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1000th file uploaded


Information templateEdit

  : Creation of the {{Information}} template.

Mass upload programEdit

  : Release of Commonplace, an application for Microsoft Windows to upload images to the Commons (discontinued since)

DirectMedia paintings donationEdit

Prix Ars Electronica honorary mentionEdit

  • : Commons receives an Honorary mention in the Prix Ars Electronica awards in Austria.

100,000 media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches 100,000 media files. 100,000th file uploaded was Image:Dataflowfiringnodes.png.

Self templateEdit

  : Creation of the {{Self}} template.


  : Launching of the FlickrLickr program, to retrieve freely-licensed files from Flickr. In a month, 14,000 files are reviewed.


  : SVG becomes possible in MediaWiki. This means Commons can accept files in Scalable Vector Graphics format. This format is preferred over PNG in most cases.


500,000 media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches 500,000 media files (Commons:Village_pump/Archive/2006/03#Half_million_items).

600,000 media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches 600,000 media files

Quality Images process launchedEdit

File Undeletion enabledEdit

  : File undeletion enabled. (announcement)

COM:AN launchedEdit


  : The CommonsDelinker, which prevents red image links from appearing in local wikis after being deleted in Wikimedia Commons by delinking, makes its first edits. It gets approved in November.


  : Deployment and approval of FlickreviewR, a robot which checks the image status at Flickr, and confirms whether the license on Flickr is one acceptable on the Commons.

One million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches one million media files


Picture of the Year process launchedEdit

  : Voting for the inaugural Commons:Picture of the Year/2006 competition concludes. 658 Wikimedians voted. Winner was Image:Polarlicht 2.jpg.

Flickr upload botEdit

  : Deployment of Flickr upload bot, a robot which helps in transferring freely-licensed files from Flickr, using a user interface hosted on the Toolserver. (See Village Pump, commons-l).

1.5 million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches 1.5 million media files

Two million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches two million media files

1000 Featured PicturesEdit

: Commons reached the milestone of 1,000 Featured Pictures. Featured Pictures are nominated and voted on by the wiki community, and represent "the best of the best" in free content images and photography. The tradition of voting for Featured Pictures began in November 2004, two months after Wikimedia Commons was founded.


Picture of the YearEdit

  : Voting for the Commons:Picture of the Year/2007 competition concludes. 919 Wikimedians voted. Winner was File:Broadway tower edit.jpg.

Unified loginEdit

  : Unified login is deployed (background).

Valued Images process launchedEdit

: Commons:Valued images process started.

Three million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches three million media files

PD tag deprecatedEdit

  : the {{PD}} copyright tag is deprecated. Claims of public domain status now require more specific templates.


  : ForeignApiRepo is deployed in the MediaWiki software, allowing an install to specify another wiki to pull images and other media files from − including Wikimedia Commons, making InstantCommons a reality.

Patrol interfaceEdit

  : New Commons Upload Patrol interface. A new interface is available to administrators and patrollers for assistance in patrolling new files. See documentation on Meta.

Bundesarchiv uploadsEdit

: Starting on Thursday December 4, 2008, Wikimedia Commons witnessed a massive upload of new images. We received more than 80,000 files from a donation from the German Federal Archives. These images are mostly related to the history of Germany (including the German Democratic Republic) and are part of a cooperation between Wikimedia Germany and the Federal Archives.


Picture of the YearEdit

  : Voting for the Commons:Picture of the Year/2008 competition concludes. 712 Wikimedians voted. Winner was File:Biandintz eta zaldiak - modified2.jpg.

Four million media filesEdit

File:Masca-2009.jpg is the four millionth file uploaded

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches four million media files with File:Masca-2009.jpg.

Deutsche Fotothek collaborationEdit

: en:Deutsche Fotothek and Wikimedia Germany e.V. announced details of a cooperation on a joint press conference. The most visible aspect of this cooperation is the release of some 250,000 images from the Fotothek under Creative Commons cc-by-sa 3.0 and its subsequent uploading to Wikimedia Commons.

