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  1. Bollywood Hungama has licensed some of their photos under the CC-BY-3.0 license, via OTRS ticket:2008030310010794, with the condition that the website is attributed and a direct link to the source page is provided.
  2. This applies only to photos of parties and events from their website, taken by their own photographers. All other images are copyrighted.
  3. The license DOES NOT cover screenshots, wallpapers or promotional posters.
  4. If the image on the Bollywood Hungama page is not prominently watermarked, and looks awkwardly cropped (like the bottom half of the photo is missing), take a look to see if it's part of a set that was originally not from Bollywood Hungama, with the original watermark cropped off; for example from Hamara Photos (see Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with Leading models at Avon's fashion show and Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with swarovski gems hungama), or from India Times (see Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with The audio release of Nirmal Mishra's film Murder In Mumbai and Commons:Deletion requests/File:Diana celebrates Women's Day at IMC Women's Wing.jpg).

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Mark the file as reviewed by adding "|status=confirmed|reviewer=~~~". Example:


You can also add this as author:

{{Institution:Bollywood Hungama}}

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Add a "No permission" tag.

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