uploading this file five times, Rita saber1 has also used three different accounts on Commons in the last 45 days and made untrue ad hominem remarks against User:Hawajez, including the one above. Hawajez is far from a special purpose account -- he or she has about 10,000 edits on WMF projects, mostly on WP:AR. Rita saber1's three accounts have about 75, mostly related to this image. See the current UnDR for more details. .     Jim . . . . (Jameslwoodward) (talk to me) 16:40, 7 December 2016 (UTC)

Try this

Great remedy for colds!

.     Jim . . . . (Jameslwoodward) (talk to me) 17:17, 7 December 2016 (UTC)

Ohh my

Just noticed all the "stuff". If you need a little more then tasty looking chicken soup... Please join me for a Winter Sunset on the Water --WPPilot (talk) 07:51, 8 December 2016 (UTC)

Hi WPPilot utterly gorgeous as usual. Lovely film!! I really liked watching the water sparkle and the shadows of the boats at the end. It's those tiny details that just make it. Ellin Beltz (talk) 20:35, 8 December 2016 (UTC)

File:Legolas Greenleaf.png


American Ginseng, the creator and copyright holder of this illustration, published it under the right license.

Could I please be told why you selected this file for speedy deletion ? Have you attempted to contact American Ginseng before ?

Regards. --Guise (talk) 19:00, 8 December 2016 (UTC)

Hi Guise: Since nothing we say on talk pages can enter into deletion discussion, I replied to your questions at Commons:Deletion requests/File:Legolas Greenleaf.png. Cheers. Ellin Beltz (talk) 20:34, 8 December 2016 (UTC)

Weird pic of the week

Here you go: File:Bradberries.jpg. I got a little chuckle out of that one. BTW, now you'll have no competition at COM:DR except Jcb since I turned in my badge. It was getting dull and shabby anyways...   lNeverCry 20:48, 8 December 2016 (UTC)

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