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It's no ae bug... it's ae beetle!!

Bugs ar kept track o in the Phabricator. Afore ye report ae bug, please read the how to|hou tae guide. Fer the mais pairt, developers prioritise bugs bi thaur seveeritie n importance. Gif ye eik yersel tae the bugs's subscribers leet, ye'l get an email update whaniver sommbodie maks ae change tae the teecket or leaves ae comment oan it.

"Advocatin" fer bugs, bi postin comments oan Phabricator that baseeclie yinlie say "Ah want this fixed n aw" or "This reallie is fair important", isna encooraged bi the developers. It sends wird tae awbodie that keeps an ee oan the bug (possiblie dozens o fawk or mair). Comments like thir mak it hairder fer readers tae find uissfu information wiin the thread. Postin techneecal descreeptions that mey halp tae localise or tae solve the proablem ar extremelie walcome mind.

Commons relatit bugs

Oan #wikimedia-commons-tech webchat ae bot reports changes aneat commons relatit bugs.

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