File annotationEdit

  : Deployment of the ImageAnnotator gadget.

Licensing updateEdit

  Licensing update : Wikimedia material under GFDL is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. 544,990 files are migrated, while it was redundant for 2,902,667.

National Portrait Gallery copyright disputeEdit

: the National Portrait Gallery of London (NPG) sent an email letter warning of possible legal action for alleged copyright infringement to Derrick Coetzee, which stated that Coetzee had downloaded more than 3,300 high-resolution images from the British National Portrait Gallery's database of images and in March 2009 had posted them on Wikimedia Commons.

Five million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches five million media files with File:Kjøbenhavnsposten 28 nov 1838 side 1.jpg.

Renaming filesEdit

  : It is now possible for administrators to rename files.

Tool to batch upload files from FlickEdit

  : FlickrRipper, part of the Pywikipedia framework, allows to easily batch upload files from Flickr.


  : Deployment of GlobalUsage, which allows to see usage of a file on other wikis. (background)

Tropenmuseum collaborationEdit

: Collaboration with the Tropenmuseum of Amsterdam, with the donation of 35,000 images about Indonesia to Wikimedia Commons.

Wikipedias using Commons - statisticsEdit


Main license templates use TranslateWikiEdit

  : The main licence templates now use translations provided by TranslateWiki.

Six million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches six million media files The six millionth file was uploaded on January 31, 2010, five months after the five millionth file, with the bot assisted upload of some 250,000 images from the Geograph project.

Vector skin becomes defaultEdit

  : Commons has now changed the default look to a new theme called Vector, which makes many functions much easier to find.

Picture of the YearEdit

  : Voting for the Commons:Picture of the Year/2009 competition concludes. 742 Wikimedians voted. Winner was File:Sikh pilgrim at the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar, India.jpg.

File moversEdit

  : The file movers can now rename files.

Explicit images deletions controversyEdit

: Controversy after Jimmy Wales spearheaded a purge of explicit content on Wikimedia Commons

TIFF support enabledEdit

  : Support of the TIFF format is enabled.

Institution templateEdit

  : Creation of the {{Institution}} template.

UploadWizard in public betaEdit

  : The UploadWizard launches in beta.

Illustrated tutorialEdit

Puzzly, hero of the licensing tutorial

  : An illustrated tutorial is created by the Wikimedia Foundation to educated users on copyright issues during the UploadWizard process. It features Puzzly.

One-click reuse buttonsEdit

Stockphoto gadget in action, for anonymouse users

  : Enabling of the Stockphoto gadget, meant to help with media reuse, by adding on file pages buttons helping wirth credit lines, licensing requirements and code generation.

Localisation for anonymous usersEdit

  : Interface gets localised for anonymous users (background)

Eight million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches eight million media files (Commons:Village_pump/Archive/2010/12#8M_milestone).


Picture of the YearEdit

  : The Commons:Picture of the Year/2010 competition concludes. Winner was File:Laser Towards Milky Ways Centre.jpg.

Nine million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches nine million media files (Commons:Village_pump/Archive/2011/02#We_broke_9M).

Ten million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches ten million media files with File:POL Lipno (jezioro w województwie pomorskim) 02.jpg.

User galleriesEdit

  : The user gallery feature lists all uploads by a user (background). A direct link is provided in the top-right user links in August 2011 (consultation).

UploadWizard is defaultEdit

  : The UploadWizard is now the default upload tool


: Beginning of the collaboration with the National Archives and Records Administration

Eleven million media filesEdit

  : Wikimedia Commons reaches eleven million media files (Commons:Village_pump/Archive/2011/09#11M).

Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 is organised across Europe, with the European-level contest open for entries in the month of September. 169,150 images were uploaded in total. The contest caused a notable peak in the new editors statistics.

