Category:Unreviewed files from Pixabay

This category contains images from Pixabay marked with {{Pixabay}} that have not yet been reviewed by an administrator or trusted user.

To reviewerEdit

The files at Pixabay were explicitly published under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Note: On , Pixabay switched the old sitewide license for all uploads from Creative Commons CC0 to the Pixabay license which does not meet the free content licensing requirements for Commons. Therefore, media published on Pixabay from onwards is not considered to be freely licensed and can't be accepted on Commons. Files uploaded to Commons after this date should be subject to careful license review, verifying that the publication date on Pixabay is prior to .

If image passes reviewEdit

  • Remove {{LicenseReview}}, if existing
    • Replace the template with {{subst:PBLR|<id>}} for images.
    • Replace the template with {{subst:PBLR|<id>|vid}} for videos.

If image fails reviewEdit

See notes about confirmation in {{PBLR}}.

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