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Interesting factsEdit

The interesting case of "Nothing personal, but I keep your talk page in my watchlist"Edit

@Alexis Jazz: No, I have an issue with anyone who abuses TPA on a page on my watchlist, just look at the section surrounding that edit. Nothing personal. Kindly withdraw your speculation and do me the courtesy of mentioning my user page when writing about me, as I do for you.   — Jeff G. please ping or talk to me 01:27, 13 July 2019 (UTC)
I have "Add pages and files I edit to my watchlist" checked in my global preferences. I first edited this page 18:17, 17 October 2018‎ (UTC).   — Jeff G. please ping or talk to me 14:18, 13 July 2019 (UTC)
So since 2018 you are following my talk page, my talk page. Interesting...
And since there, you did not unchecked my talk page from your watchlist?
Why is that so?
-- Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton m 08:56, 13 July 2019 (UTC)
Almost one month, stills following my talk page, and have no answer for that. -- Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton m 02:48, 11 August 2019 (UTC)

Your contributions are valuable! You are valuable!!!Edit

I saw this edit and please don't feel discouraged from contributing to Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons is its content and not its "community", people come and go and cultures change, meanwhile the digitising work you've done will be greatly appreciated by future generations and future historians. Even if you don't like its community, its mission of freely accessible educational media still stands and your contributions to this website will positively affect people for many years to come. When you edit you should think of the students studying a subject and learning to better understand it because of the illustrations you've uploaded or the researcher who wants to access that library whose collections you've digitised that could've otherwise have been lost if it weren't for you. Your contributions to this website and its mission are valuable and it would be a great loss without you. --Donald Trung 『徵國單』 (No Fake News 💬) (WikiProject Numismatics 💴) (Articles 📚) 19:15, 19 July 2019 (UTC)

  Support! - Alexis Jazz ping plz 21:55, 19 July 2019 (UTC)
Donald Trung,
First, thank you for the words. Thank you Alexis Jazz also.
I just want to clarify one point:
When the community blocks me with a crystal clear cof, or allow bulliers hunt me freely, and then when I react, accuses me of been the problem: another grant, of another Institution will not be funded, for years.
I can not afford another museum, see in this grant request the amount of money that I would have to spend to run a new digitalisation. And I make my money in BRL, that is around 1/4 of USD.
And this is the smallest collection of this institution. Institution that already lost part of their collection after a fire Instituto Butantan
And we love burn down our museums National Museum of Brazil... (I'll not make a list, this is too sad for me), so this goes beyond me, the community is jeopardising knowledge.
So even with motivation, I can not run new projects as important, as impactful.
Without motivation, that is the only thing that makes me contribute, how and why should I have to keep walking?
A small part of the Math museum I did not upload yet (large videos, some lectures, and the .tiff files to people be able to edit they), because my upload have an average speed of 12kb/s (you can check seem the interval of my uploads via Pattypan), and the amount of energy to upload they seems to not worth. Edit images took by the museum take me several hours, 10 hours or more, and the result?
By different layers of the community my work is: "boring", "repetitive", sometimes "kind of disgusting" and of course, "we don't need your photos, either."
I'm resistant, but even rocks crashes after years of water hitting they day after day.
My focus was only spread knowledge, focusing in all the benefits to Humankind, I was born poor, Brazilian level of poor, and now that I have a little, I always try my best to make more knowledge penetrate to lower levels of the society. So I truly understand what you are saying.
But the community is interfering even when I basically uploading, 2 weeks blocked right after I run 14 hours of Wikimedia Commons workshop, just a partial result I could upload, the rest, I'll not upload. I'm thinking if I'll fix the massive upload that I did, as I couldn't type down and qualify the metadata.
I do not have more energy.
"people come and go" people is the most valuable resource of this community, you should preserve it.
I did not know that the WMF denied you a grant purely on the grounds of a life sentence ban on a no longer active wiki, and what I mean with the phrase "people come and go" is that while the people who bully you may give you a hard time today, tomorrow they too will be gone. Of course human beings are the greatest resource Wikimedia Commons has, who else uploads, organises, copyright-checks, and fack-checks this website? But I was afraid that you would stop contributing to Wikimedia Commons because of your bad experiences, and believe me, the feeling that ones work is "work is: "boring", "repetitive", sometimes "kind of disgusting" and of course, "we don't need your photos, either." " are common, I know that the English-language Wikipedia has a page titled "Wikipedia does not need you", but the reality is that every individual contributor brings their unique strengths with them and a lot of users tend to contribute in certain niche areas that would probably never be represented on any Wikimedia website if it weren't for them, I've seen many examples of users who were permanently banned and now the subjects they uploaded in and the articles they wrote have been completely abandoned and aren't being updated anymore. Unfortunately there is neither a page named "Wikipedia needs you" or "Commons needs you" and explains why every individual is valuable.
Regarding receiving a grant, have you asked maybe Wikimedia Brazil to help or for someone else to apply? I'm pretty sure that some random Portuguese-language Wikipedia admin will probably get all the money they want on demand from the Wikimedia Foundation, or probably you could ask the Internet Archive to give a grant and then upload all the works from the museum to the Internet Archive and then import it to Wikimedia Commons.
And yes, I also wish that I would not have to import whole numismatic websites myself, but I still have a long list of media to import before I could retire (and believe me, I really want to), but the truth is that if we're not going to preserve these files of an inestimable historical and cultural value. But as valuable as you are to this project, what you import to Wikimedia Commons will be as valuable for thousands of projects in the future. I hope that one day the images of coins and banknotes I import to Wikimedia Commons can one day be easily used to make numismatic catalogues and be used in academic numismatic papers as illustrations. I am glad that after these many years you haven't given up on Wikimedia Commons and that you won't give up on it anytime soon. I sincerely hopes that you will find more volunteers to help you digitise more Brazilian museums. --Donald Trung 『徵國單』 (No Fake News 💬) (WikiProject Numismatics 💴) (Articles 📚) 20:05, 23 July 2019 (UTC)

Notification about possible deletionEdit

Yours sincerely,   — Jeff G. please ping or talk to me 09:10, 30 July 2019 (UTC)

"the nomination rational is bogus " - Natuur12
hehehehe -- Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton m 03:45, 31 July 2019 (UTC)
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