Community growthEdit

: Wikimedia Commons becomes the second largest community (after the English Wikipedia), in terms of active editors (5+ edits per month) and very active editors (100+ edits per month). (Commons:Village_pump/Archive/2011/11#Commons_and_the_September_report_card)

MediaWiki 1.18Edit

  : MediaWiki 1.18 deployed to Commons and other Wikimedia sites. Over the following months this caused widely noted issues with picture rotation due to the new use of EXIF data to autorotate images - Commons:Rotation.


The Commons LogEdit

The Commons Log is launched as a light-weight replacement for the long-defunct Commons:Journal. It is described as

an ad hoc record of notable events on Wikimedia Commons. It may be updated by anyone, as rarely or as frequently as desired. The guideline for whether events are suitable for inclusion is (i) that events are of sitewide interest and (ii) that the events are reasonably significant in the context of Commons events in that year. The Log is intended to be archived only once per year.

There is no publication schedule or editor; whatever is logged, is logged. The Log is archived at the end of every calendar year. It is hoped that the Log will make it easier for users who don't visit Commons very often to keep up to date with major events, and also serve as a historical record of major events. Examples of expected log entries include election results (administrators and bureaucrats); substantial policy debates, especially if policy is changed as a result; significant technical changes; and content milestones.

12m filesEdit

The 12 millionth file.

  saw Commons reach the milestone of 12 million hosted files.

SOPA protest 18 JanuaryEdit

On 18 January the English Wikipedia joined other websites in blacking out its website in protest against the proposed US laws SOPA and PIPA, which many fear might disrupt free expression and harm the Internet, and "threaten Wikimedia projects in all languages and countries". Following a community discussion advertised via a SiteNotice, Commons was one of many Wikimedia communities supporting the protest with an informational banner.

Featured Feeds extension enabledEdit

  : The FeaturedFeeds extension, which creates daily feeds (Atom or RSS) of our Picture of the day and Media of the day, is enabled and tailored for Wikimedia Commons (background, discussion)

URAA affirmed by US Supreme CourtEdit

  On 18 January the Supreme Court of the United States, in Golan v. Holder, upheld the Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA). This decision potentially meant the deletion of thousands of files on Wikimedia Commons published outside the US between 1923 and 1977. Initial discussion was at Commons:Deletion requests/All files copyrighted in the US under the URAA. Many, but not all, the files were tagged {{Not-PD-US-URAA}}. One of the follow-up discussions: () Request for comment about a copyright review process for public domain images.

German stamps not in public domain rulingEdit

  A court decision in a case pursued by Wikimedia in Germany over the public domain status of some images (Commons:Loriot Signature Background) led to the clarification by the court in March 2012 that stamps are not considered "official works" and therefore not in the public domain in Germany on those grounds (they may be PD on other grounds). Commons:WikiProject Public Domain/German stamps review was launched to review the thousands of files affected.

Chunked uploads and size limitEdit

  : Deployment of the experimental Chunked uploads feature, intended to provide better reliability during the upload of large files using the Upload Wizard and raising the maximum file size of 500MB.

New stats for Wikimedia CommonsEdit

  : New statistics for Wikimedia Commons are available, like upload stats and file types breakdown − see tables and Graphs. (background).


  : The ZoomViewer gadget is enabled by default for all users (Proposal).

13m filesEdit

  saw Commons reach the milestone of 13 million hosted files.

Picture of the YearEdit

  : The Commons:Picture of the Year/2011 competition concludes. Winner was File:Lake Bondhus Norway 2862.jpg.

New upload tool: Up!Edit

  : Release of Up!, a desktop application to upload files to Wikimedia Commons.

New upload tool: KIPI uploaderEdit

  : Release of a new version of KIPI uploader, an extension to digiKam to upload files to Wikimedia Commons.

New upload tool: VicuñaUploaderEdit

  : Release of VicuñaUploader, a desktop application to upload files to Wikimedia Commons.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2012Edit

: Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 launches in 35 countries.

Mobile uploadEdit

: As part of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, a mobile application developed by the Wikimedia Foundation allows upload to Wikimedia Commons.


  : The Slideshow gadget is enabled by default for all users (Proposal).

14m filesEdit

  saw Commons reach the milestone of 14 million hosted files.

Featured picture criteria enforce licensing standardsEdit

Following a public vote, the Featured Pictures criteria disallow pictures licensed only under the GFDL 1.2 license or combined GFDL 1.2 and NC(non-commercial)-only license.

Maximum size for thumbnails raisedEdit

  The maximum size for thumbnails is raised from 12.5 megapixels to 25 megapixels.

Timed Media HandlerEdit

  : TimedMediaHandler is deployed on Wikimedia Commons, enabling a new HTML5 video player (with subtitle support), server-side transcoding, support of WebM format.

DMCA takedown notice conflicts with Commons FoP doctrineEdit

  : Following a DMCA takedown notice, the Wikimedia Foundation removes reproductions of sculptures still enjoying copyright protections on public display in Germany, arguing the lack of Freedom of Panorama for sculptures in the United-States, regardless of German law.

15m filesEdit

The 15 millionth file.

   : Milestone of 15 million hosted files.

Integrated Flickr upload toolEdit

  A buit-in upload tool from Flickr is deployed on Wikimedia Commons, integrated into the UploadWizard. This follows the work of a Google Summer of a Code project (more information).

Import of Wikivoyage imagesEdit

  As part of the adoption of meta:Wikivoyage, the images hosted there are imported to Wikimedia Commons. (source)


URAA enforcementEdit

  : Increase in the enforcement of URAA leads to multiple deletion requests and an initiative to transfer deleted files to a Canada-based third-party website.

16m filesEdit

   : Milestone of 16 million hosted files.

URAA statementEdit

  : The Wikimedia Foundation Legal team publishes a statement concerning URAA and its enforcement. (discussion)

New search extension enabledEdit

  : Activation of SearchExtraNS extension.

Picture of the YearEdit

POTY 2012

  : The Commons:Picture of the Year/2012 competition concludes. Winner was File:Pair of Merops apiaster feeding.jpg.

Footer cleanupEdit

  : Activation of Vector extension FooterCleanup (bugzilla:45946)


  : Deployment of Lua, a programming language for templates.

Commons AppEdit

  : Announcement of the official Commons app for iOS and Android source)

17m filesEdit

The 17 millionth file.

   : Milestone of 17 million hosted files.

Maximum size for thumbnails raisedEdit

  The maximum size for thumbnails is raised from 25 megapixels to 50 megapixels (bugzilla:47363, discussion)

Multilinguism extensions, Universal Language Selector and Translate, enabledEdit

  : Universal Language Selector and Translate extensions are enabled. (RFC 1 RFC 2).

FLAC and WAV supportEdit

  : Support for FLAC container and WAV format is enabled (note, note)

HotCat enabled by defaultEdit

  : The HotCat gadget is enabled by default for all logged-in users.

Deployment of VipsScalerEdit

  : Deployment of VipsScaler, a new thumbnailer for PNG images bacground)

Update to Upload CampaignsEdit

  : As part of work on Mobile, the underlying infrastructure for Upload campaigns (mainly used for Wiki Loves Monuments) has been rewritten. (more information)

18m filesEdit

The 18 millionth file.

   : Milestone of 18 million hosted files.

Wikimedia Commons brochureEdit

The brochure, featuring Puzzly.

: After a community process, publication of the Welcome to Commons brochure (source).

Restyling the gallery tagEdit

  : New outputs for the <gallery> tag are available (manual)

19m filesEdit

   : Milestone of 19 million hosted files.

Maximum file size raised to 1GBEdit

  : The maximum file size (using chunked uploads) is raised to 1GB.

Deployment of CirrusSearchEdit

  : CirrusSearch, a new backend forthe Search feature, is deployed on Commons as secondary.

Deployment of the GLAMwiki Toolset ProjectEdit

  : Deployment of the GLAMwiki Toolset Project, an extension to help cultural institutions batch upload content & metadata.